Top 12  USA Jobs For Immigrants – Work In USA

Immigrants, who move to another country and start their careers experience exciting moments but also face difficulties. The United States offers various job opportunities in different industries, which suit the diverse skills and knowledge of its workforce.

This blog post will explore the top twelve jobs in the USA that are popular for immigrants because of factors such as demand; growth potential; accessibility; and average salary.

Top 12  USA Jobs For Immigrants – Work In USA
Top 12  USA Jobs For Immigrants – Work In USA

List of USA Jobs For Immigrants 

1. Doctors

The healthcare industry in America is constantly employing professionals to meet the growing needs for medical services. 

There are numerous openings for doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and other jobs in the healthcare sector. 

With an aging population and advancements in technology, this field is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. 

Many health professions have competitive salaries and allow people to make a difference in other people’s lives. 

Average Salaries: Physicians and Surgeons – $208,000, Registered Nurses – $77,600, Medical Assistants -$37,190.

2. IT Experts

IT specialists are highly demanded by many companies across all industries since the tech industry is booming the in USA.

Software developers, computer systems analysts network administrators; cybersecurity experts, or any other profession you could think of.

The tech industry appreciates talent as well as innovation so it attracts immigrants with appropriate skill sets.

Average Salaries: Software Developers – $109,020, Computer Systems Analysts – $93,730, Information Security Analysts – $102,600.

3. Accounting Professionals & Financial Professionals

Accountants play significant roles in keeping the American economy going while financial analysts and other finance professionals are crucial for the proper functioning of its structure.

Jobs like tax preparation as well as auditing among others have a high demand hence they provide stable employment with good compensation levels.

Average Salaries: Accountants – $73,560, Financial Analysts – $81,590, Personal Financial Advisors – $94,170.

4. Engineers

The technical field includes diverse areas such as civil, mechanical, electrical, and software engineering. 

In the USA there are many engineering firms and projects that highly need skilled engineers. 

Infrastructure development works in addition to innovative product designing and technology improvements would be impossible without these specialists.

Average Salaries: Civil Engineers – $88,570; Mechanical Engineers – $88,430; Electrical Engineers – 100,390; Software Engineers – $108,020.

5. Teachers

Education is one of the cornerstones of every society and teachers are considered to be high-value people in America. 

There is always a demand for qualified teachers at all levels of education from elementary schools to colleges because the U.S. has a diverse student population and they value quality education.

Careers in teaching offer job security, and professional development opportunities and influence the minds of the next generation.

Average Salaries: Elementary School Teachers – $60,940, High School Teachers – $62,870, Postsecondary Teachers -$79,640.

6. Skilled Trades

It should be noted that some jobs in America necessitate advanced degrees or specialized training while others like electricians’ plumbers’ carpenters auto mechanics etc., require specific skills. 

Most of them provide practical experience and sometimes enable their practitioners to become self-employed or entrepreneurs. 

There are plenty of rewarding opportunities within skilled trades for immigrants with relevant credentials and experience too after all

Average Salaries: Electricians – $56,900, Plumbers – $56,330, Carpenters – $49,070, Automotive Service Technicians – $44,050.

7. Hospitality and Customer Service

The hospitality and customer service sectors are vital to the US economy as they cater to a wide range of businesses and services. 

Jobs in hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and call centers offer the first jobs for immigrants with different levels of education and proficiency in English. 

These positions can be used as transitional or stepping roles for individuals looking to move on to more advanced positions or other career paths.

Average Salaries: Hotel Front Desk Clerks – $25,830, Restaurant Servers – $23,800, Retail Sales Associates – $27,320, Customer Service Representatives – $35,830.

8. Truckers and Delivery Drivers 

The transportation industry is critical to the movement of goods and services across the United States, creating a consistent demand for truck drivers, delivery drivers, and logistics personnel.  These jobs have travel, flexibility, and potential for advancement within the field. 

Average Salaries: Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers – $47,130, Delivery Truck Drivers – $37,230, Logisticians – $76,270.

9. Construction Workers 

The construction industry plays a vital role in the development and maintenance of infrastructure, residential and commercial buildings, and various projects all over America. 

Areas experiencing population growth or infrastructure development are particularly in need of workers such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and construction laborers. 

Average Salaries: Construction Laborers – $37 890; Carpenters – $49 070; Electricians – $56 900; Plumbers –$56 330.

10. Administrative and Office Support

Although some immigrants may start in entry-level administrative positions or as office support staff at low wage levels, this exhibits valuable experience with English as well as carrying out their future careers. 

Stepping stones to other careers include positions such as receptionists’ administrative assistants’ and office clerks that can be found across various industries.  

Average Salaries: Administrative Assistants –$39 680; Receptionists -$30 050; Office Clerks -$35 330.

11. Chefs and Food Service Employees

The United States has a vibrant, diverse food service industry that provides opportunities to chefs, cooks, and other food service employees to exhibit their culinary talents and cultural influences. They can be found in restaurants, hotels, and caterers as well as other types of food services.

Average Salaries: Chefs and Head Cooks – $53,380, Cooks – $27,790, Food Service Workers – $24,800.

12. Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners 

Immigrants looking for success have contributed a lot to the United States’ entrepreneurial culture.  From restaurants and retail shops to service-based companies and innovative startups that fuel local economies; entrepreneurship has the potential of creating personal growth opportunities besides those financial independent moments. 

Average Salaries: Varies widely by business or industry.


The United States provides job opportunities for immigrants in diverse sectors that pay well and provide room for growth. From healthcare to IT or skilled labor to customer service provision, the number of possibilities is enormous. By reviewing data on the top seven occupations in terms of remuneration among newcomers from abroad it will be possible to understand prospects when choosing a career path within the USA better.

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