WorkKeys Curriculum: What You Should Know

Welcome to our guide to the WorkKeys curriculum, sometimes referred to as ACT WorkKeys. In this article, we’ll unravel the essence of this curriculum. If you’re curious about what WorkKeys entails and its significance, you’re in the right place. Join us on this journey to grasp the importance and practicality of this curriculum, ensuring you’re well-prepared for its opportunities, among others.

Definition of Key Terms

In this section, we’ll clarify key terms related to the WorkKeys program:

  1. ACT: ACT is a mission-driven, non-profit organization with a rich history of nearly 60 years in research. Their primary goal is to assist individuals in achieving success in both education and the workplace. ACT is nationally recognized as a leader in college and career readiness, providing top-quality assessments.
  1. WorkKeys: WorkKeys is a series of assessments offered by ACT, designed to evaluate a wide spectrum of hard and soft skills relevant to various occupations and industries. These assessments can be applied at any occupational level, making them versatile tools for workforce development.
  1. National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC): The NCRC is a portable credential, comprising assessments in Applied Math, Graphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents. It serves as a valuable certification that demonstrates an individual’s readiness for the workforce.
  1. WorkKeys Curriculum: This curriculum consists of pretests, lessons, and quizzes aimed at helping students develop the essential skills required for success in the workforce. It aligns with the WorkKeys assessments, providing a structured pathway for individuals to enhance their job-related skills and readiness.

Understanding these key terms is crucial for anyone looking to engage with the WorkKeys program effectively, whether as a student, educator, or employer, as they form the foundation of this comprehensive approach to workforce development and career readiness.

ACT WorkKeys Curriculum 

The ACT WorkKeys Curriculum, previously known as Career Ready 101, is a specialized program aimed at preparing high school students for the workforce. Its primary focus is to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the WorkKeys Assessment, a program highly regarded by numerous employers across Missouri, spanning over 100 counties. This credential serves as a significant milestone, particularly for students who may not be immediately pursuing higher education but possess the capabilities to excel in high-demand job roles.

One notable feature of the ACT WorkKeys Curriculum is its online-only class format. It offers training in three distinct qualifications, with the most common ones being the ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC), ACT WorkKeys Certification, and Driver’s License. The duration of this education and training program varies, ranging from as little as 4 hours to a maximum of 2 months, depending on the specific qualification pursued, with a median completion time of approximately 2 weeks.

Regarding the cost, enrollment in the ACT WorkKeys Curriculum comes at a range of prices, typically falling between $20 and $120, depending on the chosen qualification. The median cost of participation is approximately $80. It’s worth noting that many reviewers have reported that this certification program was offered free of charge, making it accessible to a wider audience.

The ACT WorkKeys Curriculum has garnered positive feedback from attendees, with the most commonly reported benefits being its effectiveness in career preparation and the helpfulness of its career services. Respondents have also praised the program for its flexible class hours and hands-on training opportunities. In terms of user satisfaction, ACT WorkKeys Curriculum has received a commendable average rating of 4.33 out of 5, reflecting its quality and impact. Impressively, 100% of reviewers would recommend the ACT WorkKeys Curriculum to a friend, underscoring its value.

The WorkKeys Curriculum is a comprehensive offering consisting of three distinct courses tailored to remediate and enhance numeracy, literacy, and critical thinking skills. It represents an updated and improved version of Career Ready 101, with each of its courses aligning closely with the assessments in WorkKeys 2.0. A noteworthy feature of this curriculum is its delivery through a personalized, mobile-based learning management system. This platform not only facilitates a meaningful and engaging learning experience but also provides users with the flexibility of a customized study schedule and access to detailed instructional content.

Courses Available

The ACT WorkKeys Curriculum offers three distinct courses, each with a specific focus:

  • Applied Math: This course is designed to enhance an individual’s proficiency in applying mathematical principles to solve real-world problems encountered in various workplace scenarios. It equips learners with the mathematical skills necessary for practical applications.
  • Graphic Literacy: Graphic Literacy is a course that aims to develop the ability to locate, analyze, and effectively apply information conveyed through workplace graphics. It empowers individuals to navigate and interpret graphical data commonly used in professional settings.
  • Workplace Documents: This course focuses on strengthening the capacity to comprehend and utilize written information found in workplace documents. It hones skills related to understanding and effectively applying written instructions, reports, and other textual materials commonly encountered in a work environment.

These courses collectively provide a well-rounded foundation of skills essential for workplace success, encompassing mathematics, data interpretation, and written communication. They are tailored to prepare individuals for the challenges and demands of various professional roles, emphasizing practical and applicable knowledge.

Other Vital Information

The WorkKeys assessment plays a crucial role in evaluating essential work skills necessary for success in a wide range of industries and occupations. It is a pathway to obtaining the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC), which serves as a workplace certification. The NCRC signifies an individual’s competency in Applied Math, Graphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents, validating their readiness for the workforce.

The WorkKeys curriculum is designed to cultivate proficiency in skills that employers highly value, making students job-ready right after high school graduation. Importantly, the NCRC is a portable credential with no expiration date, assuring employers of a student’s enduring workplace skills.

The benefits of the WorkKeys curriculum extend to all students, whether they are pursuing higher education or a career path. It also has a connection to the ACT exam, enhancing students’ overall preparedness. Furthermore, many employers in Arkansas and beyond recognize the NCRC as a reputable pre-employment requirement, adding to its significance. As a result of earning the NCRC, students often secure employment immediately after high school and are offered higher-paying positions. WorkKeys becomes an integral part of each student’s success plan, underlining its pivotal role in shaping their career trajectories.

Importance of WorkKeys

Taking WorkKeys assessments is a strategic choice for individuals seeking to enhance their employability and career prospects. These assessments are designed to evaluate workplace skills that are universally essential for job success, irrespective of the occupation, level of education, or industry. With over 10 million WorkKeys assessments administered, their reputation and utility in the job market are well-established.

The WorkKeys assessments primarily focus on three core skills: Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, and Locating Information. Employers widely regard these skills as vital for any occupation, often requiring employees and prospective hires to complete these tests successfully. The successful completion of all three skill areas leads to the attainment of a Career Readiness Certificate (CRC), which serves as concrete proof of a candidate’s readiness for the workforce.

Taking WorkKeys assessments offers several advantages, including the ability to identify job opportunities that align with one’s skills and interests, a clearer understanding of areas where skill improvements and training may be necessary, increased prospects for career transitions and advancements, and the option to attach the CRC to one’s resume, providing tangible evidence of achieved skills. Moreover, WorkKeys assessments are utilized in the hiring processes of various companies in South Carolina and are nationally recognized, further enhancing their significance in the job market.

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