Baze University Dress Code

In this article, we will discuss the Baze University Dress Code. Whether you are an aspiring student or a newcomer to the university, if you lack knowledge about the university’s dress code, you’ve come to the right place. This article provides all the necessary information you need. As a student of this institution, I want to clarify that while Baze University is not affiliated with any specific church, it still has strict guidelines regarding the dress code for both male and female students.

Before delving into the dress code details, let me provide you with some vital information about the institution. This includes its history, year of establishment, the university’s location, and other essential details that will be beneficial to students, particularly aspiring ones.

About Baze University

Baze University is a privately owned, non-faith-based institution in Nigeria that was conceived in 2008 and granted a provisional license in 2011. It offers a wide range of courses in both the arts and sciences, with a particular focus on science and technology. The university received full licensing from the National Universities Commission in 2015, the highest regulatory agency for university education in Nigeria.

The vision of Baze University is to be a high-quality educational institution that positively impacts the nation’s development through its services and graduate output. Its mission is to provide a conducive academic environment that combines world-class human capital and cutting-edge technologies to create and impart knowledge.

Baze University places a strong emphasis on delivering quality education through experienced national and international staff, modern teaching equipment, overseas external examiners, and state-of-the-art facilities. They aim to provide education of international standards in Nigeria at a more affordable cost than studying abroad.

The institution focuses on instilling values and attributes in its students, including ethics, critical thinking, communication, leadership, innovation, and technological competence. These goals are designed to prepare students not only for employment but also for responsible citizenship.

Located in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, Baze University benefits from a strategic location with excellent air and road connections. The governance and administration of the university follow democratic traditions, with policies and procedures outlined in the University Law, Statutes, and Regulations. Senator Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, Ph.D., serves as the Chairman of Baze Research and Data Services Limited, which is the proprietor of Baze University and the institution’s founder and financier.

Student Honour Code and Behaviour

Baze University has a strict Student Honour Code and behavioral expectations for its students. This code requires students to maintain good behavior both on and off the university premises, as they are seen as representatives of the institution wherever they go.

Under this code, students are obligated to refrain from the use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal substances, as well as from intentionally misusing or abusing any substances. Additionally, the code prohibits sexual misconduct, which includes homosexuality and lesbianism, as well as obscene or indecent conduct or expressions. Disorderly or disruptive behavior, participation in gambling activities, involvement with pornographic, erotic, indecent, or offensive material, fanaticism, misuse of the university’s internet, and any actions that contradict the principles of Baze University’s Honour Code are strictly prohibited.

In essence, the Honour Code sets high standards for student behavior and conduct, emphasizing the importance of upholding the university’s values and reputation both on and off-campus.

Baze University Dress Code

Baze University Dress Code For Male

Baze University has established a dress code for male students, emphasizing a neat and well-groomed appearance. The key points of this dress code are as follows:

  • Male students are expected to maintain a clean and well-cared-for appearance.
  • Inappropriate clothing includes attire that is sleeveless, exposes the back, belly, or chest, is overly revealing, or features offensive writings or photographs.
  • Shorts are not permitted for official functions, including lectures, except when attending sporting events.
  • Earrings and other body piercings are not considered acceptable under the dress code.
  • In public campus areas, male students should wear only shoes or sandals.
  • Items like sagging pants, bathroom slippers, or jack boots are not allowed as part of the dress code.
  • Wearing face caps or dark glasses (unless for medical reasons) is prohibited in exam halls, classes, or lecture halls.

Baze University’s dress code for male students emphasizes a clean, modest, and respectful appearance in both academic and public settings on campus.

Baze University Dress Code For Female

Baze University has established a dress code for female students with a focus on maintaining a clean and well-groomed appearance while upholding modesty and respect. The key points of this dress code are as follows:

  • Female students are expected to maintain a clean and well-cared-for appearance.
  • Inappropriate clothing includes attire that is sleeveless, strapless, backless, overly revealing, has slits above the knee, features offensive writings or photographs, or is form-fitting.
  • Dresses, skirts, and shorts must be knee-length or longer to adhere to the dress code’s standards.
  • In public campus areas, female students are required to wear shoes or sandals, while bathroom slippers are not allowed.

Baze University’s dress code for female students promotes a modest and respectful appearance, discouraging clothing that is revealing or offensive and emphasizing knee-length or longer attire for dresses, skirts, and shorts. This dress code aims to maintain a professional and respectful atmosphere on campus.

However, before we wrap up, I’ll like to tell you a little about how students should behave during lecture periods, among others.

Behavior During a Lecture

Baze University outlines specific behavioral expectations for students during lectures to ensure a conducive learning environment. Here are the key points regarding behavior during lectures:

  • Students should maintain a respectful and non-disruptive demeanor during lectures, avoiding actions that distract others or disrupt the teaching process.
  • The use of mobile phones or electronic gadgets is strictly prohibited during lectures.
  • All phones must be switched to silent mode to prevent disturbances.
  • Attire with offensive language or images is not allowed in the classroom.
  • Punctuality is encouraged, and students should not leave the classroom except for health reasons or restroom breaks. Leaving to make phone calls or socialize is not permitted.
  • Once a student leaves the classroom during a lecture, they cannot return, and they will be marked absent for that period.
  • Eating and drinking are not allowed in the classrooms, except for water.

Regarding channels of communication and addressing concerns:

  • Students with non-academic concerns should direct them to the Dean of Student Affairs, who may provide further guidance as needed.
  • Academic matters should be addressed to the relevant Head of Department or Admissions Office, depending on the subject or issue.
  • If students need to write a letter to the management, they should use a blank A4 paper and address the letter to their Head of Department in the appropriate business letter format.

The university emphasizes its collaboration with parents to maintain discipline and student success.

To maintain a safe and conducive learning environment, Baze University has established a student Code of Honour, which sets the accepted behavior standards both on and sometimes off-campus. This code serves to guide students in upholding the university’s values and ensuring a positive educational experience.

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