Lesson Note on Personal Belongings

Below here is the Lesson Note on Personal Belongings.

Subject: Home Economics

Duration: 40 minutes

Period: II

Content: Personal Belongings

Instructional Materials: The teacher will teach the lesson with the aid of:

  1. Pictures and charts of some personal belongings, e.g., wipes, a hair brush, cream, an iron.
  2. Some real objects, e.g., a package of diapers, plates, swimsuits, a radio, small pillows, etc.

Specific Objectives: By the end of the lesson, the students should be able to: 

  1. Define Personal Belongings
  2. List three reasons why taking care of personal belongings is important.
  3. List two ways to protect personal belongings.


Step II: Define Personal Belongings

Personal belongings are things that belong to us and are special to us, such as toys, clothes, books, and more.

Step II: List three reasons why it’s important to take care of personal belongings.

I. Personal belongings represent our identity, memories, and financial investments, so it’s important to take good care of them.
II. Keeping personal belongings in a safe and secure place, such as a locked room or locker, can help prevent theft or damage.
III. Taking care of our personal belongings shows that we are responsible and respectful, and it also helps us keep our things in good condition.

Step III: Methods of protecting personal belongings

We can protect our personal belongings by keeping them in a safe place, like a bag or a locker, when we are not using them.

Evaluation: The Teacher asks the students the following questions:

I. What are personal belongings?
II. Mention two reasons why taking care of personal belongings is important.
State three ways of taking care of personal belongings.

Summary: The teacher summarizes the lesson by going through the main content of the lesson. 

Assignment: Define personal belongings and mention five ways to care for our personal belongings. 

Title: Lesson Note on Personal Belongings. Complied by: SME

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