Lesson Note Format In Nigeria

In this article, we’ll be looking at the current lesson note format in Nigeria.

This lesson note format in Nigeria is the current and approved Morden lesson note template and is widely accepted. It’s important for you as a nursery, primary, or secondary teacher of any subject to know and start using the most updated lesson plan template. Using the current lesson note format is advantageous.

Using this format will facilitate the teaching process and help your students quickly assimilate the subject matter quicker to attain the objectives of the class.

Lesson Note Format in Nigeria










Average Age:

Instructional Material:

Number in Class:

Teaching Method:

Behavioural Objectives: This is a measurable objective stated in a chronological order, e.g., By or at the end of the lesson, students should be able to: define, mention, enumerate, list, differentiate, compare, itemize, mention at least five uses of…

Rationale: Entry Behavior: Entry behavior involves the prerequisite knowledge and skills that the student already possesses that are relevant to the subject matter and that you may need the students to demonstrate before beginning your lesson. The entry requirement is the experience that the pupils must have before they can understand a new lesson.

Previous Knowledge: Previous Knowledge is the experience, knowledge, or skill that learners possess that relate to and can aid in understanding the current lesson. It’s any experience at all that relates to the topic. Previous knowledge may also be the result of formal or informal experience that they acquired in school, at home, or elsewhere.

Introduction: Your introduction should arouse interest and curiosity among your learners and make them ask questions, which leads to further engagement. The introduction also informs the students about the next steps and the intended learning objective. Your introduction should give the students the opportunity to express their previous experience or prior knowledge.


STEP I [Teachers Activities]: This may show the continuation of the previous topic linking the breaking down of contents into teachable units per period. e.g The teacher revises the previous lesson on… and makes corrections on the given assignment. And if it’s a new topic, introduce it by linking it to a related topic previously learned or familiar to the learners.

STEP ll [ Teachers Activities]: e.g., The teacher asks the pupils to define.

STEP III [ Teacher’s Activities]: e.g., The teacher lists out reasons for…

STEP I [Learners Activities]: The learners’ activities involve the responses by the pupils following the teacher’s direction, e.g., the pupils responded by saying…

STEP II: [Learners Activities]: e.g., The pupils responded by saying…

STEP III [Learners Activities]: e.g., The pupils listened carefully as the teacher lists out reasons…

STEP I: [Learning Points]: This is the outcome of each activity between the teacher and learners, .e.g., arousing the interest of the pupils…

STEP II [Learning Points]: e.g., The term… is defined.

STEP III: [Learning Points]: e.g., Attainment of lesson objectives.

Evaluation [Teacher Activities]: As stated in the behavioral objectives . e.g The teacher ask the students the following questions;

I.. What is..
II. List the..
III. Mention..

Evaluation [ Learners Activities] e.g., the learners responded to all questions asked..

Evaluation [Learning Points]: e.g., The concept of …. Is understood.

Conclusion: The main points will be re-emphasised.

Summary: e.g., The teacher summarizes the lesson by going through the…

Assignment: Instructions for assignments will be given to copy.

Reference Book: Reference materials will be stated.

The above lesson note should be written in Tabular Form. You can download the PDF to have a clearer understanding on how Lesson Note Format looks like in Tabular Form. To download, subscribe and the PDF will be sent to your email.


Lesson Note Format In Nigeria

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