Oundle School Fees 

In this article, we’ll be exploring Oundle School’s fees. Students and prospective applicants have been inquiring about the tuition costs at Oundle School. The good news is that this article contains all the necessary information you need to know about the current school fees at this institution.

While this article primarily focuses on the school fees, we will also provide a brief overview of the institution, its history, and other relevant information about this prestigious school. So, let’s start by looking at that first.

About Oundle School

Oundle School is a prestigious public (private) boarding and day school located in Oundle, Northamptonshire, England. It was founded in 1556 by Sir William Laxton and has been overseen by the Worshipful Company of Grocers of the City of London since its inception. The school boasts a rich history and a notable list of alumni, including successful entrepreneurs, scientists, politicians, military leaders, and athletes.

The school’s campus consists of eight boys’ houses, five girls’ houses, two day houses, a junior house, and a junior day house. In total, it accommodates over 1100 students, typically aged 11 to 18, making it the third-largest boarding school in England, following Eton and Millfield.

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A significant milestone was achieved in 2015 when Sarah Kerr-Dineen became the first woman to lead Oundle School as its Headmistress. The school is a proud member of both the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference and the Rugby Group, reflecting its commitment to educational excellence and sports.

In terms of academic achievements, the school’s 2023 A-Level results were impressive, with 62.9% of its candidates achieving A* or A grades, underscoring its commitment to academic excellence.


Oundle School has a rich and historic past, with its origins dating back to its founding by Sir William Laxton, initially known as Laxton Grammar School, in 1556. Laxton, a prominent figure who served as Lord Mayor of London, established the school through his will to provide education for local boys in Oundle. The school’s history can be traced even earlier, with records of a school on the site dating back to at least 1485, where Laxton himself had received an education.

Over time, Laxton Grammar School gained both size and reputation, attracting students from across the country by the mid-nineteenth century. In 1876, the Grocers’ Company made a pivotal decision to divide the school into two institutions: Oundle School and Laxton Grammar School. Oundle School would cater to the sons of gentlemen from a wider geographical area, while Laxton Grammar School continued to educate local boys.

The transformation of Oundle School into a prominent English public school is largely attributed to F. W. Sanderson, who served as headmaster from 1892 to 1922. Sanderson’s educational philosophy emphasized teaching students what they wanted to learn, leading to the introduction of subjects like science, modern languages, and engineering into the curriculum, establishing Oundle as a leading institution for science and engineering education.

A significant milestone occurred in 1990 when Oundle School admitted girls for the first time, marking a shift towards coeducation. Finally, in 2000, the school’s governing body decided to reunite Oundle School and Laxton School as a single educational establishment under the common name Oundle School, with Laxton House becoming a day house. This consolidation reflected the school’s commitment to adapting and evolving with the times while preserving its heritage and educational excellence.

In The Contemporary Era

Oundle School, in its present day, is a prominent co-educational boarding school with 835 boarders and 235 day pupils. It holds the distinction of being the third-largest independent boarding school in England, following Eton and Millfield. The school’s historic buildings, some dating back to the 15th century, are scattered throughout the charming market town of Oundle, with the Cloisters serving as the heart of the school community.

Academically, Oundle School excels with strong GCSE and A-Level results. In 2013, students achieved an impressive 89.1% A* to B grades in A-Levels, with over 60% earning A* or A grades. The school’s commitment to academic excellence is further reflected in the fact that many of its graduates go on to study at prestigious institutions like Oxbridge and Russell Group universities.

The school places great importance on fostering Christian values and maintains ties with the Church of England by observing significant Christian events. Pupils who board are required to attend chapel services three times a week, while students of other faiths are free to worship according to their beliefs.

Oundle School offers a diverse range of extracurricular activities, with nearly 50 clubs and societies covering a wide spectrum of interests. These include everything from poetry and debating to croquet and wine tasting. The school also emphasizes subject-specific societies, hosting evening lectures by guest speakers. Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in various school trips around the world during breaks.

Sports are integral to school life, with a focus on traditional team sports such as rugby, hockey, cricket, rowing, soccer, netball, and tennis. Oundle School excels in independent school rugby, cricket, and girls’ hockey, with a passionate following for the 1st XV rugby team. Notable sporting rivalries include Uppingham School, Harrow School, Radley College, Stamford School, and Rugby School.

Music holds a significant place in the lives of many students, with over 60% actively practicing a musical instrument. The school boasts numerous musical groups, bands, orchestras, and choirs that cater to diverse musical tastes. Oundle students have earned musical and choral scholarships at Oxbridge and have performed concerts across the UK, Europe, and Asia.

The school’s Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is the largest of any school in the country, emphasizing leadership development and community service. Oundle School also engages in community action, providing assistance to the local area. The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is popular among students, combining skills acquired through CCF and community action.

Oundle School maintains a close connection with Laxton Junior School, serving primary school pupils who may continue their secondary education at the senior school. The school won the Tatler Public School of the Year Award in 2018, recognizing its excellence in education and community engagement.

Oundle School Fees 

  1. Fees for Boarding Students

For the academic year 2023-2024 for boarding students, the tuition fees are as follows:

  • Third Form to Sixth Form (Years 9–13): £15,145 per term or £45,435 annually.
  • Second Form (Year 8) for full or weekly boarding: £13,355 per term or £40,065 annually.
  • First Form (Year 7) for full or weekly boarding: £11,505 per term or £34,515 annually.
  • First Form (Year 7) for 3-day boarding: £9,210 per term or £27,630 annually.
  1. Fees for Overseas Boarding Students

For overseas boarding students at Oundle School, the fees for the academic year 2023–2024 are as follows:

  • Third Form to Sixth Form (Years 9–13): £15,411 per term or £46,235 annually.
  • Second Form (Year 8): £13,621 per term or £40,865 annually.
  • First Form (Year 7): £11,771 per term or £35,315 annually.

These fees are for pupils whose parents reside overseas and who are not ordinarily resident in the UK.

  1. Fees for Day Students

For day students at Oundle School, the fees for the academic year 2023–2024 are as follows:

  • Third Form to Sixth Form (Years 9–13): £9,790 per term or £29,370 annually.
  • Second Form (Year 8): £8,635 per term or £25,905 annually.
  • First Form (Year 7): £7,450 per term or £22,350 annually.

Fees at Oundle School are to be paid in advance through Direct Debit before the start of each term: Michaelmas, Lent, and Summer. Additionally, the fees for the upcoming academic year are determined in June of the preceding term.

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