Julián Figueroa Siblings: What You Should Know

In this article, we’ll explore information about Julián Figueroa’s siblings. If you’ve been curious to learn more about the family of this public figure, then this article is tailored for you.

While our main focus is on Julián Figueroa’s siblings, and we’ll include pictures to help you get to know them better, we will also provide a brief biography of Julián Figueroa himself, along with other pertinent details.

Julián Figueroa Biography

Julián Figueroa, born on May 2, 1995, in Mexico City, Mexico, was a notable singer-songwriter and telenovela star. He gained recognition for his portrayal of Leonardo Santos in Univision’s soap opera, “Mi Camino Es Amarte.”

As the son of the Grammy-winning Mexican singer, Joan Sebastian, and singer Maribel Guardia, Julián had musical talent flowing in his veins. Tragically, on April 9, 2023, Julián Figueroa was discovered dead in his home in Mexico City at the age of 27.

According to an Instagram statement released by his mother, Maribel Guardia, Julián Figueroa’s untimely demise was attributed to an unexpected heart attack. The statement conveyed the profound sorrow of losing Julián, who was found unconscious in his room while his mother was at the theater. Despite the efforts of emergency services, he could not be revived, and doctors determined the cause of death to be a heart attack. The statement sought understanding for the immense pain experienced by the family in this tragic loss.

As indicated in Maribel Guardia’s Instagram post, Julián Figueroa’s cause of death was attributed to acute myocardial infarction and ventricular fibrillation. Myocardial infarction, commonly known as a “heart attack,” occurs when there is a partial or complete interruption of blood supply to the myocardium. This interruption can have severe consequences due to the deprivation of oxygen to the heart muscle.

Additionally, ventricular fibrillation, a type of abnormal cardiac rhythm, involves rapid and erratic contractions of the lower heart chambers. This chaotic activity hinders the heart’s ability to effectively pump blood to the body’s organs.

In light of this tragic event, Maribel Guardia, in her Instagram statement, requested privacy and understanding from fans as the family navigates through their grief. They are planning a private funeral to honor Julián Figueroa, emphasizing the need for space and respect during this difficult time.

Personal Life and Family

Julián Figueroa is survived by his mother, siblings, wife, and son.

His wife, Imelda Garza Tuñón, shares his passion for music. Imelda initially gained fame through her modeling career, a path that led her to Julián in 2013. The couple began dating, and after four years together, they tied the knot.

Julián and Imelda’s union welcomed a new chapter with the birth of their first and only son, José Julián, in May 2017.

Julián Figueroa’s musical journey was significantly influenced by his father, Joan Sebastian. Sadly, Joan Sebastian passed away in 2015 after battling bone cancer. The day before Julián Figueroa’s untimely death, he posted a poignant tribute to his late father on Instagram. In the post, he reflected on the eight years since his father’s passing and expressed the enduring pain of the loss, challenging the notion that time heals all wounds. The heartfelt message conveyed the depth of Figueroa’s emotions and the lasting impact of his father’s legacy on his life.


Beyond his roles as a musician and actor, Julián Figueroa was a dedicated philanthropist. He actively supported various charitable endeavors through the Joan Sebastian Foundation, an organization established to enhance the lives of children and teenagers in Mexico, particularly those facing poverty or health challenges.

Julián’s commitment to his craft extended beyond the stage to impact the lives of those in need. His foundation’s efforts focused on making a positive difference in the lives of young individuals, reflecting a broader dedication to community welfare.

Acknowledging his contributions, Julián Figueroa received numerous accolades for his philanthropic endeavors, adding to his recognition for musical achievements. Among these honors are Latin Grammy Awards, Billboard Latin Music Awards, and Premios Lo Nuestro accolades.

 Net Worth

Julián Figueroa’s versatile career in acting and singing has contributed significantly to his financial success. According to available reports, Julián Figueroa’s estimated net worth stands at $2 million.

Additionally, reports suggest that Julián Figueroa’s annual income was approximately $200,000.

Career and Famous Songs

Following in the footsteps of his father, Joan Sebastian, Julián Figueroa pursued a musical career characterized by ballads infused with traditional and northern influences. His noteworthy hits, such as “Yo Sera,” “Ay Amor,” and “Volaré,” exemplify his mastery in delivering captivating performances. Growing up in a family immersed in musical heritage, Figueroa developed a passion for the guitar from a young age, crediting his father for his significant influence on his musical journey in various interviews.

One of the highlights of Figueroa’s musical career is the critically acclaimed album “Julián Figueroa Y Su Banda,” showcasing his prowess as a musician. Additionally, he showcased his acting talent in the soap opera “Mi Camino Es Amarte,” adding another dimension to his artistic repertoire.

Beyond his artistic endeavors, Julián Figueroa’s personal life also played a role in his public persona. His marriage to singer Imelda Garza Tuón and the birth of their son, José Julian Figueroa Garza, added personal milestones to his journey. 

Julián Figueroa Siblings

In this section, we’ll explore Julián Figueroa’s siblings. It’s crucial to note that his father, Joan Sebastian, had eight children from five different women, and he’s the only son of Maribel Guardia and Joan Sebastian. Julián Figueroa, who is the focus here, is the third of Sebastian’s eight children to pass away. The first was Trigo Figueroa, tragically murdered in 2006, and the second was Juan Sebastián, also a victim of violence in 2010.

1. José Manuel

José Manuel Figueroa, Julián’s brother, is also a singer and songwriter. In 2023, amidst the memories and the final farewell to Julián, José Manuel Figueroa paid tribute to his younger brother. He visited Maribel Guardia’s house and shared a poignant post on social networks bidding farewell to Julián. Accompanied by heartfelt words, he posted a photograph capturing a moment where he and Julián smiled for the camera alongside their father, Joan Sebastian.

Expressing the profound pain in his chest, José Manuel Figueroa conveyed the difficulty of accepting death and the challenge of letting go of the future they had hoped for. His words reflected the real struggle of the heart in coming to terms with the loss. In a final gesture of love, he sent a kiss to heaven for both Julián and their father, signifying the enduring bond they shared. 

2. Zarelea Figueroa

Zarelea Figueroa, Julián’s half-sister, is a singer-songwriter and a notable figure in the world of music. She released her album “Te Recuerdo Bonito” in May 2017 through CHR Records, garnering attention in the industry.

Julián Figueroa Siblings Pictures 2
Zarelea Figueroa | Instagram

Before gaining fame, Zarelea made her initial mark on social media, with her first Instagram post featuring a colorful tree in February 2012. Her musical journey reached a significant milestone with the release of the music video for her song “The Monster” in May 2017, a piece that featured her father, Joan Sebastian.

In terms of family, Zarelea Figueroa’s father was the renowned musician Joan Sebastian, and her mother is María del Carmen Ocampo. She shares her familial ties with her half-brothers, fellow singers Julián Figueroa and José Manuel Figueroa. Zarelea is married to Giovanny Verea, and together they have two children.

Born on August 23, 1998, Zarelea Figueroa Ocampo has not only carved a niche for herself in the music scene but has also established a notable presence on social media platforms. With around 112,000 followers on Instagram, over 4,000 followers on Twitter, and a YouTube channel boasting videos with over 2 million views, Zarelea continues to make her mark as a multifaceted artist and social media personality. 

3. Joana Marcelia Figueroa-Espín

Born in 1998, Joana Marcelia Figueroa-Espín is recognized as the daughter of iconic musicians Joan Sebastian and Alina Espín. She has gained prominence on social media, particularly on Instagram, where her account, @marceliafigueroa, has amassed a substantial following of more than 191,000 followers.

Julián Figueroa Siblings Pictures 1
Joana Marcelia Figueroa-Espín | Instagram

With the remarkable legacy of being Joan Sebastian’s daughter, Marcelia Figueroa inherits a musical heritage shaped by her father’s profound impact on Mexican music as a celebrated singer and songwriter.

In a touching tribute to her late brother, Joana Marcelia Figueroa-Espín expressed that they were “united by much more than blood and last name.” She highlighted the profound connection they shared, describing it as a gift that allowed their souls to speak the same language. This, she believes, is a testament to the notion that their souls had chosen each other in another life. With unwavering faith, she concluded that this chapter would not be their last encounter, emphasizing the enduring connection they share beyond the bounds of life.

4. D’Yave Figueroa Espin

D’Yave Figueroa Espin, another half-sibling of Julián, is the daughter of Alina Espin and Joan Sebastian. Presently, she commands a following of around 22,000 on her Instagram page. 

5. Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso

Juliana Joeri Figueroa Alonso, born on March 8, 2003, is the youngest child of the late Joan Sebastian. At the age of 20, she has already established herself as a talented singer and songwriter. Juliana’s mother is Erica Alonso.

Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso
Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso | Instagram

In the wake of Julián Figueroa’s passing, Juliana, along with other siblings, paid tribute to their brother. Sharing a collage of photos, Juliana expressed her sentiments, saying, “The most beautiful thing about love Julián is carried in our hearts. Dad is waiting for you.”

Despite her young age, Juliana Joeri Figueroa Alonso commenced her musical journey at the age of 8, showcasing expertise in playing the violin. Beyond music, she has interned at various fashion houses and actively engages with a substantial following on social media platforms.

6. Juan Sebastián Figueroa

Born on August 17, 1977, in Chicago, Illinois, United States, Juan Sebastián Figueroa was one of the siblings of Julián Figueroa. His parents were Joan Sebastian and Teresa Figueroa González.

Tragically, Juan Sebastián Figueroa’s life was cut short on June 12, 2010, in Cuernavaca, Mexico. At the age of 32, he succumbed to a bullet wound resulting from a dispute he was involved in after being denied entry into a nightclub.

7. Trigo de Jesus Figuero

Trigo de Jesus Figueroa, born on June 25, 1979, was another of Joan Sebastian’s children and a sibling of Julián Figueroa. Trigo actively participated in his father’s musical endeavors, accompanying him on various tours and shows.

A tragic incident occurred in August 2006 when Joan Sebastian was performing in Texas. A large crowd of fans sought autographs, and Trigo, attempting to manage the situation, found himself in a confrontation. Unfortunately, three individuals from the crowd, frustrated by the situation, shot Trigo in the head.

Trigo was rushed to McAllen Medical Center, where he underwent a head operation. Despite the medical efforts, he couldn’t survive and passed away shortly after the incident.

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