How To Get A First Class Degree In Computer Science

In this article, we’ll be looking at how to get a first class degree in computer science.
A lot of students have admired students who graduated with first class honours degree and have asked, “What are the secrets to getting a first class degree?” Or “ how to get a first class degree in computer science.”

I have received a lot of questions from undergraduates asking how to graduate with a first class degree, and these questions are mostly from computer science undergraduate students.

It’s one thing to wish to earn a first class degree; it’s another thing to walk the walk. According to Diganta, he said, “Nothing comes easy in life. If you wait for the sunrise, you must survive in the dark night.” If you really want to get a first class degree in computer science, then you must wake up, be determined and be focused because the journey won’t be easy.

How I got a first class degree in computer science

Before we continue, let me tell a story of Jeremiah Akintomide on how he graduated with a first class degree in computer science.

Jeremiah Akintomide, who graduated with a first-class degree from the Department of Computer Science, Mountain Top University, Nigeria, in 2020, having scored 4.65, said that during the exam period, he only had two hours of sleep daily.
Akintomide wanted to study petroleum engineering because of his deep love for mathematics, physics, and chemistry, which he applied to study at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, but he wasn’t able to secure admission. So, his parents obtained a Mountain Top University admission form so he wouldn’t stay at home. When he looked at the form, computer science was the only course available that he could apply for, and he did. In his second year, he wanted to switch to chemistry, but some people felt computer science was the right choice for him. But along the line, he fell in love with programming and that made him stay. He said it became more of a driving force for him and he had no regrets about making that decision.

Studying Computer Science wasn’t easy for him, but with consistency and hard work, he was able to achieve the feat. He said he had planned to graduate with a first-class degree from the very beginning, and he knew he had to make a conscious effort towards achieving it. He started getting excellent grades in his second year. That was because, in his first year, he didn’t take my studies seriously. He felt he would change his institution to a federal university to study engineering, so he took things easy. But as soon as he knew he was going nowhere, he got very serious with his studies. He started setting achievable goals every semester, and he was very happy that it all paid off.

His first year at his higher education Institution was a bit challenging because he wasn’t well oriented. He didn’t pay attention to his General Studies courses. He simply studied his departmental courses and used residual knowledge for the GST. His CGPA in his first year was really affected, and he had to work extra hard for his results to get better.

Reading schedule to graduate with a first class in computer science

The Mountain Top University alumni said he didn’t read all the time, but when he wanted to read, he read extensively to cover lots of topics. He read mostly at night, and he often used five hours of his time to sleep (8 pm to 1 am). He also made good use of the library. In fact, he was always there during his free period, not to read most of the time but just to surf the Internet and download materials.

In his early days in school, he made a conscious effort to stay focused and determined irrespective of the distractions, so he knew he had to do all that was necessary to make it work.

During exams, he sleeps for only two hours, and most of the time he uses the remaining hours of the night for revision.
In his third year, the workload was too much and there was no time for him to study. Most of the time, after his lectures, he usually had one chapel activity or the other, and he would get to the hostel very exhausted. He would simply sleep and wake the next morning, and the cycle continued like that until he had to devise a means to get around it because it affected all his mid-semester test scores.

Apart from academic work, he is involved in other activities. He was a worker in the chapel and a member of the chess and programming clubs. He also played football occasionally.

He was not very social, but he participated in social activities that he was interested in, like the dinner night, chess competitions, football competitions, etc. He also involved himself in all the extra-curricular activities organised by the university. And at my leisure, he could play chess, scrabble, see movies, or spend quality time with friends. He understood the need to balance everything.

How To Get A First Class Honours Degree In Computer Science

How to get a first class degree in computer science
First Class in Computer Science

Here are some tips to get a first class honours degree in computer science:

  • Avoid distracting factors
  • Take frequent breaks from studying.
  • Don’t joke with the assignment and test.
  • Use your university’s library services.

It’s very important to take full advantage of your university library services in order to get a first-class degree. There is ample study material there for you to study.

  • Attend and record all lectures if possible.

It’s very important to be in attendance at every lecture or tutorial session. Students who achieve first-class grades are the ones who are dedicated to getting up and showing up to lectures. It’s also important that you record your lectures, if you feel too lazy to write them.

  • Form a study group of students who share your interests.

Form a group of students who are as determined to graduate first class as you are. Doing this will help you to stay inspired, focused, and motivated.

  • Maintain good health by eating well, exercising, and visiting your doctor on a regular basis.
  • Keep up your social life, make friends.
  • Go beyond your recommended reading list.
  • Become accustomed to independent study.
  • Limit your time on social media.
  • Makes friends with students in the year above
  • Stop studying the night before a deadline.
  • Use past questions
  • Talk about computer science test questions with your friends.
  • Be serious from your first year.

For graduates with a first class honours degree in computer science, there are ample career opportunities and you stand a chance of securing your dream job after you graduate.


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