Teaching Practice Posting Letter For B.Ed Students (NCE)

In this article, we’ll be looking at a sample of a Teaching Practice Posting Letter for B.Ed students (NCE) – I.e Collage Of Education students. If you’re an undergraduate student currently enrolling in the Faculty of Education that requires you to go for a teaching practice experience and don’t know what a posting, placement, or recommendation letter looks like, then this article is for you.

Teaching practice exercises are normally conducted for students in universities offering any education courses such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Geography Education, as well as students studying in colleges of education.

A letter of posting, also known as a “placement letter,” is a document issued by a supervisor or other head of the teaching practice committee that assigns a student teacher to a specific school. The letter usually contains important information about the student teacher’s assignment, including the start and end dates of the teaching practice exercise, the name and contact information of the school or educational institution, sometimes the grade level and subject area of the assignment, and also the name and contact information of the supervisor who will be overseeing the student teacher’s work.

The letter of posting is an important document for both the student teacher and the school or educational institution. The student teacher will need the letter to confirm their placement. The primary or secondary school will use the letter to ensure that they are prepared to receive the student teacher and to provide the necessary support and supervision during the exercise.

However, before we go into looking at what a letter of posting might look like, let’s look at some definitions of teaching practice according to various sources and authors.

What is teaching practice?

According to imamhamzatcoed.edu.ng, “Teaching Practice” is an integral part of a teacher education programme aimed at providing student-teachers an opportunity to put into practice their theoretical knowledge in a real school-life situation. It also offers teacher educators and educational managers a golden opportunity for a practical appraisal of the effectiveness of teacher education programmes.

Teaching practice is a compulsory course for all aspiring student teachers registered in a teacher preparation programme in Nigeria. The teaching practice exercise is the culminating point where the relationship among the three major players—the university supervisor, host teacher, and aspiring teacher—interfaces to determine the quality of experience the aspiring teacher will take away. (Aglazor, 2017)

According to Instituteforeducation.gov.mt, teaching practice is a vital component of the initial teacher training programme as it provides an opportunity for the learners to put theory into practice and to self-reflect on the teaching and assessment methods employed in the classroom.

While Fcetumunze.edu.ng defines “teaching practice” as an integral part of teacher education programme aimed at providing student teachers with the opportunity to put into practice their theoretical knowledge in a real-life school situation, it also offers teacher educators and educational managers a golden opportunity for a practical appraisal of the effectiveness of teacher education programme.

Therefore, a teaching practice for student teachers is a supervised period of time during which they have the opportunity to apply the theories and principles of teaching they have learned in their education program in a real-world classroom setting.

Teaching Practice Letter (Sample)

(office of the dean)

SME Primary School, Nta

3rd January 2023


The 2022/2023 Teaching Practice Exercise of the Faculty of Education commences on January 3, 2023, and will end at the end of the current school term. This is part of the requirements for the award of a degree in education.

The Benue State University has the mandate to post students to primary and secondary schools in Benue State and its environs.

Your school has been nominated among others that will host the student teachers. During the course of the exercise, monitors and supervisors will be visiting your school to collect information on the performance of the students and teachers.

The underlisted students have been posted to your school for the exercise:

Name: [Students’ name]
Reg No. [Students’ Registration or Matriculation Number]
Course of Study: [ Students Department or Programme e.g English Education]

Thank you.

[Name of Teaching Practice coordinator or Dean]

Student Teacher Posting Letter Sample

We have just seen a sample of Teaching Practice Posting Letter For B.Ed Students. However, it’s worth mentioning that the details of the letter may differ between school districts or universities; it’s better to check with your specific program for the specific format of the letter and the required information to include.

Kindly note that this letter should not be written by the students’ teachers themselves. This letter is issued to students by the head of the teaching practice committee of various faculties of education or from TP units in colleges of education.

Teaching Practice Posting Letter (How To Get It)

Here are some rules students must adhere to before collecting the Teaching Practice Posting Letter or embarking on the exercise.

  1. Students must pass the Micro Teaching Practicum to be eligible to participate in the Teaching Practice Exercise.
  2. Students must not have more than three carryovers in their first semester courses.
  3. Students must pay their school fees to be eligible for teaching practice.
  4. Students who do not submit their acceptance letter details cannot get their posting letters.
  5. Students commonly purchase their TP logbook or manual from TP offices or the university book shop in their various institutions.
  6. Students are often directed to register for their TP exercises by uploading their details online.
  7. In some institutions, students print their posting letter online.
  8. Students that have registered and paid their transportation allowance will be supervised (this is mostly applicable in colleges of education).

Role of a Student Teacher in Teaching Practice

There are roles and responsibilities for a student teacher. They include:

  1. Student teachers prepare the lesson, teach it, and evaluate the learners.
  2. Student teachers participate in co-curricular activities or any other activity that is assigned to them from time to time by school authorities (either academic, administrative, or professional).
  3. Student teachers project a responsible and positive image of the university or college of education they come from.
  4. Student teachers plan and deliver instruction that meets the learning needs of all students, regardless of their individual learning styles and developmental and cognitive levels.
  5. They organize and manage the classroom environment for maximum academic performance.
  6. Student teachers control the classroom interactions and students’ behavior to create a safe, conducive learning environment for student academic success.
  7. Student teachers work cooperatively and collaboratively with students and other members of the school’s teaching and non-teaching staff for the benefit of students’ learning.
  8. Student teachers use appropriate assessment tools and methods to determine student learning.
  9. They use reflective practice to evaluate
    effectiveness in meeting intended instructional objectives
  10. Teaching Practice Students’ teachers create a dynamic classroom environment that fosters positive, effective communication among students and other members of the school.


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Article Title: Teaching Practice Posting Letter For B.Ed Students. Published By: Students Mirror Educators on 11th, January 2023.

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