Western Scholarship of Excellence: Application Process

There’s no denying that embarking on a higher education journey is an exciting chapter in one’s life, filled with endless possibilities and opportunities for personal growth. Recognizing the importance of supporting students in their pursuit of academic excellence, the University of Western Ontario offers a comprehensive scholarship program that opens doors to a world of possibilities. The Western Scholarship of Excellence Program provides financial assistance to deserving students, empowering them to focus on their studies and embrace the transformative experience of university life.


In this article, we will delve into the Western Admission Scholarship Program and explore its application process, eligibility criteria, and the incredible benefits it offers to aspiring scholars. Whether you are a high school student dreaming of attending Western University or a prospective student seeking financial aid, this guide will equip you with all the essential information to make your scholarship journey a success.

Western Scholarship of Excellence

The Western Scholarship of Excellence is one of three scholarships offered by the institution to recognize and reward the outstanding academic achievements of its incoming high school students.

Value: $8,000 per scholarship
Distribution: 250 scholarships are available.
Breakdown: $6,000 in the first year, with an additional $2,000 for an optional study abroad experience.

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Western Scholarship of Excellence is one of the three scholarships offered by Western. The two others are listed below:

1. Western Scholarship of Distinction

Value: $3,500 per scholarship
Distribution: Unlimited number of scholarships
Breakdown: $2,500 in the first year, with an additional $1,000 for an optional study abroad experience.
Eligibility: Final admission average ranging from 92.0% to 100.0%.

2. Western Admission Scholarship:

Value: $2,500 per scholarship
Distribution: Unlimited number of scholarships
Breakdown: $1,500 in the first year, with an additional $1,000 for an optional study abroad experience.
Eligibility: Open to all qualifying students.

Please take note of the following important information regarding Western’s Admission Scholarship Program:

  • Scholarship Availability: These scholarship offerings are applicable, and they have been in place since the 2020–2021 academic year.
  • Exclusion for National and Schulich Leader Scholarship Recipients: Students who have been awarded a National Scholarship or a Schulich Leader Scholarship are ineligible to receive an admission scholarship.
  • Reporting Scholarships for OSAP Applicants: If you are applying for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), please refrain from reporting any scholarships received from Western on your OSAP application. Our office will handle the reporting of these scholarships to OSAP on your behalf. However, it is essential to disclose any external funding you have received (i.e., scholarships not awarded by Western) on your OSAP application.
  • Don Wright Faculty of Music Selection: Recipients of the Western Scholarship of Excellence specifically for applicants to a music program will be chosen by the Don Wright Faculty of Music.
  • Additional Travel Grant for Scholarship of Excellence Recipients: Students who receive the Western Scholarship of Excellence and hail from an international or out-of-province high school may also be eligible for a $2,000 Travel Grant.

It is important to note that if you are admitted directly from secondary school to an undergraduate program at Western’s main campus and are enrolled as a full-time student in your first year of studies, you will be automatically considered for one of these admission scholarships. No separate application is required. These scholarships are available to both domestic and international students.

Western Scholarship of Excellence – General Information

To maintain eligibility for the Western Scholarship of Excellence, please adhere to the following requirements:

  • Fulfill the terms specified in your offer of admission.
  • Enroll as a full-time student in the designated program of study at the main campus, which necessitates a minimum course load of 3.5 courses. Failure to maintain full-time registration, switch to part-time enrollment, or withdraw from the academic year will result in the forfeiture of the scholarship.
  • Accept your offer of admission before the admission response deadline.
  • If you choose not to pursue a study abroad experience, the corresponding study abroad funding will be forfeited.
  • The scholarship amount will be directly applied to your fee account prior to the first fee installment’s due date.

If you are applying for OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program), please refrain from reporting the Western Scholarship of Excellence or any other scholarships, awards, or bursaries from Western University on your OSAP application. We will handle the reporting process to OSAP on your behalf.

Additionally, recipients of the Western Scholarship of Excellence from an International or Out of Province location may also be eligible for a $2,000 Travel Grant.

Please note that the Western Scholarship of Excellence cannot be combined with another admission scholarship, except for admission scholarships offered by Western International.

Conditions and Information for the Scholarships

Please review the following important conditions and information pertaining to all Admission Scholarships:

1. Admission Conditions: It is essential to meet the specified admission conditions outlined in your offer package to be eligible for the scholarship.

2. Eligibility: Admission Scholarships are available to students applying directly from secondary school. Generally, individuals who have attended a post-secondary institution or those who have returned to secondary school after attending a post-secondary institution are not eligible.

3. Home-Schooled Applicants: In general, home-schooled applicants are not considered for admission scholarships.

4. Full-Time Studies: To maintain eligibility, you must be registered for full-time studies at the main campus, which requires a minimum course load of 3.5 courses. If you enroll in a part-time course load, reduce your enrollment to part-time, or withdraw from the academic year, you will no longer be eligible to retain your admission scholarship.

3. Final Admission Average Calculation: The final admission average calculation for the 101 applicants includes the prerequisite courses relevant to the student’s chosen program.

You’re encouraged to thoroughly review and understand these general conditions and information regarding the Admission Scholarships. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Admission Averages and Scholarship Consideration

Please note that admission averages for scholarship consideration are not rounded to the nearest whole percentage. Western University evaluates the averages of applicants who have not followed a Canadian secondary school curriculum based on their specific curriculum, grading practices, and interpretation of grading scales.

Optional Study Abroad Funding

If you choose not to pursue a study abroad experience, the study abroad portion of the scholarship funding will be forfeited.

International Learning Award and Study Abroad Funding

Eligible students have the opportunity to receive an International Learning Award in addition to the optional study abroad funding provided through the Admission Scholarship. Please note that the funding will be disbursed as a single payment and cannot be divided into multiple payments for different experiences.

Requirements for Receiving Study Abroad Funding

To receive the study abroad funding, you must fulfill the following criteria:

Participate in an eligible international experience that is approved by Western International.
Complete the international experience before the conclusion of your fourth year of studies.
Maintain registration at Western during the academic year in which you request the funding.
To claim the study abroad funding, you must submit an International Experience Awards Application, which can be found on the Western Learning website. This application is necessary to inform its office about your travel plans and initiate the process for receiving study abroad funding.

  • Admission Scholarship Deferral

Please be aware that Admission Scholarships cannot be deferred. They must be utilized during the academic year for which they are awarded.

  • Summer School Grades and Scholarship Eligibility

Students who are taking secondary school courses during the summer before attending Western, which may impact their scholarship eligibility, must ensure that their final summer school grades are received by the Admissions office no later than August 31st, prior to the commencement of their first year at Western. It is the student’s responsibility to verify that their high school has submitted all final grades to the Admissions office. Any changes or appeals regarding admission scholarship eligibility will not be considered after August 31st.

  • Notification for Scholarship Recipients

Students eligible for a Western Scholarship of Distinction or a Western Admission Scholarship will receive a notification to their @uwo.ca email account in early September.

  • Confirmation and Application of Admission Scholarships

Admission scholarships are not confirmed until after the first installment of fees is due. Therefore, they cannot be deducted from the first installment of fees, with the exception for OSAP recipients. Once the scholarship is confirmed, it will be directly applied to the fee account by the end of September, which can be used towards the second installment of fees. If the application of the scholarship results in a credit on the fee account, a refund will be issued to the student via direct deposit to their bank account in early to mid-November. Students are advised to enroll in direct deposit through their Student Center account, accessible by logging in and selecting “Enroll in Direct Deposit” in the Finances section, where they can input their banking information.

  • Note for OSAP Recipients

For students receiving OSAP, if your Admission Scholarship is applied to your account (as Anticipated Aid or applied towards the balance owed) before your first installment of OSAP is released, the scholarship amount will be utilized for your first installment of fees, thereby reducing the amount of OSAP remitted towards your fee account for the first installment.

Application Process

Steps to Secure International Learning Funding at Western:

  • Participate in a Western-sanctioned international learning experience.
  • Complete the experience before the end of your fourth year of studies.
  • Be registered at Western in the academic year when the funding is requested.
  • Submit an application to be considered for the funding.
  • For detailed information on International Learning Funding Opportunities, visit this link: [https://international.uwo.ca/learning/go_abroad/funding.html].”

Contact Information for Western Scholarship of Excellence

For inquiries regarding the admission scholarship program, individuals can contact the program administrators at http://westernchat.uwo.ca. They will be able to provide assistance and address any questions or concerns related to the scholarship program.

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