How Much Does Nestle Pay Corpers

This article focuses on providing information about how much Nestle pays Corps members (corpers) during their service at their company. In the context of the country’s inflation and economic challenges, many young graduates, including Corps members, are seeking placement in organizations that offer competitive compensation and benefits, including accommodation. Nestle is known to be one of the organizations in Nigeria that pays its corps members well.

If you’re wondering if Nestle accepts corps members, the good news is that yes, Nestle does accept corpers and pays them monthly all through their service year serving in the company.

However, before delving into the payment details, let’s briefly introduce Nestle, providing essential background information about the company, its duties, history, and other relevant context.

Nestle Nigeria Plc

Nestle Nigeria Plc is a publicly listed food and beverage specialty company headquartered in Lagos. It has strong ties to a Swiss-based holding company and the Tolaram Group. Founded in 1961 as Nestle Products Nigeria Limited, it is situated in the Agbara Industrial Estate in Ogun State, Nigeria. The company specializes in the production of breakfast cereal, baby food products, food seasoning, and hydrolyzed plant protein mix.

Initially trading under the name Nestle Products Nigeria, it later changed its name to Food Specialties Limited in 1969. Nestle Nigeria Plc became publicly traded on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 1979 following an indigenization promotion decree. Over the years, the company’s name underwent several changes, finally becoming Nestle Nigeria PLC in 2001.

Nestle Nigeria’s journey began with the distribution and sales of imported Nestle products in the country. It expanded its operations by establishing a packaging plant in Lagos in 1971, followed by manufacturing facilities for Maggi and Milo products in Agbara in the late 1970s. In 1982, it started producing Cerelac in Nigeria. The company introduced various baby-weaning products and confectionery items like Chocomilo.

In 2011, Nestle expanded by opening a Maggi factory in Flowergate, Ogun State, and inaugurating a community water facility in Abuja to ensure safe and healthy drinking water. Additionally, Nestle has been actively involved in water conservation and proper hydration efforts, including training students and teachers in various states.

Nestle Nigeria is actively involved in marketing and distribution, sponsoring events like the Maggi national cooking competition and a Maggi cooking show. It has also supported sports competitions through its Milo brand. The company operates two factories in Ogun State and maintains a distribution center in Ota. Some of Nestle’s well-known brands, such as Cerelac, Milo, and Maggi cubes, have achieved household name status in Nigeria.

Nestle Companies in Nigeria (Top List)

Here are some Nestle companies that accept corpers:

  • Nestle Nigeria PLC, Ilupeju Lagos
  • Nestlé Factory Agbara Nigéria
  • Nestle Flowergate Factory, Sagamu
  • Nestle Water Factory, Abaji.

How Much Does Nestle Pay Corpers

Currently, Nestle offers a monthly stipend of N50,000 to Corps members serving in their company. In addition to this financial compensation, Nestle provides these young graduates with complimentary breakfast and lunch, along with monthly packs of essentials. Furthermore, the company offers a staff bus service to transport corpers to and from their place of service.

Corpers serving at Nestle enjoy a range of benefits that go beyond the standard monthly allowance of N33,000 provided by the federal government to all Corps members. These extra allowances and perks make the experience of serving at Nestle particularly appealing to many.

However, it’s important to emphasize that acceptance into Nestle as a Corps member depends on various factors, including your discipline, among others. Meeting these criteria increases the likelihood of being accepted, and you may receive a PPA (Place of Primary Assignment) acceptance letter from the company. Alternatively, you can seek a letter of request from them.

So, before we conclude, as stated in the introduction part of the article, we’ll provide some vital information on the necessary things needed at the cyber cafe for NYSC registration.

Things Needed at Cyber Cafe for NYSC Registration 

Prospective Corps members registering for NYSC should be aware of the essential items required when visiting a cyber cafe for registration. These items include:

  • Passport Photograph: A clear passport photograph with a white or off-white background.
  • Biro: To make notes and avoid the need to borrow one.
  • Email Account: Preferably a Gmail account with the login password readily available.
  • ATM Card: A Visa or MasterCard to pay the NYSC registration fee of ₦2,786.24 for online Call-up letter printing. Alternatively, you can print the payment invoice during registration and pay in person at a bank.
  • Cash: To cover expenses at the cyber cafe and other miscellaneous costs, budget approximately ₦1,000 to ₦2,000.
  • School Matriculation Number and JAMB Registration Number: Have these numbers written down if you don’t know them by heart.
  • Documents for Foreign-Trained Graduates: If you are a foreign-trained graduate, bring your international passport, residence permit, academic transcript, WAEC certificate, school certificate, school ID card, and evaluation letter. These documents will be uploaded during registration.
  • Marriage Documents for Married Women: If you are a married prospective Corps member seeking concessional deployment, upload copies of your marriage certificate, a photocopy of your husband’s work ID card, a newspaper change of name from Miss to Mrs., any original or photocopy of utility bills from your husband’s place of residence, and a domicile letter during online registration.

It’s crucial to note that some camps reject medical certificates with scanned signatures, so obtaining an authentic medical fitness certificate is recommended.

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