How To Write Yoruba Lesson Note

In this article, we will be looking at how to write a Yoruba lesson note. If you’re a teacher or student teacher who wants to improve or learn how to write a Yoruba lesson note, then look no further because this article contains all the necessary information you may need.

To write Yoruba lesson notes, here are some guidelines:

  • Start by outlining the main topics and subtopics you will cover in the lesson.
  • Write clear and concise explanations for each topic, using simple language and examples to help students understand.
  • Include exercises, quizzes, or other activities to reinforce the material.
  • Use Yoruba language throughout the lesson notes, including in the explanations and exercises.
  • Be sure to proofread your notes for spelling and grammar errors.
  • Make use of Yoruba alphabets, tones, and tone markers to make the lesson notes easy to understand.
  • You can also include illustrations and charts to make the notes more visually appealing.
  • End the lesson with a summary of the main points covered and any additional resources or assignments for students to complete.

How To Write Lesson Note In Yoruba

Here is a sample of lesson notes in Yoruba.

Form: Yara ikekoo. 
Subject: Ise
Topic: Akori  
Duration: Akoko
Learner’s Age: Ojo Ori Ikekoo
Reference book: Iwe Itokasi
Instructional Material: Awon ohun elo eko. 
Previous knowledge: Imo Atehinwa  
Behavioural Objective: Abayori 
Presentation: Agbekale
Evaluation: Igbelewon
Summary: Ni kukuru
Conclusion: Ikadii
Assignment: Ise Asetilewa.

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