Is Nursing Accredited In Harvarde College?

In this article, we’ll be answering the frequently asked question, “Is nursing accredited in Harvarde College?” A lot of aspiring students who aspire to study at the institution have been inquiring to know whether nursing is accredited at Harvarde College because there are consequences to studying an unaccredited course at a school. So, these aspirants are curious and inquisitive to know the accreditation level of the course they’re applying for.

While this article is primarily focused on answering the question, “Is nursing accredited in Harvarde College?” We’ll also look at other vital information, which includes the history of the institution, school fees for nursing at the institution, the address of the college, and other vital information that will help students, especially aspirants longing to study at the school.

About Harvarde College

Harvarde College of Business Science and Management Studies is a private educational institution in Nigeria, officially approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and the Joint Admission Matriculation Board. It was established by Intellectual Harvarde Educational Services Ltd. with the goal of providing higher education that emphasizes entrepreneurial development and vocational skills. The institution aims to equip its students with the knowledge and skills needed for self-reliance, contributing to Nigeria’s economic growth and reducing unemployment.

The college’s campus is dynamic and fosters skill development, research in science and technology, and the formation of lasting relationships. It prides itself on promoting original and innovative thinking in business and science, challenging conventional wisdom, and empowering students to make a meaningful impact on the business world.

A key focus of Harvarde College is the implementation of capacity-building skills that lead to personal development and the cultivation of effective leadership qualities among its students. This institution’s mission aligns with the broader goal of enhancing education, fostering entrepreneurship, and driving economic progress in Nigeria.

The mission of Harvarde College is to provide quality, accessible, and affordable education to Nigerian youth while instilling values of hard work and excellence. They aim to produce well-trained professionals with technical expertise and emphasize the importance of honesty. The vision of the institution is to offer education to as many deserving Nigerian youth as possible, empowering them to become job creators.

Their objectives include addressing the issue of out-of-school children by preparing them for the future, offering education aligned with the country’s economic needs, and equipping students with knowledge in Sciences, Engineering, and Management Studies. The institution strives to provide unbiased access to quality tertiary education, incorporating ICT innovations for cutting-edge research, and fostering a culture of industry, integrity, and sincerity among the youth.

Located in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Harvarde College is dedicated to its mission of providing education that combines human and technical resources to benefit the youth of Nigeria and society at large.

Is Nursing Accredited In Harvarde College?

Yes, the Nursing program at Harvarde College is accredited by the NUC and other relevant agencies. Graduates of nursing sciences are eligible and mobilized to participate in the National Youth Service Program.

Harvarde College School Fees for Nursing

Harvarde College’s nursing school fees are structured based on the student’s year of study. First and second-year students both pay N85,000, while third and fourth-year students pay N95,000.

The payment process is conducted online and follows a three-payment schedule. The first payment, which is 40% of the total school fees, is due on the resumption of the first semester, on or before the mid-semester test. The second payment, accounting for 30% of the total school fees, is to be made upon resumption for the second semester, also on or before the mid-semester test. The third payment covers the remaining 30% of the total school fees and must be settled before the second semester examination.

It’s worth noting that students have the option to pay the entire 100% of their school fees in a single installment if they prefer this approach. Harvarde College aims to provide flexibility in fee payments while ensuring that students have a clear understanding of the payment schedule.

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