Career Opportunities In Integrated Science Education

In this article, Students Mirror we will be looking at the prospects and career opportunities in Integrated Science Education.

Integrated Science Education program is one of the undergraduate programs usually offered under the Faculty of Education in most universities. This undergraduate program was created to provide future educators with knowledge and pedagogy of integration in the sciences in order to impart meaningful scientific knowledge at the junior secondary school level for scientific development.

In most universities, integrated science education programmes usually run for a minimum of four years and a maximum of eight years for students who are starting at 100 level, or a minimum of three years and a maximum of six years for students starting at 200 level. You can check out this article to know more about this course and how you can study it in Nigeria.

The Integrated Science program was introduced into university education to provide access to high quality education and equity in educational opportunities for Integrated Science educators.

What is integrated science education

Integrated science Education is education in science, which generally aims at teaching people to understand themselves, life, the earth and physical sciences. Hence, the application of principles of education in the teaching and learning of integrated science is known as integrated science education. It is the art of training in order to imbue or inculcate the knowledge of Integrated Science into individuals.

Careers in Integrated Science Education

Below are some career opportunities in Integrated Science Education.

1. Acupuncturist

Acupuncture is a career opportunity in Integrated Science Education. The duties of an acupuncturist involve inserting very thin needles into the body’s depths to treat different health issues. This treatment can help relieve pain and treat a range of other complaints.

2. Associate Sales Representative, Medical Supplies

Associate Sales Representative, Medical Supplies is among the career opportunities in Integrated Science Education. The duties of these Associate Sales Representatives involve advertising, marketing, and distributing a specific pharmaceutical product to relevant medical companies or establishments.

They meet with hospital teams and doctors and make presentations to persuade potential clients to use their goods, which include prescription drugs, medicines, medical equipment, and others. These medical sales representatives spend much time traveling to and from clients.

3. Community Impact Director

This is another career opportunity in Integrated Science Education. The Community Impact Director drives the execution of health impact goals by focusing on addressing the social determinants of health with emphasis on hypertension, blood pressure, nutrition, women’s health, and tobacco use with a focus on diverse communities. They are also responsible for effectively integrating population health strategies by focusing on collaboration with other partners. They also work as internal consultants to the region on community and population health strategies and trends, with a focus on efforts to drive health improvement across different communities.

4. Public Health Educator

The job description of a public health educator involves assessing the health needs of people and the community they serve. They develop programs, materials, and events in order to educate people about health and how to manage existing health conditions.

Public health educators are involved in evaluating the effectiveness of programs. They provide training programs for community health workers as well as other health practitioners. They also supervise staffers who implement health education programs.

Among other duties of a Global Health Educator, they collect and analyze data to learn about a particular community in order to improve programs and services.

5. Behavioural Interventionist

The duties of a behavior interventionist involve helping families with implementing an individualized intervention plan. They work one-on-one and use teaching methods to target specific behaviours and achieve goals. They are responsible for collecting data, monitoring, and recording the individual’s progress for the family and team.

6. Environmental Manager

A graduate of Integrated Science Education can work as an environmental manager. The kind of job they do involves developing and implementing action plans and environmental strategies to ensure corporate sustainable development. They take the lead on sustainable procurement for all services and goods. They are responsible for coordinating different aspects of pollution control, recycling waste management, and environmental protection.

An environmental manager leads the implementation of environmental policies and practices. They liaise with relevant bodies such as local authorities, public bodies and competent bodies to audit, analyse and report environmental performance to regulatory bodies. They’re also involved in promoting and raising awareness, at all levels of an organization, of the impact of emerging environmental issues.

7. Laboratory Technician

Laboratory technicians are involved in helping develop new products and supervising experiments as they run. Their duties also include cleaning lab equipment and keeping it in serviceable condition. They carry out routine maintenance and calibration of laboratory equipment. They make sure the laboratory is well-stocked and resourced and that everything is properly labelled. They are involved in liaising with laboratory suppliers.

8. Research Assistant

Graduates of Integrated Science Education can work as research assistants as well. They prepare interview questions and summarize the results. Their duties involve maintaining quality standards to preserve the integrity of data and findings and scheduling and conducting interviews. They analyze data using various statistical methods as well as write reports to summarize data and the implications of the results, among others.

9. Scientific Journalist

Science journalists are responsible for reporting news as well as other science-related information to the general public. This will involve writing informative and often entertaining summaries of important findings after consulting with professional scientists and researchers and from personal research.

10. Reservoir Engineering Technician

Lastly, this is another career opportunity in Integrated Science Education. Reservoir engineering technician responsibilities include numerical reservoir modeling, production forecasting, well testing, well drilling and workover planning, economic modeling, and others of reservoir fluids.

They play a central role in field development planning, recommending appropriate and cost-effective reservoir depletion schemes. They are responsible for the development and production operations of fossil fuel in oil reservoir companies. Their job requires them to use special equipment and tools to locate and identify various oil and gas reserves, continuously monitor and supervise the drilling process, and analyze the amount of fuel to be drilled that won’t adversely affect the surrounding environment.

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