Covenant University Rules And Regulations

In this article, we embark on an exploration of Covenant University’s Rules and Regulations. This distinguished institution stands out as one of the private universities renowned for its unwavering commitment to maintaining a structured environment governed by rules and regulations. Covenant University has carved a distinct identity with its strict code of conduct, and in this piece, we delve into the intricate web of rules that define the academic journey within its hallowed halls.

Rules Guiding the Use of Indoor Games

Covenant University’s Rules and Regulations govern the use of indoor games with specific guidelines in place:

  • Custody and Location: Game materials are to be under the custody of Hall Officers, and they should not be taken out of the respective halls of residence.
  • Register and Identity: A register is maintained in the hall office for students to sign when collecting game materials. Students must leave their identity cards when borrowing these items.
  • Time Limit: Students are not allowed to hold onto a game material for more than 2 hours.
  • Overnight Possession: None of the game materials can be kept by any student overnight.
  • Penalties for Misplacement and Damage: Penalties are imposed for misplacement or damage of game items. Loss of a game material necessitates immediate replacement. If the materials are repairable, 50% of the replacement cost is charged. Irreparable damage leads to payment or surcharge for the total cost of replacement.

Chapel Attendance Regulations

Here are some of Covenant University established Chapel Attendance Regulations for its students:

  • Mandatory Attendance: All students are required to attend Chapel services, and it is expected that they conduct themselves respectfully during these services.
  • Punctuality: Students should be seated at least fifteen minutes before the Chapel service commences.
  • Attendance Records: The university maintains an attendance record for Chapel services.
  • Excusable Absences: Students seeking excuses from Chapel service must obtain permission from the Dean of Student Affairs. Absences due to class trips, college or department-sponsored activities, and emergency cases are considered excusable. Additionally, students with health challenges unable to attend any University general assembly should report to the Hall staff and seek medical attention at the University Health Centre.
  • Dress Code: Students must strictly adhere to the prescribed dress code.
  • No Distractions: Disruptions of any kind are not tolerated. Movement in and out of the Chapel, as well as along the walkway, is not permitted during services.
  • Compliance with Chapel Officials: Students are expected to obey and follow instructions given by Chapel officials.
  • Necessities: Students are required to attend Chapel services with their Bibles and writing materials.

Use of Chapel Facilities

The use of Chapel Facilities at Covenant University is governed by the following regulations:

  • Decorum and Reverence: Students are expected to maintain decorum and show deep reverence for God both inside and around the Chapel auditorium. Indecent behavior is strictly prohibited.
  • No Eating or Drinking: Eating or drinking is not allowed within the Chapel auditorium. Additionally, any materials used around the premises should be disposed of appropriately.

Chapel Service Unit Membership

Covenant University has guidelines concerning Chapel Service Unit Membership:

  • Student Participation: Students are encouraged to join a Chapel Service Unit and actively serve from their 100 level. This participation is intended to promote spiritual growth, a sense of belonging, and is a requirement for obtaining Chaplaincy clearance toward graduation.
  • Authorized Chapel Units: Only officially recognized Chapel units are permitted to conduct spiritual activities on campus. Any group wishing to operate within Covenant University must obtain written authorization from the Chaplaincy. Para-service Units are not allowed.
  • Chaplaincy Supervision: The Chaplaincy oversees all activities of the various service units. As such, written approval from the Chaplain or their delegate is necessary for any activities conducted within the university.

Guidelines for Peaceful Residence

Covenant University has established guidelines for peaceful residence within its halls:

  • Acceptance of Rules: Students residing in the halls must agree to adhere to all residence rules.
  • Great Silence: A period of Great Silence, known as Magna Silencio, is observed in the halls from midnight to 5:00 am. During this time, students are required to be in their rooms and should not engage in activities that may disturb others.
  • Light Usage: Room lights should be turned off by 12:30 am, but students can use reading lamps for private study.
  • Room Key Usage: Students are prohibited from duplicating, loaning, or transferring possession of any room key.
  • Prohibition of Pets: Pets and all types of animals are not allowed within the university.
  • No Quarreling or Fighting: Quarreling and fighting are strictly forbidden within the Halls and anywhere on campus.
  • Commercial Activities: Students need clearance from the Dean of Student Affairs to engage in commercial activities or solicitation.
  • Safety Warning: Jumping or flying over the reception desk is strictly prohibited.
  • Safety and Health: Students must not create safety or health hazards within or around any Residential Hall. Prohibited actions include opening outside doors, unlocking lounge windows, unauthorized entry or exit, garbage accumulation, altering electrical wiring, and more.

These guidelines are designed to ensure a peaceful and safe residential environment within the university’s halls of residence.

Guidelines For Obtaining And Using Exeats

Covenant University has established regulations regarding Exeat:

  • Types of Exeat: Exeats are granted to students when necessary and come in three types: Canaanland Exeat, Day Exeat, and Home Exeat. Canaanland Exeats are issued by Hall Officers upon request, while day and home exeats require an application to the Dean of Student Affairs through the Hall Officers. Approval for day and home exeats is subject to parental confirmation. Students are not permitted to be absent from the Hall of Residence without an exeat.
  • Restrictions on Visiting Staff Quarters: Students are not allowed to visit the Staff Quarters without obtaining the necessary exeat.
  • Exeat Extension: Students are prohibited from extending their exeat without obtaining proper permission from the Dean of Student Affairs or their representative before the exeat expires.
  • No Possession of Used Exeat: Students cannot be in possession of used exeats.
  • No Transfer of Exeat: Exeats cannot be transferred from one student to another.
  • Single-Use Exeat Paper: Exeat papers are meant for single use on the date of issuance.
  • Collection of Exeat Paper: Students are not permitted to leave their Halls of Residence to collect exeat paper from another Hall.
  • Signing Out and In: When on exeat, students must sign out at the Hall Office and sign in upon their return, while submitting the exeat paper.
  • Exeat Outside Nigeria: Students are generally not allowed to go on exeat outside Nigeria during the semester except on medical grounds. Such applications for medical exeat require approval from the University Management based on recommendations from the Chief Medical Officer, Chaplain, and Dean of Student Affairs.

Cleaning of Rooms/Halls

Covenant University’s guidelines for the cleaning of rooms and halls are as follows:

  • Shared Responsibility: Each student is responsible for cleaning and maintaining their room. This duty should be divided among all occupants in the room.
  • Cleanliness: Rooms, bathrooms, toilets, and kitchenettes should not have unwashed materials or debris.
  • Waste Disposal: All waste materials, including dirt and papers, should be placed in the waste paper baskets or dust bins provided by the University. This ensures easy disposal by the Campus Keepers.
  • Energy Conservation: Electrical appliances and lights must be switched off when leaving the room. Corridor and toilet lights should be turned off by Hall staff every morning.
  • Weekly Cleaning: Students are required to participate in the general cleaning of the Hall environment every Saturday.

Use of Mobile Telephones/Communication

Covenant University enforces regulations for the use of mobile phones and communication equipment:

  • Audio Devices: Students are not allowed to disturb their roommates with radios, audio players, or other sound equipment. The volume of audio devices should be kept around the listener, and headphones or earphones should be used when total immersion is desired.
  • Mobile Phones: Students are prohibited from possessing or using mobile phones and similar devices capable of making or receiving calls on campus or in the Halls of Residence through standard GSM and CDMA networks.
  • SIM-Enabled Devices: Devices with SIM-slots and SIM-enabled capabilities are not permitted for use within the university.
  • Use of Staff Phones: Students cannot use phones belonging to staff or service providers in the Halls of Residence. Phone centers are available within and outside the Halls.
  • Prohibited Activities: The use of data transmission devices and computer systems for fraudulent activities, slander, libel, harassment, or invasion of privacy is prohibited within Covenant University.
  • Indecent Materials: Students are not allowed to possess indecent videos, pornographic materials, or secular music, whether stored directly on computers or mobile devices or accessed through various electronic devices.
  • Applicability: These regulations apply even when students are on campus for University-approved programs such as Easter Break, Summer Programs, Student Work Experience Programs (SWEP), and more.

These rules are designed to create a focused and disciplined academic environment at the university while ensuring that electronic devices are used responsibly and ethically.

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