Highest Paying Companies For NYSC

In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the highest paying companies for NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) members. Many corps members, especially prospective corps members, have been inquiring about which companies offer the best compensation during their NYSC service year, so this article is tailored to address those queries.

Not all Primary Place of Assignment (PPA) provide adequate compensation; in fact, some do not pay corps members at all. This is why many corps members actively seek PPAs or companies that offer generous remuneration. Serving as a corps member is not easy, as most of them have to relocate to unfamiliar states to serve for a duration of one year. This service comes with various financial responsibilities, including the need for food, accommodation, and other essentials for daily living. Additionally, saving some money becomes crucial, which is why corps members aspire to do their PPA at companies that provide competitive salaries.

This article will highlight some of the companies known to pay corps members well, with compensation ranging from N20,000 to N100,000. Some of these companies even offer accommodation, transportation, and other monthly packages, making them attractive options for corps members.

However, before delving into the specific companies, let’s first explore the various types of companies in Nigeria.

Types of Companies in Nigeria 

In Nigeria, there are several types of companies, each with its own unique characteristics and purposes. Here are some types of companies:

  • Sole Proprietorship: This is the simplest form of business, where a single individual owns and operates the company. The owner enjoys all profits but also bears all of the company’s financial burdens. In case of losses, the owner’s personal assets can be used to cover them due to unlimited liability.
  • Private Limited Company: This is the most common corporate structure in Nigeria. It’s established by at least two partners and operates under specific regulations. It’s a separate legal entity, which means the company’s finances and the owner’s assets are distinct.
  • Public Limited Company: Public limited companies are more transparent and are required to publish their financial records annually. They are suitable for larger corporations with ambitious goals and often trade on public stock exchanges.
  • Public Company Limited by Guarantee: These entities are often associated with charitable or non-profit organizations. While their share capital can be unlimited, shareholders have minimal liability. These companies don’t aim to earn profits for shareholders but rather focus on achieving their objectives.
  • Private Unlimited Company: Similar to private limited companies, these entities can operate with or without specific share capital limits. However, the key difference lies in unlimited liability for members, similar to sole proprietorships.

Highest Paying Companies For NYSC (Top List)

In this section, we’ll see a list of Highest Paying Companies For NYSC. Corpers are regularly posted to do their PPA, and they’re being paid well compared to other PPAs that are not on the list. It’s, however, important to note that some of these companies are situated and have branches in some States in Nigeria, including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

  1. Nestle Flowergate Factory
  2. Nampak Bevcan Nigeria
  3. Lotus Plastic Company
  4. Beloxxi Industries Limited
  5. Perfetti Van Melle Nigeria, Factory
  6. Exxon Mobil Corporation
  7. Microsoft
  8. Xerox
  9. International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)
  10. Citigroup Inc
  11. GE (General Electric) Company
  12. ConocoPhillips
  13. NNPC Limited
  14. Master Meats & Agro Prod Co Of Nig Ltd
  15. Netforce Farms Limited
  16. Alake of Egbaland Palace
  17. Unilever Nigeria Plc
  18. Coleman Technical Industries Limited
  19. Lucia Crown of Glory School
  20. Abokem College
  21. Bakinson and Sons Limited
  22. AA Rano Nigeria Limited
  23. Gateway Polytechnic
  24. Biacom Agro Nigeria Limited
  25. Rite Foods Factory
  26. Sonia Foods Industries Limited
  27. Mega International School
  28. Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company
  29. United Healthcare International
  30. Goldpine Integrated Limited Services.
  31. Amni International Petroleum Development Company
  32. Absaf And Co Ltd
  33. Shell IA Port Harcourt
  34. Acorn Projects Limited
  35. Oildata Wireline Services Ltd
  36. Fire Hunt Nigeria Limited
  37. Pepsi Company
  38. Premium Edible Oil Products Limited
  39. Fortunate College, Ibadan
  40. Zartech Limited
  41. Obasanjo Farms Nigeria Limited
  42. Pioneer Funeral Homes LTD
  43. Pamo Clinics and Hospitals Ltd
  44. Chevron Texaco Nigeria Limited
  45. Julius Berger Nigeria
  46. Port Harcourt Flour Mills Ltd
  47. Quality Control And Testing Laboratories Ltd
  48. Nestle Factory, Agbara.
  49. Saipem Contracting Nigeria Ltd
  50. Sea Petroleum And Gas Company Limited
  51. Syndicated Metal Industries Ltd
  52. Skyway Aviation Handling Company PLC
  53. Tecon Oil Services Ltd
  54. Rotary Engineering Nig Limited

These are just a few lists of the top Highest Paying Companies For NYSC. It’s important for you to do further research to know their addresses and other information about the companies. Kindly note that the most Highest Paying Companies For NYSC are mostly oil companies, schools, pharmacies, hospitals, construction companies, and agricultural companies, among others.

Before we wrap up, let’s quickly look at some vital issues needed to be addressed about NYSC BVN.

NYSC BVN Issue and How to Rectify It

To ensure a smooth NYSC orientation camp experience and proper handling of your NYSC allowance, it is crucial for all Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) to align the name on their School/NYSC documents with their Bank Verification Number (BVN). This alignment is essential because, during NYSC camp, each Corps member is required to open a new bank account specifically for their NYSC allowance. When you arrive at the camp, bank officials will request your BVN, call-up letter, and a passport photo for account creation.

Therefore, it is advisable to take the following steps regarding the NYSC BVN issue:

  • Register for BVN if you haven’t done so before heading to NYSC camp.
  • Ensure that the name on your BVN matches the name on your school or NYSC documents.
  • Save your BVN on your phone for reference in case you forget it.
  • Dial 565*0# on the phone linked to your bank account to retrieve your BVN (a small fee may apply).
  • If the name on your school/NYSC documents differs from your BVN, update your BVN information. For married women, there’s no need to change your BVN name to that of your husband; maintain your identity.
  • If you’re unsure about your BVN’s name, it is likely the same as your ‘bank account name,’ but you can visit your bank to confirm.

If you happen to forget to address this issue before camp, don’t worry; it can still be resolved. You will open a new NYSC account in camp, and your allowance will be deposited there. However, you won’t be able to access the money until your BVN issue is resolved. To rectify this, obtain an affidavit from a court stating your intention to adjust the name on your BVN, attach a valid form of identification, and submit it to the bank where you enrolled for BVN.

Importantly, this BVN issue won’t affect your monthly federal government allowance; you just won’t be able to access the money in the account until the BVN discrepancy is resolved. Share this information on social media to help others facing similar challenges.

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