Babcock University Hostel Pictures

In this article, we’ll be looking at Babcock University Hostel Pictures. If you’re an aspirant inquiring to know how the institution’s hostel looks like, then this article is for you. While this content is primarily centered on providing pictures of the Babcock University hostel, we’ll also look at other vital information about the school hostel. This includes hostel fees, types of hostels, and hostel rules and regulations, among others.

About Babcock University Hostel

Babcock University’s halls of residence operate as a crucial component within the Student Development Division, playing a dual role in accommodating students and fostering character development. Beyond providing lodging, this department aims to instill positive values, contributing to the students’ growth as responsible citizens both within and beyond the university’s confines.

The symbiotic relationship between the department and various stakeholders contributes to the realization of a sustainable atmosphere conducive to intellectual growth. Through this collaborative effort, students benefit from well-maintained facilities and a serene hostel environment, fostering an optimal setting for their academic pursuits at Babcock University.

The aim of Babcock University’s Halls of Residence is to create a welcoming environment that encourages a healthy lifestyle and strives for excellence. Complementing this vision, the hostels are dedicated to creating a space that identifies student needs, fosters understanding, and nurtures holistic development.

To actualize this vision and mission, the university ensures that each hall of residence is equipped with a Resident Hall Administrator and additional support staff, including Resident Assistants and Cleaners known as Homekeepers. These personnel, particularly the Hall Administrators and Resident Assistants, actively engage with students in the hostels, working towards maintaining a peaceful and conducive environment for both rest and learning. They play a vital role in ensuring students adhere to the guidelines outlined in the student Handbook, both within and outside the hostel premises.

The organizational structure includes Chief Hall Administrators overseeing male and female halls, respectively. These leaders serve as heads of their respective halls and are responsible for coordinating and supervising the activities of the Hall Administrators within their designated hostels.

Babcock University Hostel Pictures

Babcock University’s hostels are organized into three categories: Classic and Premium for both male and female students.

Babcock University Hostel Pictures 1
Babcock University Hostel Pictures 1

Classic Hostels

  • Classic Male Hostels: Gideon Troopers, Winslow, Bethel Splendor, Samuel Akande. Gideon Troopers and Winslow accommodate two students per room, while Bethel Splendor and Samuel Akande accommodate four students per room.
  • Classic Female Hostels: Felicia Adebisi Dada hall, Queen Esther hall, Platinum hall, Ameyo Adadevoh hall, Justice Deborah hall.

Premium Hostels

  • Premium Male Hostels: Neal Wilson, Nelson Mandela, Welch Hall. These halls accommodate six students per room, except Welch Hall, which accommodates four students per room.

Babcock University’s hostels further extend to include both Classic and Regular categories for male and female students, each with distinctive features.

Babcock University Hostel Pictures 2
Babcock University Hostel Pictures 2

Classic Female Hostels

  • Premium Halls: Havilah Gold Hall, Crystal Hall Notably, both classic and premium halls are equipped with toilets and bathrooms within the rooms. The primary distinction lies in the bed arrangement, where classic halls have single beds and premium halls feature double beds. Moreover, both categories have toilets and bathrooms within individual rooms.

Regular Hostels

  • Regular Male Hostel: Gamaliel Hall.
  • Regular Female Hostels: White Hall, Nybergr Hall, Ogden Hall, and Iperu Female Hall.

In the Regular category, the halls offer a more standard accommodation arrangement. The regular male hostel is Gamaliel Hall, while the regular female hostels include White Hall, Nybergr Hall, Ogden Hall, and Iperu Female Hall. These regular halls provide students with a comfortable living space, maintaining separate toilets and bathrooms within each room.

Babcock University Hostel Fees

Babcock University offers three types of accommodation options with corresponding annual fees:


  • Total: 376,120
  • Installment: 188,060


  • Total: 284,080
  • Installment: 142,040


  • Total: 228,856
  • Installment: 114,428

How to Apply for Babcock University Hostel

To apply for Babcock University hostel accommodation and pay the associated fees, newly admitted students can follow a straightforward process outlined in three steps.

Step 1: Access the School Portal

Visit the official school portal at https://www.babcock.edu.ng/ and log in using your assigned username and password.

Step 2: Payment Procedure

Follow the instructions provided on the portal to complete the necessary payment steps. This typically involves selecting the type of accommodation and making the required payment. Ensure adherence to the specified guidelines during the payment process.

Step 3: Documentation and Allocation

Once the payment is successfully processed, obtain your payment proof (online slip). Take this proof to the Student Affairs Division for documentation and the subsequent allocation of a hostel.

By following these three steps, newly admitted students can smoothly navigate the process of applying for Babcock University hostel accommodations, ensuring a systematic and efficient approach to securing a place in the university’s housing facilities.

Babcock University Hostel Rules and Regulations

  • Respect: Students must respect all hostel staff, fellow residents, and university authorities. Unruly behavior, harassment, or violence is strictly prohibited.
  • Cleanliness: Maintain personal and communal hygiene. Keep rooms and shared spaces clean and tidy. Dispose of waste properly.
  • Noise Control: Avoid excessive noise, especially during late hours or study periods. Respect others’ right to sleep and study.
  • Visitors: Visitors must register with the hostel staff and adhere to designated visiting hours. Overnight guests are not allowed without prior permission.
  • Drugs and Alcohol: Possession or use of illegal drugs or excessive alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking: Smoking is not allowed within the hostel premises. Designated smoking areas might be available.
  • Security: Report any suspicious activity or security concerns to the hostel staff immediately.

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