Nigeria Maritime University Rules And Regulations

In this article, we’ll explore the rules and regulations of Nigeria Maritime University. If you’re an aspirant of this institution and lack information about its rules, this article is for you. Read to the end. While focused on providing rules and regulations, we’ll also share essential information about the university to help aspirants understand it better.

About Nigeria Maritime University

Established in 2018, Nigeria Maritime University is a non-profit public institution situated in Okerenkoko, Delta State. Accredited by the National Universities Commission of Nigeria, NMU is coeducational and offers various bachelor’s degree programs. Notably, it holds the distinction of being the first paramilitary university and maritime college in Nigeria and West Africa.

The university gained approval from the Nigerian University Commission (NUC) in February 2018 to initiate its degree programs. It is located in the Gbaramatu Kingdom and has a regimentation unit led by its first Chief Cadet Captain, Cadet Uwaoma Lloyd. This unit, which includes a Regimental Director, plays a crucial role in maintaining discipline within the university.

Nigeria Maritime University aims to provide a comprehensive education in maritime-related fields, contributing to the development of skilled professionals in the maritime industry. Aspirants interested in pursuing higher education with a focus on maritime studies can explore the diverse courses offered by NMU, gaining valuable insights into this specialized domain.

Nigeria Maritime University Rules and Regulations

The Nigeria Maritime University has established clear rules and regulations to ensure a conducive and disciplined learning environment. Prohibited actions include carrying babies into lecture/test/exam venues, engaging in fights or noisy disputes within or outside the school premises, and involvement in stealing, robbery, burglary, fraud, or forgery. Cult membership and related activities are strictly forbidden, as are actions such as dragging feet in lecture rooms, offices, halls, or the library.

Maintaining a respectful and clean atmosphere is emphasized, with rules against disturbing behavior and loud talking in the library, dropping waste on the school premises, and showing insubordination (rudeness) to staff performing their legitimate duties. The university takes a strong stance against exam malpractice, cell phone disruptions during lectures, and serious offenses like rape and other sexual offenses.

Additionally, the consumption of alcohol and drugs on campus is strictly prohibited, along with any form of sexual harassment.

Uniform Guidelines for Cadets

The regimentation unit is undergoing a transformation to address the behavioral patterns of cadets both within and outside the base. All cadets at Nigeria Maritime University are required to strictly adhere to the following instructions:

  • Only final-year cadets are permitted to wear long sleeves; other cadets must wear short sleeves.
  • Indecent dressing will not be tolerated.

During school hours, cadets are expected to wear the appropriate belt and shoes, along with the correct uniform for the day. Accessories such as bangles, chains, bracelets, and wired earphones (except for earpods) are strictly prohibited. These guidelines aim to maintain discipline and a uniform appearance among cadets, contributing to a cohesive and professional atmosphere within the university.

It’s crucial to observe the following guidelines:

  • Black socks are approved, while colored socks are not allowed.
  • White inner vests are approved, and black inner vests are prohibited.
  • Blue belts and blue berets are approved for regular use, whereas designer belts or berets are not allowed.
  • Black belt and black beret are approved for G.I, drum major, and medic, while designer options are not permitted.
  • White belts (N.P) are approved, while designer belts are not allowed.

Uniforms are mandatory within the school premises until after sunset, with the exception of Fridays at 12 p.m. and after regular school hours. These guidelines are in place to ensure a standardized and disciplined appearance among the cadets of Nigeria Maritime University.

Please note that the following are not allowed within the school premises:

  • Ripped jeans, earrings, and sagging trousers for males.
  • Bum shorts and sleeveless attire for females are prohibited.

Cadets are required to refrain from loitering in the school environment and damaging school property. Proper use of waste bins is strongly advised. Male visitors are not permitted near the female hostel beyond 9:30 p.m.

All cadets must attend morning PT and Regimentation, with exceptions only on special grounds, regardless of their academic level. Additionally, all cadets must maintain neat shaving and adhere to the proper hair standards for their respective ranks.

The haircut standards for cadets are as follows:

  • Skin cut for 100-level students.
  • Low cut for 200- to 400-level students.
  • 500-level students are permitted to have either low-cut or punk hairstyles.

Proper accordance of respect to superiors is mandatory, with all lower ranks required to compliment their superiors. Maximum respect is to be accorded to every staff member of the university.

While waiting for the uniform from the consultancy unit, all Tamar II Cadets to wear tracksuit trousers and white tops from Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, cadets are to wear complete tracksuits with NMU logo, paired with either white or black canvas shoes.

These instructions are to be strictly followed by all cadets, and those found defaulting will face severe punishment.

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