NTI Lesson Plan Format In Nigeria

In this article, we’ll be looking at NTI Lesson Plan Format In Nigeria.

If you’re a teacher or student teacher and you want to know the NTI Lesson Plan Format for Nigerian Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools, then this article is for you. 

Before we proceed into looking at the NTI Lesson Plan Format in Nigeria, let’s explain a few terms that’ll help you understand this article. 

What is NTI?

NTI is an abbreviation for National Teachers’ Institute. The National Teachers‘ Institute is a single-mode distance learning institution focused on teacher education in Nigeria. The Institute of Education has satellite campuses in all local government areas of Nigeria.

History of National Teachers Institute in Nigeria

The National Teachers’ Institute (NTI) was established by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 1976 to address the pressing demand for trained and competent teachers at all levels of the educational system. Through its NCE remote learning programs, over 34,000 people graduated between 1993 and 1996. NTI is the national agency responsible for upgrading the skills of primary and secondary school teachers in Nigeria. NTI prioritizes high-quality, flexible education for all, recognizing the need for students to have schedules that fit their lives.

The Institute is a single-mode distance education institution for teacher training and has been serving teachers for over 41 years. NTI’s goal is to help teachers rediscover their passion for their subject, bring cutting-edge thinking into their classrooms, and improve the quality of education in Nigeria. The vision of the institute is to enhance the professional skills of teachers for high-quality education delivery, with the aim of elevating the education system in the country. NTI strives to upgrade teachers’ knowledge and skills while promoting dedication, loyalty, commitment, discipline, and resourcefulness.

Why the NTI was established?

The National Teachers’ Institute was established as a distant learning educational institution to address the challenges in teacher education in Nigeria, which include the need to professionalize the teaching profession, address nationwide shortages of professional teachers, and provide serving teachers with opportunities to upgrade their qualifications and competence. The Institute aims to provide these services at a minimum cost to students and education authorities and to produce teachers trained to meet the challenges of 21st century Nigerian society.

The Institute also strives to promote lifelong learning, design and enrich subject matter, build capacity in communication skills and technology, monitor and evaluate its services, conduct research, review in-service training programs, and regularly update curricula to align with changing realities. More information is available on its official website, https://nti.edu.ng/.

Components of NTI Lesson Note

The NTI Lesson Note format was established by the National Teacher’s Institute in Nigeria. It’s still regarded as one of the best lesson note formats used by teachers and student teachers. The NTI lesson note are of two types – the Primary and the Secondary School lesson note formats. However, below here, is a typical NTI lesson note format, containing some of the key components.



Sub Topic:


Average Age:


Duration of the Lesson:

Reference Material:

Behavioural Objectives:

Instructional Materials:

Previous Knowledge/Entry Behaviour:



Step I:

Step II;

Step III:…



Assignment/Class Work:

However, you have just seen the National Teachers’ Institute NTI Lesson Note Format in Nigeria. You may also want to see other types of lesson plans/notes formats in Nigeria as well as the lesson plan format for Primary and Secondary Schools in Nigeria. 

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