Nile University School Fees For Medicine

If you’re an aspirant inquiring about Nile University school fees for medicine, then this article is for you. All the necessary information you need to know about the fees for medical students at all levels, including other vital information about the institution and the faculty of medicine, is contained herein, so read to the end.

About Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, Nile University of Nigeria

The Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences at Nile University of Nigeria achieved significant milestones following accreditation exercises. In March/April 2021, the National Universities Commission (NUC) granted Full Accreditation to Nile University’s MBBS Medicine & Surgery program, adding to previous accreditations from the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN). The MDCN, in April 2021, specifically granted First Clinical Accreditation to the MBBS program, allowing the conduct of examinations in Pharmacology and Pathology.

These accreditations mark key achievements for Nile University, demonstrating its commitment to providing top-quality programs. The institution’s focus on high-quality education aligns with the standards set by Honoris United Universities. The medical curriculum emphasizes research, connecting students’ learning to the faculty’s work, spanning from laboratory research to the development of new drugs and public health interventions.

Notably, the approach to medical education at Nile University goes beyond traditional lectures, with a strong emphasis on problem-based learning in small groups. This method encourages students to adopt an independent approach to clinical scenarios, fostering a holistic and practical understanding of medical practice. 

In June 2023, Nile University celebrated a significant milestone as 43 pioneer graduates from the College of Health Science (CHS) were conferred with Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) degrees. The induction into full medical practice took place on May 31, 2023. The attestation ceremony, attended by the graduating students, proud parents, faculty members, and government dignitaries, including notable figures like Mallam Nasir El-Rufai and Minister of Transportation Mu’azu Jaji Sambo, marked the culmination of their medical education journey.

The Vice Chancellor of Nile University, Prof. Dilli Dogo, expressed pride and admiration for the graduates’ achievements in his welcome address. He acknowledged the substantial contributions of Honoris United Universities Network, emphasizing the positive impact on structural investments, human capital development, and the creation of a conducive learning environment since taking ownership of Nile University in 2020.

Prof. Dogo attributed the success of Nile University’s College of Health Sciences to strategic partnerships with reputable government and private hospitals, leading to the establishment of the Nile University Teaching Hospital (NUTH) under the Federal Capital Territory Administration and a private partnership with Nizamiye Hospital. He extended gratitude to regulatory bodies such as the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN), the National Universities Commission (NUC), the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB), and other professional agencies for their ongoing support.

Medical Elder, Assoc. Prof. Fatima Kyari, celebrated the occasion, commending Nile University for its commitment to academic excellence and contributions to the medical field. Her presentation offered encouraging words to the newly graduated medical doctors, highlighting the institution’s continuous pursuit of excellence in both academics and medical practice.

During the attestation ceremony for Nile University’s pioneer medical graduates, Assoc. Prof. Fatima Kyari, Medical Elder, offered words of encouragement. Government dignitaries, professors, representatives from the medical industry, and proud parents conveyed their congratulations and well-wishes to the graduating students. The significance of medical education and the pioneering role of the graduates in shaping the future of medical studies were emphasized by one of the professors.

Nile University presented awards, plaques, medical gadgets, monetary rewards, and 100% scholarships for postgraduate studies in public health to the top three students of the Medical Class of 2022. The best-graduating students, Ummi Sani Danbatta, Zainab Yakubu Lado, and Ameerah Gbemisola Jimoh, received distinctions ranging from 6 to 10.

Dr. Ummi Sani Danbatta, the overall best-graduating student with 10 distinctions, attributed her success to the unwavering support from her family, friends, colleagues, lecturers, and Nile University. She advised students, especially those in medicine, to strive for excellence, believe in themselves, work hard, maintain politeness, and include prayer in their journey.

The MBBS program at Nile University adopts an integrated system-based learning approach and a community-oriented method of instruction. This approach ensures that students are clinically oriented right from the beginning of the program.

Nile University School Fees For Medicine and Surgery 

The school fees for the Medicine and Surgery program at Nile University amount to ₦2,975,000 per semester, totaling ₦5,950,000 per session. The program spans 12 semesters, equivalent to a duration of 6 years. It’s important to note that the fees exclusively cover tuition, and accommodation expenses are not included in this structure.

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