How Much Does Shell Pay Corpers

This article delves into the topic of how much Shell pays Corps members during their National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program. For prospective Corps members considering Shell as their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), the good news is that Shell offers competitive compensation to its Corpers.

Many Corps members seek PPAs that not only provide good pay but also accommodation and other allowances. Unfortunately, not all PPAs meet these criteria. Some PPAs pay as little as N3,000 and do not offer accommodation, while others do not provide any compensation at all. This drives Corps members to eagerly seek opportunities with oil companies like Shell, regardless of the state they are posted to.

This article aims to shed light on the payment structure at Shell for Corps members, providing insights into the company itself and its functions, vital information for PCMs, and other essential tips.

Shell Nigeria: What You Should Know

Shell Nigeria is a prominent energy company with a rich history spanning nearly two centuries, evolving from a small London shop into a major global player. The company is committed to meeting society’s energy needs while ensuring economic, social, and environmental sustainability both now and in the future.

As one of the world’s leading energy companies, Shell plays a crucial role in addressing the growing global demand for energy by prioritizing responsible practices that balance economic, environmental, and social considerations. In Nigeria, Shell has a significant presence with a history dating back to 1937. Among international oil and gas companies operating in the country, Shell boasts the largest footprint.

Over its long history in Nigeria, Shell has been a pioneer in various aspects of the energy industry, including onshore, shallow, and deep-water oil exploration and production. Additionally, the company has been at the forefront of gas development, contributing to the production and distribution of gas for domestic consumers and international markets for more than four decades.

Values of Shell Nigeria 

Shell’s core values of honesty, integrity, and respect for people underpin their business principles. In Nigeria, the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC) stands as the largest Shell company, playing a pivotal role since 1958, when it initiated Nigeria’s first commercial oil exports. SPDC operates as part of a joint venture, with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) holding a 55% share, followed by SPDC (30%), Total E&P Nigeria Ltd. (10%), and Agip Oil Company Limited (5%). The venture focuses on onshore and shallow-water oil and gas production in the Niger Delta.

Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCO) operates the Bonga field, a groundbreaking deepwater oil discovery in Nigeria. The Bonga facility can produce over 200,000 barrels of oil per day and 150 million standard cubic feet of gas per day.

Shell Nigeria Gas (SNG) uniquely established a gas distribution company in Nigeria to serve industrial customers, while Nigeria LNG (NLNG), a joint venture formed in 1989, specializes in LNG and natural gas liquids production for export.

Shell’s contributions to Nigeria are substantial, encompassing energy production, revenue generation, supply chains, local content, and social investments. In 2014, Shell-operated ventures in Nigeria produced an average of 739,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/d), significantly impacting the country’s export income and government revenue. SCiN contracts in 2014 were awarded to Nigerian companies, promoting local capacity. Additionally, Shell invests in various social initiatives, with a focus on community and enterprise development, education, and healthcare, making Nigeria the primary location for social investment spending within the Shell Group. Shell-operated ventures in Nigeria are significant contributors to the nation’s economic development, serving as key players in the oil and gas industry and making substantial investments in the well-being and growth of local communities.

How Much Does Shell Pay Corpers Per Month

Currently, Shell pays Corpers N46,900 monthly. The company also offers other benefits to corps members serving in their organizations. This pay is entirely different from the monthly allowance of N33,000 given to Corpers by the federal government of Nigeria.

It’s important to note that getting accepted to serve at Shell is not common. As a Corper who is eager to serve at Shell, you need to step up and make the necessary connections to secure your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) within the organization.

However, before we conclude, there is some vital information for prospective corps members. As mentioned in the article’s introduction, we will briefly address some essential questions about the NYSC Program.

Information for PCMs

  • NYSC operates with three batches (A, B, C) divided into six streams annually, and there are six registration periods throughout the year, including the uploading of names on the portal during these times.
  • If you couldn’t join a particular stream, you have the option to do revalidation during the next stream.
  • Married female PCMs are typically posted to serve in the state where their husband resides.
  • During online registration, PCMs are not allowed to choose their posting state; NYSC reserves the right to determine the posting location. However, there may be ways to influence your posting through specific channels.
  • In camp, there is an option for relocation available to PCMs with medical issues, those posted to insecure environments, or those married but posted outside their husband’s state of residence.
  • It’s essential for all PCMs to be aware that they can only serve if they graduate before reaching the age of 30. If you graduate after turning 30, you will be exempt from NYSC service.

Staying informed is crucial, so PCMs are encouraged to check reliable sources of information.

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