Godfrey Okoye University School Fees For Medicine

In this article, we’ll be examining Godfrey Okoye University’s school fees for medicine. If you’re an aspirant seeking information on the cost of studying medicine and surgery at Godfrey Okoye University, then this article is tailored for you.

While the primary focus of this article is to provide details on Godfrey Okoye University School Fees for Medicine, we’ll also delve into other essential information about the Medicine and Surgery department and the institution as a whole. Additionally, we will explore how medical students can pay their school fees. Make sure to read to the end for comprehensive insights.

About Godfrey Okoye University College of Medicine

The establishment of the Godfrey Okoye University College of Medicine was initiated by the Vice Chancellor, Rev. Fr. Prof. Christian Anieke, who proposed the idea and gained approval from the university’s senate. Subsequently, a formal request was made to the National Universities Commission (NUC) for approval of the Medicine and Surgery program within the college. This request invited the NUC to conduct a resource assessment visit to evaluate the program.

Following a positive response, the NUC conducted a successful resource assessment visit, leading to the approval of the full-time mode of the Medicine and Surgery program. The Godfrey Okoye University College of Medicine was officially founded on October 6, 2022, with the approval of the National Universities Commission.

The decision to establish the College of Medicine aligns with the strategic goal set by the Vice Chancellor, Rev. Fr. Prof. Christian Anieke, to include the college in the university’s third stage of development. The college is a modern marvel, featuring both natural and architectural wonders, including standard classrooms, laboratories, and hostels. The campus offers a serene environment with a breezy groove overlooking a lake and ample green spaces for students to relax and unwind.

The Godfrey Okoye University College of Medicine is situated on the main campus at Ugwuomu Nike. With a mission to provide students with a comprehensive foundation in scientific and professional knowledge, the college aims to produce medical doctors capable of working anywhere in Nigeria and gaining recognition on the international stage.

Comprising three faculties, the College includes the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, encompassing the Departments of Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Biochemistry. The Faculty of Basic Clinical Sciences houses the Departments of Anatomical Pathology, Chemical Pathology, Haematology/Immunology, Medical Microbiology, and Pharmacology & Therapeutics. The Faculty of Clinical Medicine incorporates the Departments of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Community Medicine & Primary Health Care, Internal Medicine, and Surgery.

Led by the esteemed Prof. Dr. Frank Akpuaka as the Provost, with Prof. Dr. Marian Unachukwu as the Deputy Provost, the College boasts a team of renowned consultants and experienced lecturers dedicated to contributing their expertise. The proximity of the college facilitates their active involvement in the university.

Moreover, the College attracts visiting professors and lecturers from Austria, such as Prof. Peter Neuner, who imparts knowledge in Anatomy and Physiology. Notably, the college has taken over the Catholic hospital – Ntasi Obi Ndinonafufu Catholic Hospital, renaming it Godfrey Okoye University Teaching Hospital (Ntasi Obi), providing students with clinical posting opportunities.

Godfrey Okoye University School Fees For Medicine

The school fees for Medicine at Godfrey Okoye University is currently set at ₦1,910,000. This fee structure is consistent across various medical programs within the institution’s College of Medicine, covering disciplines such as Medical Anatomy, Medical Microbiology, Hematology & Immunology, Morbid Anatomy, Pharmacology & Parasitology, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Community Medicine, Pediatrics, and Psychiatry.

How To Pay School Fees Godfrey Okoye University

To pay the school fees for the Medical Program at Godfrey Okoye University, follow these steps outlined by the institution:

  1. Begin by generating your Remita RRR or eTranzact Payment Invoice from Godfrey Okoye University’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.
  2. Visit the university’s official website at www.gouni.edu.ng.
  3. Click on “Make Payments” and log in to generate the payment invoice or Remita RRR number.
  4. Follow the provided instructions and print or copy the RRR or invoice number.
  5. Proceed to the bank of your choice for payment, or alternatively, pay online using an ATM card.
  • If making a bank deposit, inform the cashier that you are making a Remita or eTranzact payment for Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu.

It’s important to note that tuition fees at Godfrey Okoye University are sessional, but there is an option to pay 50% in the first semester and the remaining balance in the second semester. Similarly, for the online course registration/ICT fee, 50% can be paid in the 1st semester, with the balance due in the 2nd semester.

For inquiries or assistance, individuals can contact the university via email at info@gouni.edu.ng.

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