Bowen University Dress Code

In this article, I will discuss Bowen University dress code. As students at this institution, we are required to adhere to a specific dress code. Unlike some other universities, the management of this private institution has established a dress code for its students. Therefore, if you aspire to gain admission to Bowen University, it’s crucial to understand that the university enforces strict regulations regarding students’ attire. Not every type of clothing is permitted on campus.

However, before I delve into detailing some of the dress code guidelines, I would first like to provide a brief overview of vital information about this institution, including its history and other essential information that aspiring students should be aware of.

About Bowen University

Bowen University is a prominent private Baptist Christian university situated in Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria. The university is located on a sprawling 1,300-acre campus that was originally home to the Baptist College, a teacher-training institution. Bowen University is affiliated with the Nigerian Baptist Convention, making it Africa’s largest Baptist university.

The university’s core philosophy revolves around fostering academic excellence while nurturing a God-fearing attitude, which aligns with Baptist traditions of ethical behavior, social responsibility, and democratic ethos. Bowen University boasts a vibrant community of over four thousand students and a dedicated faculty and staff of over nine hundred individuals who are committed to providing high-quality education and services. The institution places great emphasis on its core values, which include godliness, excellence, entrepreneurship, innovation, and social responsibility.

Bowen University’s mission is to instill in its students a passion for integrity, academic excellence, character, godliness, and leadership. The university offers a structured student life both on and off-campus, aiming to create a dynamic and conducive environment for teaching, learning, and research. This approach equips graduates with Christ-like character, a positive attitude, and exceptional leadership qualities across various disciplines, allowing them to make a meaningful impact on a global scale. The university’s holistic development approach encompasses academic, spiritual, physical, and social dimensions, fostering well-rounded individuals.


Bowen University has a rich historical background rooted in the Baptist Mission’s early efforts in Nigeria. The Baptist Mission, which arrived in Nigeria in 1850, aimed not only to evangelize but also to introduce formal education to promote social development. Revd. Thomas Jefferson Bowen, the first Baptist missionary to Western Nigeria, started a modest ‘school’ in 1854, which has since grown into numerous primary and secondary schools across the country, all affiliated with the Baptist tradition.

The vision of establishing a Baptist University in Nigeria has been nurtured by the Foreign Missions Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, USA, since 1938. This vision took concrete shape in 1956 when it was presented to the Baptist Mission. A committee was formed to work towards the establishment of the university.

Despite several setbacks, including fundraising challenges and legal hurdles, the project gained momentum when the Nigerian government legalized the establishment of private universities through Decree No. 1 of 1993. Consequently, Bowen University, named after Revd. Thomas Jefferson Bowen, who played a pivotal role in Baptist mission work in Nigeria in 1850, was founded in 2001.

The university’s philosophy revolves around being a distinguished center of learning and research, emphasizing academic excellence combined with a God-fearing attitude and adherence to Baptist values of ethical behavior, social responsibility, and democratic ethos. Bowen University stands as a testament to the Baptist Mission’s commitment to education and social development in Nigeria.

Bowen University Dress Code

Bowen University enforces a formal dress code for its students, with a few exceptions, such as when students are in their hostels or engaged in sports activities. The dress code emphasizes the importance of maintaining a high moral standard and modesty in appearance.

Students are expected to dress in a manner that reflects neatness, purity, and simplicity, all of which should align with Christian standards and virtues. This dress code aims to promote a sense of decorum and uphold the university’s values.

Dress Code For Female Students 

Female students at Bowen University are expected to adhere to specific dress regulations while on campus. These guidelines are aimed at maintaining a certain level of modesty and decorum in their attire. For lectures and general campus wear, female students are required to wear skirt suits, skirts and blouses, or gowns paired with neat, covered shoes or sandals. Transparent, net materials, or tight-fitting clothing items are not allowed.

Skirts and gowns must extend to cover the knees and should not have slits above the knee. Dresses with low necklines or those that do not fully cover the shoulders and armpits are prohibited. Additionally, shorts, slacks, and similar attire should not be worn outside the halls of residence. Jeans and skirts are not permitted during official hours.

Certain body modifications, such as excessive piercing and multiple ear piercings, are not allowed, with only one pair of earrings allowed on the lower part of the earlobe. The use of T-shirts and face caps in lecture and examination halls is prohibited. Tattoos are not allowed on any part of the body.

Casual wear is permitted on Fridays, with exceptions for Law Students. However, jeans, bathroom slippers, and sportswear are not allowed during official hours. Excessive facial makeup, colored nail polish, artificial nails, and bleaching are discouraged. Students can have moderately unnatural braided hair or attachments, not exceeding neck length, which should match the natural hair color. Multi-colored hairdos are not permitted. Hair should always be well-groomed and tidy.

The use of jewelry should be moderate, and nose rings and ankle chains are not allowed. Sportswear should appropriately cover sensitive body parts, and students are required to button the sleeves of their long-sleeved shirts. These guidelines collectively aim to promote a sense of decency and uphold the university’s standards for dress and appearance among female students.

What Not to Bring (Female Students)

  • Colored Hair/Wigs: Stick to black hair.
  • Short, High Slit Skirts: Opt for knee-length skirts.
  • Sleeveless, Off-Shoulder, Net/Transparent Outfits: Not allowed.
  • Trousers: No trousers, except for leggings and joggers.
  • Hair Beads: Prohibited.

What to Bring (Female Students)

  • Knee-Length Skirts, Corporate Tops: For class.
  • Hair Covers: Required for chapel services.
  • Footwear: Flat covered shoes, sandals, optional heels.
  • Ankara, Native Wears: For Sunday chapel.
  • Gowns/Dresses, Tops: Suitable for general wear.

Dress Code For Male Students 

Male students at Bowen University are required to adhere to a specific dress code when on campus. For lectures and general campus wear, male students are expected to wear trousers (not jeans), shirts, and ties that fit properly. Trousers above ankle-length are not permitted. Additionally, shorts of any kind should not be worn outside the hostel.

There is an emphasis on maintaining a neat appearance; male students are required to button the sleeves of their long-sleeved shirts. Scarves are not allowed on campus, and the use of T-shirts and face caps is restricted during official hours. Casual wear is permitted on Fridays, with exceptions for Law Students. However, jeans, bathroom slippers, and sportswear are not allowed during official hours.

Male students are expected to be fully dressed while on campus, and they should not go bare-footed or bare-chested except when participating in outdoor games. The dress code prohibits items such as muscle tops, braided hair, earrings, necklaces, bangles, hand and ankle chains, nose rings, and beads. Maintaining well-groomed hair, beards, sideburns, and mustaches is encouraged, unless there are medical reasons or specific authorizations.

It’s important to note that Law students have specific regulations for their dress during official hours.

Student Dressing For Sunday Worship

When attending Sunday worship at Bowen University, students are expected to dress in a decent and respectful manner. The university guidelines specify that both African and foreign attire are acceptable, emphasizing the importance of dressing appropriately for the worship center. However, jeans, T-shirts, and bathroom slippers are strictly not allowed during these worship gatherings.

The purpose of this dress code is to maintain a sense of reverence and decorum during religious services. Any student found violating these provisions will face sanctions, and they will be referred to the Counseling Office for follow-up. This underscores the university’s commitment to ensuring that students’ attire aligns with the solemnity and respect associated with religious worship on campus.

For Chapel, it’s stated that students should dress in a corporate manner and remember to properly cover their hair.

It’s important to note that makeup is allowed for Chapel and unit/departmental programs but should be applied in moderation.

In summary, maintaining moderation in your dressing is crucial for all activities at the university, and exercising wisdom in your choices is highly recommended. These guidelines help foster a respectful and appropriate dress code for various occasions on the campus.

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