Ohio War Orphans Scholarship: Requirements & Eligibility

In Ohio, the War Orphans Scholarship Program stands as a beacon of support for the children of veterans who served during times of war or conflict. This scholarship program aims to provide financial assistance to those who have lost a parent or have a severely disabled veteran parent. In this article, we will explore the essential requirements and eligibility criteria that applicants must meet to avail themselves of this invaluable educational opportunity.

Ohio War Orphans & Severely Disabled Veterans Scholarship

The Ohio War Orphans Scholarship Program is designed to provide tuition assistance to the children of Ohio veterans who either died or suffered severe disabilities while serving in the military during times of declared wars or conflicts. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must be enrolled in full-time undergraduate programs at Ohio’s eligible colleges or universities and must also be residents of Ohio. Additionally, applicants must be under the age of 25 to qualify for this program.

The scholarship offers comprehensive coverage for instructional and general fee charges at both two-year and four-year public colleges and universities in Ohio. Moreover, it extends some financial support to eligible private colleges and universities, alleviating a portion of their tuition fees. This program aims to ease the financial burden on the families of veterans who made significant sacrifices for their country by ensuring that their children have access to higher education opportunities.

Parent Requirements

To qualify for the Ohio War Orphans Scholarship Program, certain requirements must be met by either parent of the child applying for the scholarship:

The “veteran” parent, as defined in the program, must meet specific criteria. They must either be deceased, disabled at the time of application, or considered Missing in Action (MIA) or a Prisoner of War (POW). If the “veteran” parent served in the Ohio National Guard or organized reserves, they must have been killed or permanently and totally disabled while participating in scheduled training assemblies or field training periods of any duration or while on active duty for training based on valid orders issued by competent authorities.

The “veteran” parent must have initially entered the armed services of the United States as a resident of Ohio. However, exceptions to this residency requirement are outlined in Section 2 of the Applicant Requirements.

If the “veteran” parent is disabled but not as a member of the Ohio National Guard or organized reserves, they must have a service-connected disability rating of sixty percent or greater, or they must be receiving Veteran’s Administration benefits for permanent and total non-service-connected disabilities, as determined by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

These parent requirements help ensure that the scholarship program is targeted at the children of veterans who have made significant sacrifices while serving in the military and that the financial assistance provided benefits those who need it the most.

Applicant Requirements\Eligibility

To be eligible for consideration for the Ohio War Orphans Scholarship Program, the child of an eligible person must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Age Requirement: The applicant must have reached their sixteenth birthday but not yet turned twenty-five at the time of application.
  • Residency Criteria: If the applicant is the child of a veteran who initially entered the armed services:
  • If the child is a legal resident of Ohio, they must have resided in the state for the entire year immediately preceding the scholarship application.
  • If the child is not a legal resident of Ohio, they must have lived in the state for the year preceding the year in which they apply for the scholarship, as well as for any other four years out of the last ten.
  • Financial Need: Applicants must demonstrate financial need, and this determination is made by the Board responsible for administering the scholarship program.

These applicant requirements aim to ensure that the scholarship benefits are allocated to individuals who meet specific age and residency criteria and who can demonstrate a genuine financial need, making higher education more accessible to those who require financial assistance.

Contents Of Scholarship 

The Ohio War Orphans Scholarship covers specific expenses related to higher education. It is primarily intended to pay for general and instructional fees at eligible institutions. However, applicants may still be responsible for various miscellaneous fees, which are not covered by the scholarship.

The scholarship’s monetary value is not fixed and varies depending on the particular institution of higher education that the student attends. Students enrolled at Ohio’s private nonprofit higher education institutions will receive scholarship amounts that do not exceed the average amounts paid to students attending public institutions. In essence, the scholarship amount is institution-dependent and aims to provide financial support for educational costs while ensuring that students at private institutions receive comparable assistance to those at public ones.

Eligible Institutions 

The Ohio War Orphans Scholarship Program extends its eligibility to several types of institutions within the state of Ohio:

  • Ohio State-Assisted Colleges and Universities: This category includes public colleges and universities in Ohio that receive financial assistance from the state government to support their operations and offer higher education programs.
  • Ohio Private Non-Profit Institutions: Private non-profit institutions in Ohio can also be considered eligible, but they must have obtained a certificate of authorization from the Chancellor, as specified in Chapter 1713 of the Ohio Revised Code. This certificate ensures that these institutions meet certain criteria and standards.
  • Ohio Proprietary Institutions: Proprietary institutions in Ohio can be eligible if they have acquired a certificate of registration from the State Board of Career Colleges and Schools. However, students attending these proprietary institutions must be enrolled in associate or bachelor’s degree programs that have been authorized under Section 3332.05 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Available Scholarships

The number of scholarships available through the Ohio War Orphans Scholarship Program is determined by the Board, and this determination is closely tied to the funding allocated by the Ohio General Assembly. In other words, the availability of scholarships depends on the financial resources provided by the state government.

If there are sufficient funds available to support the program, the Board intends to grant scholarships to all eligible applicants. This means that if the funding is adequate, every eligible student who applies for the scholarship should receive it, ensuring that financial assistance is accessible to all qualifying individuals.

 Scholarship Duration 

The Ohio War Orphans Scholarship has specific guidelines regarding its duration and academic requirements:

  • Maximum Duration: A recipient of this scholarship cannot receive it for more than five academic years during their undergraduate education. This means that the scholarship support is limited to a maximum of five years of undergraduate study.
  • Scholastic Requirements: The Board overseeing the scholarship program will establish minimum academic standards that scholarship recipients must maintain. These standards likely pertain to maintaining a certain level of academic performance or progress in their chosen undergraduate program.
  • Aid Withdrawal: If a scholarship recipient fails to meet the established scholastic requirements, the Board has the authority to withdraw the scholarship aid from that individual. This action ensures that scholarship funds are awarded to students who continue to meet academic standards and make satisfactory progress in their education.


To apply for the Ohio War Orphans Scholarship, individuals need to submit their application to the Ohio Department of Higher Education, specifically the State Grants and Scholarships Department. This department is responsible for processing and managing scholarship applications for this program.

For additional information or inquiries regarding the Ohio War Orphans Scholarship Program, individuals can reach out to the sponsoring organization, the Ohio Board of Regents. The contact details are as follows:

Ohio Board of Regents

Address: 25 South Front Street, Columbus, OH 43215

Contact Person: [Contact Person’s Name, if specified]

Phone: 614-752-9528 / 614-466-6000

Fax: 614-466-5866

Website: https://ohiohighered.org/

Email: abrady@regents.state.oh.us

This contact information provides a means for individuals to get in touch with the Ohio Board of Regents for any questions, clarifications, or assistance related to the scholarship program.

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