Merge Facebook Pages In New Page Experience

Hello readers, Students Mirror will be showing you how you can actually merge two Facebook pages in the New Page Experience. You may be wondering if it’s possible to merge two Facebook pages, right? Yes, it’s possible.

It’s no news that Facebook (Meta) is rolling out the New Page Experience to its users. Classic pages are now being automatically updated to the New Page Experience with so many exciting and helpful features.

Also, some Facebook users have been given access to create the New Page Experience’ Facebook page immediately without waiting for Facebook to update it. This development by Meta is to show you that in the next couple of years, classic pages will go extinct. So it’s better you embrace and know how to fully utilize the new features and learn how to grow your business with them.

However, before you dive into knowing how you can merge Facebook Pages in New Page Experience, Students Mirror have provided answers to some frequently asked questions about merging Facebook pages either in classic layouts or in New Page Experience.

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Can You Merge Facebook Pages?

Yes, you can merge a duplicated Facebook pages as long as your pages meet the criteria and you’re the admin of the pages you want to merge. Merging multiple Facebook pages, either in classic layouts or in New Page Experience is simple and not time-consuming. You can merge three Facebook pages in less than three minutes, depending on your network connection.

Can you Merge Classic Facebook Page with a Page In New Page Experience?

No, you can not merge a classic page with a page in the New Page Experience. Before you can merge two Facebook pages, they must be in the same layout, either in Classic Page Layouts or in the New Page Experience.

What Happens When You Merge Facebook Pages?

When you merge two pages together, the contents such as write-ups, photos, and videos you have on the page you want to merge with the page you want to keep will be wiped out. What will only remain after you’ve merged the page with another Facebook page are the likes and followers.

How Long Does It Take To Merge Facebook Pages?

Like I mentioned above, it doesn’t take much time to merge two duplicated Facebook pages together. Depending on your network connection, you can merge two Facebook pages in less than a minute.

How To Merge Facebook Pages With Different Names

You can not merge two Facebook pages with different names. The names of the Facebook pages you want to merge must be exactly the same. So, before you think of merging two Facebook pages, you must change the name of the page to tally with the page you want to merge it with. Because without doing that, Facebook won’t approve your request to merge them together.

For example, if you have a page with the name “Unique Clothes and Bags” and you want to merge with another page of yours with the name “Flora Unique Wears”, you must change the name of the former to “Flora Unique Wears.” Both pages must have the same appellation before embarking on the merging process.

Why can’t I merge Facebook Pages?

You have tried merging Facebook pages together and it has failed, isn’t it? Here are some reasons you can’t merge Facebook Pages;

  • The pages don’t have the same address.
  • Either one of the pages is under a Business Manager account.
  • One of the Pages are either in classic Pages and the other is in new Pages experience.
  • The page you want to merge from is the primary page of a Business Manager account.
  • The two Facebook Pages are global pages.
  • One of the pages is a verified page and the other page isn’t verified.
  • You’re not the admin of one of the pages you want to merge.
  • You have reached the limit for merging one of the Facebook pages.
  • You changed the names of the two pages recently.
  • You’re using an outdated browser, etc.

Merge Facebook Page With Different Accounts.

You cannot merge a Facebook page with different accounts. Even if you own the two accounts, one of the accounts must be the admin of the two Facebook pages you want to merge because the merge process will be done by an account and not with different accounts.

Why Merge Facebook Pages?

Merging multiple pages together has lots of advantages. I know it can be tiring and stressful to manage multiple Facebook pages. So, to save you the stress and help you focus, you can merge two duplicated pages together since they represent the same business.

Another merit of merging Facebook pages together is that it increases your followers. Imagine having two duplicated pages, one with 6.5k followers and another with 4.9k followers. After you merge them together, you’ll have a page of over 10k followers, which is one of the requirements for Facebook Page monetization.

When you merge Facebook pages, does the content go away?

The content from the page you want to merge will go away, while the content of the page you want to keep remains. So before you merge, you should know that your content will be wiped out after the request to merge the pages is approved.

Is There a Way to Remove Merged Facebook Pages?

No, you cannot remove an already merged Facebook page. Once your page has been merged, it has come to stay. So, it’s important to think before you go into merging Facebook pages.

If I merge Facebook pages, what’s the URL?

The URL of the page you want to keep will remain. It’s the URL of the merged page that will no longer be accessible. You should know that you can set or change your URL after you merge your pages. If you want to get a unique URL for your Facebook page, you need to set your username. Once you set your username for the already merged page, your page can be accessed with it.

For example, after updating your username to be FloraxxxClothingsh, the extension of your url will look like this: “”

Is there a way to remove accidentally merged Facebook pages?

You can not un-merge an already merged Facebook page. Once the request to merge the two pages has been approved, you can’t get your pages back.

Is It A Good Idea To Merge Facebook Pages?

If you have multiple pages that represent a single business and you can’t run them all, it’s better to merge them together and grow the page with full focus.

How do I change my page to a new page experience?

If your page hasn’t been updated to the New Page Experience, you’ll have to wait. Facebook is currently migrating all Facebook pages to the New Page Experience.

But if your page has already been updated to the New Page Experience, it’s very easy to switch from your main profile account to your page. At the top of your profile, you’ll see “Switch Profiles.” Click on it and find the page you want to log in to.

How To Merge Facebook Pages In New Page Experience

Login into facebook using this link “

You’ll be directed to input your password and click on continue.

A page will appear where you’ll select the pages you want to merge and keep.

After you’ve selected the pages, then click on the continue button below.

Facebook will show you the two pages you have selected to merge. Confirm the pages before you proceed.

Click on Request Merge.

Note that you can’t merge a page more than 3-4 times.

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