KWASU School Fees For Non Indigene

In this article, Students Mirror looking at KWASU School Fees For non-indigenes.

Education is a transformative journey that opens doors to countless opportunities. In the pursuit of knowledge, students often seek institutions that not only provide quality education but also accommodate a diverse range of learners. One such institution is KWASU (Kwara State University), which prides itself on offering a wide array of programs designed to meet the needs of students from various backgrounds. In this article, we will delve into the school fees for non-indigenous students at KWASU, shedding light on key aspects such as acceptance fees, screening form fees, and the costs associated with the esteemed Professional Degree Program (PDP). Additionally, we will explore other essential information about this renowned institution, providing prospective students with a comprehensive overview of what KWASU has to offer.

About KWASU 

KWASU, short for Kwara State University, is a state-owned educational institution situated in Malete, Kwara State, Nigeria. It holds the distinction of being the 77th university officially registered by the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC), and the 95th university recognized within Nigeria.

Established in 2009 under the leadership of Dr. Bukola Saraki, KWASU was conceived with a vision to transcend the conventional university model prevalent in Nigeria. It aimed to become a hub for community service and entrepreneurship. Recognizing the need for greater community involvement and volunteerism, the university views itself as an integral part of the community. To facilitate this, it has appointed a Director for Community Development who spearheads community mobilization efforts, devises assessment strategies, and identifies the specific needs within the community. By leveraging the expertise of its faculty, KWASU strives to make a direct impact on the communities it serves.

On June 1, 2013, KWASU celebrated its first convocation ceremony, marking a significant milestone in its journey. Additionally, during this event, the KWASU Alumni Association was inaugurated, with Oyinloye Damilare Peter serving as the pioneering President. This association fosters a strong network among the university’s graduates, promoting collaboration and support among its alumni community.

How Much Is KWASU School Fees For Non Indigene

The current school fees for non-indigenous students at KWASU is ₦251,950. When it comes to educational institutions in some regions of Nigeria, including KWASU, there is often a distinction made between indigenes and non-indigenes. Indigenes are typically individuals who are recognized as natives of the state where the university is located, while non-indigenes are individuals from other states or regions.

In the case of KWASU, the stated amount applies specifically to non-indigenous students, indicating that those students who are not considered natives of Kwara State will be required to pay ₦251,950 as their school fees. It is worth noting that fees may slightly vary for different academic programs or levels of study, so this amount might not be applicable to all students across all courses or programs offered by KWASU.

The cost of the screening form for KWASU, which is the Kwara State University in Nigeria, is currently ₦2,300. This fee applies to both non-indigenous and indigenous students.

School Fees for non-indigenes above are strictly for Regular undergraduate Programs available at KWASU. There are other programs, such as:

  • PDP (Professional Degree Program)
  • IDEL (Institute for Distance and E-Learning)

One of the notable programs offered at KWASU is the Professional Degree Program (PDP). This specialized program is tailored to meet the needs of students seeking professional qualifications in their chosen fields. Non-indigenous students interested in the PDP should be aware of the specific school fees associated with this program. As mentioned in the provided information, the fees for non-indigenous students enrolled in the PDP amount to N299,000. It is important for prospective students to consider this cost while evaluating their options and planning for their educational journey at KWASU. This fee is applicable to indigenes and non-indigenous students who enroll in the PDP at KWASU.

You can visit the school’s official website to learn more about the PDP (professional degree program) and The Idel (institute for distance and e-learning) programs at KWASU.


KWASU (Kwara State University) conducts online screening for applicants, but it does not have a separate post-UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) exam. Instead of a post-UTME exam, KWASU carries out its own screening process to evaluate applicants.

The online screening process is administered by the university itself. Applicants are required to submit their relevant academic and personal information, such as their UTME (JAMB) scores, O’level results, and other necessary documents, through an online platform provided by KWASU.

The purpose of this screening is to assess the eligibility and suitability of applicants for admission to KWASU. The university evaluates the submitted information to determine if applicants meet the required criteria for their chosen programs of study.

Acceptance Fee

The acceptance fee refers to the payment required by students who have been offered admission to KWASU (Kwara State University) in Nigeria to secure their spot and officially accept the admission offer. The current acceptance fee for KWASU is ₦35,000.

The acceptance fee at KWASU is the same for both non-indigenous students (students who are not natives of Kwara State) and indigenous students (students who are natives of Kwara State). This means that regardless of their state of origin, all students admitted to KWASU are required to pay ₦35,000 as the acceptance fee.

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