What Is a Student Teacher

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What is a Student Teacher

According to Dictionary.com, a “student teacher” is a student who is studying to be a teacher and who, as part of the training, observes classroom instruction or does closely supervised teaching in an elementary or secondary school.

Wikipedia defines a student teacher, or “prac teacher,” as a college, university, or graduate student who is teaching under the supervision of a certified teacher in order to qualify for a degree in education.

Vocabulary.com defines a “student teacher” as a college student who is teaching under the supervision of a certified teacher in order to qualify for a degree in education.

Therefore, a student teacher is a college of education or university student who is teaching under the supervision of a certified teacher. It is a culminating learning experience that education students typically complete in their final year of college, where they intern in a classroom or school in order to gain real-world teaching experience. The student teachers, During the student teaching exercise, student teachers will have the opportunity to apply their content and pedagogical knowledge in the classroom as teachers while they work under the supervision of a licensed classroom teacher.

What Is Student Teaching

Student teaching is a supervised field experience in which a student, also known as a “student teacher,” has the privilege to put their knowledge and skills into practice by teaching a class or couple of classes under the guidance of a certified teacher and a supervisor from their college or university. This teaching practice exercise usually takes place during the final year of an education program and is an important course one must undergo before graduating from college or university.

What are the responsibilities of a student teacher?

The responsibilities of a student teacher vary depending on the specific program and the school where they are placed, but in general, student teachers are expected to plan and teach lessons, manage the classroom, and work with individual students. They may also be responsible for grading, tests, classwork, group work, assignments and providing feedback to students.

How is a student teacher evaluated

Student teachers are typically evaluated by their mentor teacher and will also be evaluated by the school administration and the supervisors from the college of education or university they are currently studying. The evaluation process typically includes both formal and informal assessments of the student teacher’s performance in the classroom, such as observations of their teaching and feedback from their mentor teacher and the learners.

What are the benefits of student teaching

Are there any benefits to student teaching? Yes, there are numerous benefits to student teaching. Student teaching provides an opportunity for aspiring teachers to gain valuable hands-on experience in a classroom setting and develop their teaching skills. The teaching practice exercise also allows student teachers to build relationships with students, professional teachers, and other school staff and to learn about the culture and policies of the school where they are undergoing their teaching practice. In addition, student teaching can be a great opportunity to network and make connections with various people in the education field.

How do I become a student teacher

Before you can become a student teacher, you will typically need to be enrolled in a teacher education program at a university or other higher education institution and have completed the required coursework. In Nigeria, you must enroll in any education course, e.g., Chemistry Education, Geography Education, Biology Education, English Education, etc.; or you can enroll in the College of Education. And in your final years, usually in your first semester, you’ll have to undergo a teaching practice exercise in a school of your choice, and you’ll be supervised by a lecturer from your faculty who will visit your school to see how you’re carrying out the exercise and, as well, grade you.

How long does student teaching last?

The duration of a student teaching exercise can vary, but it is typically a full-time commitment lasting several months. In Nigeria, you’re to begin your teaching practice from the beginning of a term (in primary or secondary school) to the end of the term. A term is usually three to four months long.

Can I choose where I do my student teaching?

In many cases, student teachers are asked to choose schools near their university or college. However, at some universities or colleges of education, they may allow students to request a specific location or type of school for their student teaching exercise, regardless of the distance or other factors.

Is student teacher being paid?

In Nigeria, student teachers are not paid for their time during the student teaching exercise. However, some schools may provide a stipend for the student teachers under their mentorship to cover expenses such as transportation, materials, and others.

Is student teaching required for certification?

Yes, student teaching is generally a required part of a teacher education program and is very necessary for becoming a qualified teacher.

What should I do if I’m having difficulties during my student teaching experience?

Well, if you’re having difficulties during your student teaching experience, it is crucial to communicate with your head teacher and the supervisor assigned to assess you. They can provide support and guidance and help you address any challenges you are facing.

Can I student teach online?

It is possible to “student teach” online, but this may depend on the policies of your university or college of education. In Nigeria, online student teaching isn’t common and may not be allowed.

Can I teach in a special education setting as a student teacher?

Yes, it is possible to teach in a special education institution as part of your teacher practice exercise. Special education student teaching can be a wonderful opportunity to learn about the specific needs of students with disabilities and to develop your skills in working with these learners. However, it’s important that you first check with your university or college rules to see what is required or if it’s allowed.

Can I student teach while working a part-time or full-time job?

Student teaching while working a part-time or full-time job is not the business of your supervisor. Teaching practices require you to be present in your school until the school dismisses.

If you want to be absent from the school where you’re student teaching, probably because of work or other valid reasons, it’s important that you get permission from your head teacher or principal so that when your supervisor comes unexpectedly looking for you, they can speak for you to avoid unpleasant story at the end of the day.

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