Career Opportunities In Chemistry Education

In this article, we look at the career opportunities in chemistry education. Please note that some of these may require additional qualifications.

1. Analytical Chemist

Analytical Chemist duties involve preparing and analysing samples from various sources to provide information on compounds present. They use analytical techniques and instrumentation to investigate chemical compositions. Other duties of an analytical chemist include interpreting data and meeting strict guidelines on documentation when recording data. They’re involved in liaising with customers, suppliers, staff, stakeholders, and partners.

2. Biologist

This is another career opportunity for a Chemistry Education degree holder. Their job involves developing and conducting research on the relationships of organisms in specific environments. They study animal characteristics and the effects of human activity on ecosystems. Biologists are involved in collecting biological data and specimens to analyze. They are responsible for monitoring and managing wildlife populations and invasive plants and animals.

3. Community/Extension Educator

Here’s another career opportunity for a Chemistry Education degree holder. The duties of a community/extension educator partly involve preparing and delivering specific programs to the public. They make use of a variety of educational methods to deliver programs. They also provide educational leadership for adult and youth programs. Other duties of a community/extension educator involve evaluating program effectiveness. They are responsible for recruiting, training, and developing lay leaders. An extension educator also performs administrative functions.

4. Conservation Scientist

Another career path for a chemistry education graduate is to work as a conservation scientist. These scientists are involved in managing conservation and forestry activities in order to keep up with government regulations, which include habitat protection, among others. A conservation scientist advises ranchers and farmers on the best methods to control erosion and improve the fertility of their lands for agricultural reasons. Other duties of a conservation scientist involve determining soil quality, damage caused by fires, and logging activities, among others.

5. Educational Sales Representatives

The responsibilities of an Educational Sales Representative involve generating sales growth within schools by selling services and products. They communicate with teachers and parents to explain the advantages of using educational products.

6. Exhibit Developer

Exhibit developers create original content for permanent and temporary exhibits, as well as interactives. They are involved in researching and designing exhibit signage and visitor handouts, as well as other exhibition interpretation materials. An Exhibit Developer conducts research, develops exhibit interactives, and prototypes them. They adhere to safety protocols and employee guidelines.

7. Grant Writer

A graduate of education in chemistry can work as a grant writer. These types of writers act as documentation specialists and salespersons for a public institution, a non-profit organization, or any body in search of funding. Their duties also involve researching grants, either federal or private. The grant writer gathers the necessary documentation to prove why their fundraising venture requires support, as well as provides the necessary requirements set by funding agencies.

8. High School Teacher

Chemistry Education graduates are trained to become teachers. A high school teacher’s duties involve preparing and delivering lessons to classes of different ages and abilities. They mark work and maintain records of pupils’ progress. They’re involved in researching new topic areas. They maintain up-to-date subject knowledge, as well as devise and write new curriculum materials.

A high school teacher selects and uses a range of different learning resources and equipment. They’re involved in preparing pupils for qualifications and external examinations. Other responsibilities of a secondary school teacher include
managing pupil behavior in the classroom and on school premises. They apply appropriate and effective measures in cases of misbehaviour.

9. Lab Technician

Lab technicians are involved in labeling, receiving, and analyzing toxic, tissue, and other samples. Lab technicians plan and carry out laboratory tests in accordance with standard operating procedures. They conduct experiments under defined conditions to verify or reject various types of hypotheses using various scientific methods.

10. Program Manager

Program managers help to oversee and coordinate the various projects, products, and other strategic initiatives within a company or organization. They coordinate multiple projects and provide strategic guidance to the company’s project managers. Other duties of a program manager include facilitating communication among a program’s cross-functional team. They take a high-level view of the entire program and strategically guide project managers to work effectively toward the program’s goals and objectives. Program managers plan the overall program and monitor its progress. They manage the program’s budget, risks, and issues and take corrective measurements.

Other duties of a Program Manager includes Coordinating the projects and their interdependencies and also aligning deliverables to the program’s outcome

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