Are Phones Allowed In Gregory University

Are phones allowed in Gregory University? If you are an aspirant seeking information on whether the management of the university permits the use of phones on campus, then this article is written for you. Before the end of the article, we’ll also look at some of the rules and regulations guiding the institution. Before delving into this topic, let’s first have an overview of this prestigious institution.

About Gregory University

Gregory University (GUU), located in Uturu, Abia State, Nigeria, is a private institution established in 2012. Named after Pope Gregory I, the university is guided by a vision to become globally renowned for its high-quality academic and research programs, emphasizing practical, professional, and entrepreneurial capacity development. The university operates under the leadership of Chancellor Professor Dr. Gregory Iyke Ibe and Vice-Chancellor Professor Augustine A. Uwakwe, with an urban campus accommodating approximately 2000 students.

Approved by the National University Commission (NUC), Gregory University is a Christian private university. The institution’s mission is to produce ethically sound, God-fearing graduates equipped with high-level skills to become influential leaders, fostering technological and socio-economic advancement. The university aims to impart both theoretical and practical knowledge, preparing graduates to tackle employment challenges with attributes of innovation, creativity, and self-reliance. Gregory University stands as an educational institution with a commitment to shaping individuals who contribute positively to their surroundings.

The Proprietor and Founder of Gregory University, Prof. Gregory Ikechukwu Ibe, envisions the institution as a high-standard, practical-oriented problem-solving center with a primary focus on science and technology. The university aims to collaborate with government, industries, contribute to urban development, and address societal needs.

In February 2022, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Augustine Uwakwe, emphasized the institution’s zero-tolerance policy towards immorality and negative vices during the 10th matriculation ceremony. He disclosed incidents of expelling students for offenses such as attempted rape, involvement in cultism, and drug abuse. The university intends to uphold a strict stance against vices, including cultism, gambling, drug abuse, and other forms of depravity, with expulsion as the consequence.

Prof. Uwakwe highlighted the university’s plans to establish institutes for Aviation studies and Transport studies, signaling expansion into new academic realms. Additionally, he revealed the university’s international affiliations with over six overseas universities, positioning Gregory University as the fastest-growing institution in Nigeria. The university boasts a Media Center housing GUU Radio 90.9FM and Gregory TV, complemented by an ultra-modern amphitheater.

The Visitor to the university and former Governor of Abia State, Okezie Ikpeazu, expressed excitement over the focus on scholars’ training, particularly in entrepreneurial studies and practical training. Represented by his Chief of Staff, Prof. Anthony C. B. Agbazuere, Mr. Ikpeazu advised students to take their studies seriously for personal development and to contribute positively to society.

Are Phones Allowed In Gregory University?

At Gregory University, students are generally permitted to use phones; however, certain restrictions apply. The university’s policy outlines specific guidelines for phone usage, including prohibitions on using phones during lectures and during examinations. Furthermore, students are expected to keep their phones in silent mode in all public areas. Responsible usage is emphasized, with students cautioned against creating disturbances, taking unauthorized pictures or videos of others, and similar disruptive behavior.

The university’s policy on mobile phones is enforced, with the possibility of disciplinary action for those who fail to comply.

However, before we wrap up, let’s have a brief overview of the institution’s policies, rules, and regulations guiding the school.

Rules and Regulations

The university has outlined a set of rules and regulations governing student conduct:

  • Admission, registration, and the Matriculation Oath are prerequisites for official student status. Failure to meet these conditions deems an individual an intruder, with the university disclaiming responsibility for their security.
  • Regular attendance and proper completion of assignments are mandatory. Students failing to meet the minimum class attendance may be barred from taking examinations for the respective courses.
  • Compliance with the University’s Code of Dressing is obligatory, with violations subject to sanctions, including rustication or expulsion.
  • Respectful behavior towards university officials and staff is mandated. Any student who is rude may face suspension as determined by the management.
  • Inducing or fraudulently influencing others for undue favors is strictly prohibited, with violations leading to suspension.
  • Promotion or encouragement of violence or disruption of academic activities results in dismissal from the University.
  • Engagement in criminal activities such as theft, drug peddling, rape, and assault leads to prosecution and immediate expulsion upon guilt determination.
  • Anti-social and indecent behavior, including drunkenness, smoking in public, noise-making, and sexual abuse, may result in suspension or expulsion based on the severity of the misconduct.
  • Compliance with relevant hall regulations is mandatory for students in university accommodation. Breaching this code may result in expulsion from the hall or hostel.

Students are expected to maintain a merit standard for behavior, with penalties for infractions of university regulations. The presumption is that all students, at the start of their studies, will exhibit good behavior.

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