Career Opportunities In Sociology

In this article, Students Mirror looks at the career opportunities in sociology for graduates.

What Is The Best Definition Of Sociology

Sociology is the study of social change, social life, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior. It’s the study of groups.

In 1839, the word “Sociology” was coined by Auguste Comte, a French Philosopher.
Sociology is a combination of the Latin word “socius” which means “Society” and the Greek word “Logus” which connotes “Knowledge or Science”, meaning that Sociology is a science of society

Jobs With A Sociology Degree

Here are the top seven career opportunities in sociology.

1. Advice Worker

The duties of an advice worker include talking to clients online, either through the telephone or face-to-face, and assessing what they need. They are responsible for providing advice, mediating on a client’s behalf, as well as providing legal representation in court cases and tribunals. An advice worker’s duties involve interpreting legislation and researching cases, liaising with other relevant organisations, amongst others.

2. Community Development Worker

A sociologist can work on projects tackling specific issues like mental health, drug abuse, and public transport. They seek to actively engage communities in making sense of the issues that affect their livelihoods. A community development worker sets goals for improvement and responds to problems. They help to build links with other groups and agencies and help to raise public awareness of issues relevant to the community.

3. Higher Education Lecturer

Higher education lecturers are subject experts who are responsible for designing, developing, and delivering materials to students of higher education institutions. They create course material, conduct research and fieldwork, and engage with college and polytechnic university students, among others.

4. Housing Manager or Officer

You can work as a housing officer if you have a degree in Sociology. These house officers or managers are involved in the day-to-day operations of rental properties owned by regional authorities and accommodation providers. Housing officers or managers help to analyse and solve problems and tricky situations. This officer’s job involves working with property owners to offer housing solutions for people looking for rental homes. They also inspect properties to make sure that they are in perfect condition before tenants move into the premises.

5. Marketing Executive

Marketing executives are involved in promoting products, services, or ideas through targeted campaigns.

6. Police Officer

A graduate of sociology can be employed as a police officer. Protecting life and property through the enforcement of laws and regulations is what police officer duties involve. Police officers prepare written reports and field notes of investigations and patrol activities, among others. Their duties also involve arresting and processing criminals.

7. Secondary School Teacher

Secondary or high school teacher duties involve planning and teaching lessons to classrooms of students. They evaluate students’ performance, grade papers, and administer tests. They also help students maintain order, good behavior, and discipline in their work.

Best Jobs For Sociology Degree

Here, we look at some of the best jobs for a Sociology degree holder.

1. Social Researcher

A holder of a sociology degree can work as a social researcher. These types of researchers are responsible for creating and conducting research projects. They’re involved in examining how poverty affects them and may examine how poverty affects children. Their jobs can also involve gender studies, unemployment, and public health. These social researchers work with numbers, or data, derived from tools such as surveys. They use different methods of research, such as qualitative or quantitative research.

2. Youth Worker

They teach and create programmes for young people in various areas such as health, fitness, relationships, drugs, violence, smoking, among others. They often work with families and youths and with professionals from other organisations involved with young people. Their duties involve mentoring, coaching, and supporting young individuals. They build and develop relationships with youths.

3. Journalist

If you have a degree in sociology, you can be employed as a journalist. If you have a flair for writing and a good grasp of observing mass attitudes and analyzing social issues, then you should go into journalism. Top news agencies and publications in Nigeria, the United States, Poland, the Netherlands, and others are always on the lookout for professionals who understand social circumstances.

4. Administrative Support

Administrative Support? Yes, if you have a degree in sociology, you can work as an administrative assistant for institutions and organizations. Educational institutions require professionals who can effectively assess individual and mass psychology, understand human behavior, and provide solutions to issues.

5. Rehabilitation Counselor

For those interested in becoming rehabilitation counselors, there are numerous career opportunities in sociology. These counselors make use of their counseling techniques learned in sociology to guide youths who have been misled into making wrong decisions in life, or who have committed a crime, or those who have been abused, traumatized, or victimized by life events. They guide individuals and help them to get over their experience and move on.

6. Family Counsellor

Working as a Family Counselor is a career opportunity in Sociology.
Family counselors make use of their observation and critical thinking to assess different familial or marital problems and provide guidance and solutions.

7. Survey Researcher

You can become a survey researcher if you have a bachelor’s degree in sociology. A survey researcher observes patterns of social and political issues, health, and culture. They make use of data collection and statistical analysis techniques to gather evidence and create well-informed reports for public and private organisations.

8. Media Planner

A media planner figures out plans to advertise a product or service for a customer. You can be employed by top companies that require experts to create market surveys, analyze data, and help marketers create advertising campaigns.

Can A Sociologist Work In An Oil Company

Yes, a Sociology degree holder with at least a Master’s degree in Sociology or a related field can work in an oil company. You should have at least five years of relevant work experience. A sociologist can work as a civic engagement expert for an oil company.

Can A Sociologist Work In A Hospital

A sociologist can work in a hospital. Their duties in a hospital involve studying the access to medical care of different ethnic groups and social classes. They can be employed as case managers in hospitals who provide self-assessment tools for career development, promote understanding, as well as enhance collaborative relationships between departments.

Can a Sociologist Become a Nurse

In order to become a nurse as a sociology major, there are additional educational qualifications that are required.

Can A Sociologist Work In A Bank

Of course, as a sociologist, you can work in a bank by helping people deal with a variety of problems, ranging from family conflicts to job situations to financial difficulties. You can also assist a bank manager in finding new ways to help their customers.

Which University offers Sociology in Nigeria

There are several universities in Nigeria that offer Sociology. Some of them are as follows:

You can also check out the best universities offering Sociology in Nigeria. Thanks for reading The Career Opportunities In Sociology.

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