Allan Gray Orbis Scholarship: How To Apply

The Allan Gray Orbis Scholarship is a prestigious and life-changing opportunity designed to empower and support South Africa’s brightest and most promising young minds. With a mission to cultivate a new generation of visionary leaders, this scholarship provides a comprehensive package that covers tuition fees, accommodation, a monthly stipend, and various other benefits. In this article, we will delve into the eligibility requirements, application process, and essential information regarding this transformative scholarship, opening doors to limitless possibilities for ambitious individuals ready to make a significant impact on their communities and the world.

Allan Gray Orbis Scholarship

The Allan Gray Orbis Scholarship is a transformative opportunity that aims to develop a community of young leaders with an entrepreneurial outlook, and you could be a part of it. The Scholarship Programme is designed to unlock your potential and cultivate qualities such as confidence, leadership, problem-solving skills, and a desire to create value. By equipping you with an entrepreneurial mindset, the Programme empowers you to address past inequalities and contribute to the economic and social transformation of Southern Africa. Throughout the programme, you will engage in a combination of face-to-face, online, and peer learning, supplemented by mentorship from a dedicated Programme Officer. With this comprehensive approach, you will gain a deep understanding of entrepreneurship and a strong appreciation for the culture of community and collaboration. Ultimately, the Programme inspires you to embark on an entrepreneurial career and eagerly anticipates your journey towards becoming a Fellow.


To be eligible for the Allan Gray Orbis Scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Current Grade 6 Learner: To be eligible, you must currently be enrolled as a grade 6 learner in the year you apply for the scholarship. This requirement ensures that the scholarship is available to learners at a specific stage of their education.

2. South African Citizenship: You must be a citizen of South Africa to be considered for the scholarship. This requirement is in place to support and empower young South African citizens in their educational journey.

3. Age Limit: The applicant must not be older than 12 years of age or younger than 11 years of age while in grade 6. This criterion ensures that the scholarship is available to learners within a specific age range, targeting individuals who are at a crucial stage of their educational development.

4. Demonstrated Financial Need: You need to demonstrate financial need to be eligible for the scholarship. This requirement ensures that the scholarship is accessible to students who may not have sufficient financial resources to pursue their education independently.

5. Minimum Grades in English and Mathematics: You must obtain a minimum score of 70% in both English and Mathematics. This criterion evaluates your proficiency in these fundamental subjects, which are essential for academic success and the development of analytical and communication skills.

6. Minimum Overall Average: You need to achieve a minimum overall average of 70% across all subjects. This requirement ensures that applicants have a strong academic foundation and are consistently performing at a satisfactory level across various disciplines.

Entrepreneurial Characteristics

The Allan Gray Orbis Scholarship places a strong emphasis on nurturing entrepreneurial characteristics in applicants. Here’s a breakdown of the entrepreneurial characteristics that applicants are expected to demonstrate:

1. Growth Mindset: This refers to the belief that one’s intelligence and abilities can be developed through effort, learning, and perseverance. It involves embracing challenges, seeking growth opportunities, and being resilient in the face of obstacles.

2. Self-Efficacy: Self-efficacy is the belief in one’s own ability to achieve goals and accomplish tasks. It involves having confidence in your skills, talents, and capacity to make a positive impact.

3. Leadership: The scholarship values individuals who possess leadership qualities. This includes the ability to positively influence others, take initiative, inspire and motivate, and effectively collaborate with a team to achieve shared goals.

4. Opportunity Identification: Entrepreneurial individuals have a keen eye for identifying opportunities that hold value. They possess the ability to recognize gaps, problems, or needs in their environment and propose innovative solutions or ventures to address them.

5. Curiosity: Curiosity is the desire to explore, learn, and discover new information. It involves being open-minded, inquisitive, and eager to acquire knowledge and understanding, which can lead to novel ideas and insights.

6. Problem-Solving: Entrepreneurship often involves encountering and overcoming challenges. Effective problem-solving skills are essential for generating creative solutions, analyzing situations from different perspectives, and making informed decisions.

By demonstrating these entrepreneurial characteristics, applicants showcase their potential to become innovative, proactive, and impactful leaders in their chosen fields. These qualities are highly valued in the scholarship program as they align with the aim of fostering entrepreneurial thinking and creating a positive impact in Southern Africa.

Application Process

The process for the Allan Gray Orbis Scholarship is as follows:

1. Application: You can choose to submit a hard copy of your application form and supporting documents or apply online. The application form and required documentation must be completed and submitted according to the guidelines provided by the scholarship program.

2. Foundation Exam: If your application is successful, you will be required to write the Foundation exam in Mathematics and English specifically designed for grade 6 learners. This exam helps assess your proficiency in these subjects and your potential for academic success.

3. Interviews: After the Foundation exam, successful candidates will be invited for interviews. These interviews serve as an opportunity for the scholarship program to get to know you better, assess your character, and evaluate your alignment with the program’s values and goals.

4. Placement School Interviews: Recommended candidates from the previous round will be invited to attend interviews at the placement schools. These interviews aim to determine the best fit between the candidate and the specific schools affiliated with the scholarship program.

5. Scholarship Award: Candidates whose recommendations are approved by the placement schools will be awarded the Allan Gray Orbis Scholarship. This is a significant achievement and signifies that you have been selected as a recipient of the scholarship.

6. Memorandum of Agreement: Once the scholarship is awarded, a Memorandum of Agreement is signed by the Foundation, the placement school, and the Scholar’s custodian. This agreement outlines the responsibilities and expectations of all parties involved, ensuring a mutual understanding and commitment to the scholarship program.

Following this process diligently and successfully will increase your chances of being awarded the prestigious Allan Gray Orbis Scholarship and embarking on a transformative educational journey.

Scholarship Benefits

The Allan Gray Orbis Scholarship provides comprehensive coverage, including tuition and boarding, stationery and textbooks, a monthly allowance, toiletries, uniforms, and casual clothing. The scholarship also offers support for extracurricular activities, workshops, speakers, and seminars. Scholars have access to an annual entrepreneurial conference, an Online Learning Campus, and a dedicated Programme Officer for mentorship. Being part of this scholarship creates a like-minded community, fostering confidence, entrepreneurial mindset development, growth mindset, leadership qualities, and a positive outlook for the future. Scholars also benefit from interactive online learning, engaging speakers and seminars, and the opportunity to collaborate with others on their entrepreneurial journey.

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