Quebec Perspective Scholarship: Eligibility & How To Apply 

Quebec Perspective Scholarship: Eligibility & How To Apply 
Quebec Perspective Scholarship: Eligibility & How To Apply 
In this article, we’ll be looking at Quebec Perspective Scholarship, its eligibility, application process, and other information about this scholarship opportunity.

In this article, we’ll be looking at Quebec Perspective Scholarship, its eligibility, application process, and other information about this scholarship opportunity.

The Québec Perspective Scholarship Program, launched alongside Opération main-d’œuvre in November 2021, is a significant investment of $1.7 billion over four years by the government of Québec. The primary objective of this program is to incentivize students to pursue diplomas in fields with workforce shortages, particularly in sectors deemed strategically important by the government. These sectors encompass engineering and information technology, as well as essential public services such as health and social services, education, and educational childcare services.

The scholarships under this program will be granted to students following each successful full-time term in eligible study programs. For college-level programs, recipients will receive $1,500 per term, accumulating to $9,000 for a three-year program. Meanwhile, at the university level, students can expect $2,500 per term, amounting to $15,000 for a three-year program and $20,000 for a four-year program.

Students have been eligible for the Québec Perspective Scholarship since the fall of 2022, encompassing various college-level technical programs, selected bachelor’s degree programs, and even specific master’s and doctoral degree programs. This initiative aims to support education and career development in critical sectors while alleviating financial burdens for students pursuing these programs.

The Québec Perspective Scholarships are accessible to students who have successfully completed their full-time study term and fulfill all the necessary eligibility criteria established by the scholarship program. These scholarships are available for eligible college or university programs that aim to bolster the workforce in essential public services and strategic economic sectors suffering from workforce shortages.

To be considered eligible, students must have attained the minimum required hours or credits as specified by the scholarship program. Meeting this minimum requirement guarantees entitlement to the scholarship, even if a student has encountered difficulties or failed a particular course.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that you remain eligible for a Québec Perspective scholarship even if you are already a beneficiary of other financial aid programs such as the Parcours pour la mobilité étudiante bursaries or the Loans and Bursaries Program for Full-Time Studies. This flexibility in financial support ensures that students can access the Québec Perspective Scholarships alongside other assistance programs, reducing the financial burden of pursuing education in these critical fields.


The eligibility criteria for the Québec Perspective Scholarship Program are as follows:

  • Citizenship and Residency: To qualify for this scholarship, you must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident and be recognized as a resident of Québec.
  • Targeted Program: You should be enrolled in a college or university program that falls under the targeted fields specified by the scholarship program.
  • Exclusion from Other Scholarships: You cannot be a beneficiary of the Excellence Scholarships for Students in Education Programs during the period covered by your scholarship application.
  • Completion of Study Term: You need to have successfully completed either a full-time study term if you attended school full-time or a part-time study term if you were considered a full-time student based on the requirements applicable to your situation.
  • Maximum Study Terms: The maximum number of eligible study terms varies based on your level of education. At the college level, it’s six terms. For undergraduate university studies, it ranges from 6 to 8 terms. Master’s studies allow for five eligible study terms, and doctoral studies permit up to 15.
  • Study Term Requirements: Full-time or deemed full-time status depends on the level of education. At the college level, it involves a specific number of registered hours. For university students, it’s based on earned credits, with different credit requirements for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels. Deemed full-time status typically requires a minimum credit enrollment.
  • Program-Specific Courses: Only courses that are directly related to and required for the completion of the degree you are pursuing are considered when determining your eligibility for the scholarship.

Meeting these eligibility requirements ensures that you can apply for and potentially receive the Québec Perspective Scholarship, which aims to support students pursuing education in key fields important for Québec’s workforce and development.


Certain activities are exempt from being counted when calculating the hours or credits needed to meet the eligibility requirements for the Québec Perspective Scholarship Program. These exceptions include:

  • Remedial or Prerequisite Courses: Courses designed to address deficiencies or serve as prerequisites for a specific program of study are not considered when determining eligibility.
  • Lengthening Courses: Any course that compensates for a college-level course and extends the duration of the program is excluded from eligibility calculations.
  • Cooperative Practicum: Activities such as cooperative practicums, often integral to certain programs, are not factored in when counting hours or credits for eligibility.
  • Previously Earned Credits: Courses for which credits have already been earned and recorded are not included in the eligibility assessment.
  • Recognition of Competencies: Courses related to the recognition of acquired competencies or those deemed equivalent to others are also exempt from eligibility calculations.
  • Non-Essential Credits: Any course for which the credits are not mandatory for the completion of the degree being pursued does not count towards eligibility.

These exceptions help ensure that only relevant and essential coursework contributes to a student’s eligibility for the Québec Perspective Scholarship, ensuring a fair and focused distribution of financial support for their education.

Application Process

To apply for the Québec Perspective Scholarship, it’s important to note that your application is not automatically renewed. Therefore, you must submit an application after successfully completing each full-time or deemed full-time study term within your program until you finish it.

Here are the application deadlines:

  • Fall term: February 28
  • Winter term: July 31
  • Summer term: October 31

To complete your application, you will need the following information:

  • Your permanent code (consisting of 4 letters and 8 digits).
  • Your social insurance number.
  • The name of your program of study and your educational institution.
  • Your banking information for scholarship disbursement.

You have two application options:

  • Online Application: Applying online through your Student Financial Assistance File is recommended for faster processing. You will need your SIN, date of birth, and email address to create your file. Click here to apply.
  • Mail Application: If you choose to apply by mail, you must complete the scholarship application form (1800) and, if necessary, the Attestation of Situation of the Person Deemed to be in Full-Time Studies (1810). Send your application to the address provided:

Québec Perspective Scholarship
Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur
1035, rue De La Chevrotière, 20e étage
Québec (Québec) G1R 5A5

By following these application procedures and adhering to the specified deadlines, you can apply for and potentially receive the Québec Perspective Scholarship to support your education.

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