Top 10 Australian Scholarships For International Students

Are you an international student with a dream of studying in Australia? With world-class universities, bustling cities, and unique natural wonders, Australia is an incredibly popular destination for studying abroad. 

However, the expense of obtaining an education overseas may discourage some individuals. Thankfully, several altruistic ways can help to actualize your study goals. These are ten of the best Australian scholarships for international students. 

Top 10 Australian Scholarships For International Students
Top 10 Australian Scholarships For International Students

List of Australian Scholarships For International Students You Should Try Out 

1. Australia Awards

Australia Awards are prestigious global scholarships and fellowships financed by the Australian Government’s Foreign Aid Program. They are aimed at developing knowledge, education links and enduring ties between Australia and its neighbors through long term study or research opportunities.

Australia Awards Scholarships give full financial provisions for international students from across the Indo-Pacific region to undertake Masters or PhD level study at an Australian university.

In addition to full tuition fees, these generally cover annual stipends as well as allowances for research, materials, and travel plus health insurance. 

The scholarships apply to a wide range of subjects although priority will be given to areas like health (including life sciences), education (including STEM), governance (including law), agriculture and food security (including water sciences), infrastructure (including sustainable engineering solutions), trade (including economics) and mining (as well as environmental studies).

2. Destination Australia  

The Destination Australia program offers some of the most generous Australian scholarships for international students. These annual grants funded by the Australian government are available to first-year entrants only.

Destination Australia provides tuition fee waivers ranging from 15% up to 100% for eligible programs from certificate to doctoral levels at participating Australian education providers.

Over 4,000 annually are awarded globally with hundreds of educational institutions based on academic merit; hence making them competitive scholarships. 

To make sure that it remains a leading study destination worldwide is one aim that Destination Australia has. They hope to enhance the Australian education experience for great international minds.

3. University of Sydney International Scholars Program

The highly ranked University of Sydney in Australia and worldwide prides itself on providing the prestigious International Scholars’ Program. 

As one of the best Australian Scholarships for international students, it is also highly competitive. The scholarship offer goes between 25% and 100% fee coverage for top-performing international students in various disciplines at all study levels; bachelor’s, master’s, and research degrees.

The likes of academic excellence, research achievements or potential, and leadership qualities are used to evaluate applicants for these distinguished awards. Only a few hundred international student scholars are selected each year to join this elite program.

4. Monash University International Merit Scholarships    

Monash University in Melbourne has several generous merit-based scholarships for international undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students.

Monash International Merit Scholarships provide 25% tuition fee remission whilst Monash Excellence Scholarships give 50% remission of fees whereas Sir John Monash Scholarships provide full tuition including stipends towards living expenses.

Once accepted, these awards are automatically given to students with minimum weighted average marks maintained each year.

5. University of Melbourne International Undergraduate Achievement Scholarships

One of the world’s leading universities, the University of Melbourne attracts talented young people from around the globe through its International Undergraduate Achievement Scholarships. 

These prestigious scholarships acknowledge excellent academic achievement by awarding them to overseas freshers embarking on undergraduate studies only.

In recent times the focus on blockchain research and education has made the Unan University of Queensland a hotspot for this vital trend. 

To attract top talents in this fast-growing field, UQ has an International Blockchain Scholars program which offers lucrative scholarships for eligible coursework programs like information technology, computer science, business information systems, and others.

International students who excel in computing and entrepreneurship can get scholarships that will take care of all their tuition fees.

7.  Australian Catholic University Vice Chancellor’s Scholarships

Australian Catholic University has a small number of Vice Chancellor’s Scholarships available annually to new international students across its six campuses around Australia.

The recipients of these highly competitive scholarships are awarded 50% off the tuition fees for the entire duration of their undergraduate or postgraduate course in recognition of their outstanding academic performance.

To become a beneficiary of this Australian scholarship, Applicants must meet minimum entry scores and other criteria before they become eligible to apply.

8. Griffith University Academic Excellence Scholarships

Griffith University is located in southeast Queensland and offers several international scholarship streams. The most prestigious awards targeted at international undergraduates and postgraduates by Griffith University are the Academic Excellence Scholarships. 

High-performing international students with impressive entrance scores could be awarded either 20% or 30% remission on tuition fees each year through these benevolent scholarships.

9. University of Western Australia International Postgrad Scholarships

A range of merit scholarships that offer tuition fee discounts are available to international students commencing most postgraduate coursework degree programs at the University of Western Australia. 

While International Postgraduate Excellence Scholarships provide 20% fee remission, International Postgraduate Coursework Scholarships grant 35%. Additionally, UWA provides specific full-fee scholarships for some areas of research each year. 

10. Flinders University International Postgrad Scholarships

Being the last on our list among some of the best Australian scholarships for international students, Flinders University provides various international scholarships for postgraduate coursework students based in Adelaide. 

International Postgraduate Coursework Scholarships give a 20 percent annual reduction on tuition fees for 1 to 2-year programs while the International Postgraduate Excellence Scholarship provides a remission of 50%. The latter are evaluated automatically on merit at acceptance.


These are some of the very best Australian scholarships for international students planning to study in Australia. With excellent grades and hard work, one can afford to earn an Australian degree from any top-tier university. 

To get any of these scholarships, put your mind towards it then research widely on the available scholarships by subject area or institution. Take time crafting compelling applications showcasing your talents. With determination and correct financing, you will have an opportunity for studying in one of the most welcoming countries in the world. 

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