This Page Exceeds The Maximum Number Of Merges Allowed: What Facebook Mean?

Hi reader, Have you gotten a message from Facebook saying “This page exceeds the maximum number of merges allowed” when you try to merge two Facebook pages together?

You may have seen this response from Facebook while trying to merge Facebook pages and you want to know what it is and probably find a solution to it, don’t you? Don’t worry; this article clearly states all you should know regarding this.

Facebook is a microblogging platform similar to Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. It’s one of the most used social media platforms across the globe. Facebook helps friends and family connect with one another; it helps public figures connect with fans both at home and abroad, among others.

The social media platform gives its users the opportunity to create personal pages under different categories where they can create and share contents that include news, live and recorded videos, external links, books, and many more.

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Facebook also gives users the opportunity to merge similar pages. If you’re an admin of multiple pages with the same names, addresses, or business types and categories, you can merge those pages. Although there are limits to merging Facebook pages.

On Facebook, you can’t merge a Facebook page more than four times. If you try to merge a Facebook page that has been merged with three other pages in the past, Facebook won’t let you proceed with the merge.

When you try to merge these Facebook pages, an error message appears that reads, “This Page exceeds the maximum number of merges allowed. Please visit advertiser support.”

Merge Facebook page error

Is there a solution?

The truth is, there’s no solution if you found this response “This Page exceeds the maximum number of merges allowed. Please visit advertiser support” when trying to merge Facebook pages. Although Facebook provided a link to appeal, but the truth is that the issue may not be resolved.

It’s important to know this when merging Facebook pages. There’s a limit when you merge Facebook pages. If you merge an already merged Facebook page multiple times, Facebook will tell you that “This page exceeds the maximum number of merges allowed,” meaning that you can no longer merge that particular Facebook page with another.

If you have been trying to merge Facebook pages and you see an error message different from the one above, then you need to fix the issue and reapply to merge, it will definitely get approved. But if you got this response, stating that “This page exceeds the maximum number of merges allowed” then there’s nothing you can do about it. In this article, you can check out how to fix other Facebook page merging issues and how to merge Facebook pages in New Page Experience.

Can I unmerge two Facebook pages once I’ve merged them?

Nope, you can’t unmerge Facebook pages that have already been merged. Once you have merged the pages and they have been approved, it will be permanent. It’s not reversible. All your contents and followers are automatically transferred to the page you want to keep, and the source page will be permanently deleted from Facebook.

How do I know if a page has been previously merged?

If you want to know if a page has been previously merged, you can check out the page’s transparency section. To check the transparency section, follow this procedure:

  • Go to the page you want to check.
  • Scroll down and click on the page transparency tab.

A page will appear containing the merge and name change history and other information about the page such as the number and country of residence of the admins of the page, among others.

Is there any benefit to merging Facebook pages?

If you have multiple Facebook pages and they represent one type of business and you cannot control them all, you may find the merging option beneficial. Having similar Facebook pages and trying to keep all of them active can be tiring. So, merging them together can be a good idea since Facebook doesn’t have a plugin to automatically share a post to all pages.

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