Companies In Lekki That Accept Corpers

This article provides valuable information for prospective corps members in Nigeria, specifically those looking for places to serve in Lekki. It offers a list of companies in Lekki that accept Corps members, addressing a common query among individuals seeking their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

It’s important to note that most of these companies offer monthly stipends starting at N20,000 and above, making them attractive choices for Corps members searching for a good PPA with accommodation. This financial aspect can be crucial for those considering their options.

Additionally, the article also looks at the NYSC mobilization process. If you’re wondering how to get mobilized for service, worry no more; this post will guide you through the entire procedure.

Lekki, situated in Lagos State, Nigeria, is the focus of this article. This vibrant city is positioned to the southeast of Lagos City and is characterized by its unique geographical features. Lekki is a naturally formed peninsula, bordered to the west by the well-known districts of Victoria Island and Ikoyi in Lagos. To the south, it is embraced by the vast Atlantic Ocean, while the northern boundary is defined by the Lagos Lagoon. Additionally, Lekki Lagoon marks its eastern limits, with the southeastern area extending to the western edge of Refuge Island, adjacent to the eastern part of Ibeju-Lekki Local Government Area.

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Companies In Lekki That Accept Corpers (Top List) 

  1. Bukka Hospitality Limited (Bukka Hut)
  2. David Oluwakoya and Associates
  3. Sellafield Energy Resources Limited
  4. Vantegral Consulting
  5. ABNL Limited
  6. Dale Solicitors
  7. Glammers and Glow Limited
  8. Frosh Tech Automotive
  9. Etta-Atlantic Memorial Hospital
  10. Ardent Energy Services Limited
  11. Kadick integrated limited 
  12. George Houston Resources Limited
  13. FIPS Multilinks
  14. N.U.E Offshore Resources Ltd
  15. Tenece Professional Services Limited
  16. Brainshare Technologies
  17. Smackers Limited (The Place)
  18. Reliance Family Clinics (Lekki)
  19. Paelyt Solutions Limited
  20. Maurice Xandra Solutions Limited
  21. Hamilton Lloyd & Associates
  22. Prime Watermark Consulting
  23. Energy People Africa
  24. Albert and Wand Ltd
  25. Rehoboth Recruiters
  26. Ritzman Smarthomes and Automations Ltd.
  27. Yardoak Project
  28. Hreade Limited
  29. Main One
  30. South Horizon Limited

Most of these companies accept corpers. This list, however, is not exhaustive, and there are other companies in Lekki that accept corpers, so you’re advised to do further research.

So, before we wrap up, we’ll briefly looks at some of the necessary things to do to be mobilized for the NYSC programme. As stated in the intro in this article, we’ll explain the NYSC mobilization process to help prospective corps members understand the procedure. 

NYSC Mobilization Process

The NYSC mobilization process is outlined in these steps:

  • Get Your Statement of Results: Following the completion of the final clearance, graduates need to obtain their statement of results. This document becomes essential for the subsequent registration process at the NYSC Orientation Camp.
  • Verify Your Name on JAMB Matriculation List: It’s crucial to verify your name on the JAMB matriculation list. If your name is not included on this list, you will encounter difficulties when attempting to register for the NYSC program. This verification ensures that you meet the necessary criteria for participation.
  • Verify Your Name on the Senate List: Your educational institution will upload a list of eligible candidates on the NYSC portal. It’s essential to confirm that your name is on this list. This step is crucial for determining your eligibility to participate in the NYSC program.
  • NYSC Online Registration: Only those individuals whose names are verified on the NYSC Senate list are allowed to register for the NYSC program. Online registration is a key step in the process and ensures that all necessary information is collected.
  • Print NYSC Call-Up Letter: After successfully completing the NYSC online registration, you will need to wait for your NYSC call-up letter. This letter will inform you about the state where you’ve been deployed for your service, the date you should report, and other essential details that you’ll need for your NYSC service.
  • Gather Required Documents: It’s essential to prepare all the necessary documents during this phase because you’ll need them for registration at the NYSC Orientation Camp. Having these documents ready ensures a smooth registration process.
  • NYSC Orientation Camp: The final step is to head to the NYSC Orientation Camp. At this point, you officially begin your National Youth Service Corps journey, and the camp is where you’ll receive initial training and guidance for your service.

These steps outline the complete process of NYSC mobilization, from clearing at your educational institution to arriving at the NYSC Orientation Camp. Following these steps is essential for a successful and organized start to your NYSC service year.

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