Anchor University School Fees For Medicine And Surgery

If you’re an aspirant looking to study Medicine and Surgery at Anchor University but are unsure about the associated costs, this article is tailored for you. Many aspiring students have also been inquiring about the availability of the Medicine and Surgery program at the University. Hence, this article encompasses all the necessary information you may require.

Before delving into the specifics, let’s explore a brief history of the institution, including its location, vision, mission, and other essential details. This additional information aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the institution before telling you what you should know about Medicine and Surgery program at Anchor University.

About Anchor University 

Anchor University is not just focused on academic excellence but also emphasizes character development, aiming to counteract moral degradation and delinquency in national life. The university’s philosophy recognizes the transformative power of knowledge, believing that it illuminates minds, liberates individuals, and enhances human qualities and professional skills, influencing various aspects of human endeavor. With a commitment to making higher education accessible to all, Anchor University sees education as a tool for social and economic mobility.

This unique institution addresses gaps in quality education in Nigeria and beyond, particularly aiming to cultivate leaders marked by Christ’s values. The vision revolves around being a citadel of learning for holistic human transformation anchored on character, competence, and courage. The university adopts an Outcome-Based Education approach, driven by competent staff and situated in a serene environment. The goal is to establish a model university capable of competing globally.

Anchor University is not just about numbers but about making a clear and positive difference. Supported by the Chancellor, Pastor (Dr) W.F. Kumuyi, and the Deeper Christian Life Ministry worldwide, the university aspires to become one of Nigeria’s leading institutions and a global reference point for learning. The commitment is unwavering, driven by the belief that Anchor University’s success story will be a testament to possibilities achieved through tenacity and diligence, guided by faith and a commitment to excellence.

Brief History

Established in 2016, Anchor University is a private higher education institution situated in the urban setting of Ayobo-Ipaja, Lagos. Recognized and accredited by the National Universities Commission in Nigeria, the university has swiftly emerged as a significant player in the education landscape. Despite its youth, Anchor University has received official acknowledgment for its commitment to providing quality education.

With a campus located in Lagos, a vibrant city in Nigeria, the institution caters to a moderate student population, falling within the range of 500 to 999 students, according to uniRank enrollment data. As an evangelical co-educational university, Anchor University emphasizes a holistic approach to education, integrating both academic and spiritual dimensions into its educational framework. This combination positions the university as a distinctive player in the higher education sector, contributing to the intellectual and moral development of its students.

Vision and Mission

Anchor University’s vision is to become a citadel of learning dedicated to holistic human transformation and development. This overarching goal reflects the institution’s commitment to nurturing individuals not only academically but also in various aspects of their personal and professional lives.

The mission of Anchor University aligns with this vision, emphasizing the impartation of essential knowledge, attitudes, and skills. The goal is to equip graduates to be self-reliant practitioners, embodying leadership with godly integrity and engaging in research with global relevance. This mission statement underscores the university’s holistic approach to education, aiming to prepare individuals who not only excel in their respective fields but also contribute positively to society with a strong moral foundation. It signifies a dedication to producing well-rounded graduates who can make a meaningful impact on a global scale.

Core Values

The core values of Anchor University encapsulate the guiding principles that shape the institution’s ethos and culture:

  • Godliness: Reflecting a commitment to moral and spiritual principles, emphasizing the importance of a strong ethical foundation in all aspects of university life.
  • Excellence: Striving for the highest standards in academic, professional, and personal endeavors, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and outstanding achievement.
  • Transparency: Emphasizing openness and clarity in communication and operations, promoting trust and accountability within the university community.
  • Competence: Encouraging the development and application of knowledge, skills, and abilities to ensure graduates are well-prepared and proficient in their chosen fields.
  • Courage: Inspiring individuals to demonstrate bravery in facing challenges, pursuing innovative solutions, and standing for principles that align with the institution’s values.
  • Dependability: Highlighting the importance of reliability and trustworthiness, fostering a sense of responsibility and accountability among students, faculty, and staff.
  • Resourcefulness: Encouraging creative problem-solving, adaptability, and efficient use of resources to overcome challenges and contribute to the overall success of the university.

Together, these core values form the foundation of Anchor University’s identity, guiding its members toward a collective commitment to integrity, excellence, and positive impact.

Does Anchor University Offer Medicine And Surgery

Anchor University does not currently offer Medicine and Surgery. However, there are ongoing plans to introduce this medical program in the near future. If you aspire to study Medicine and Surgery at Anchor University, it’s advisable to be patient and await further developments. Alternatively, you may consider exploring similar programs offered by the institution or explore alternative institutions that currently provide the desired course of study.

Anchor University School Fees For Medicine And Surgery?

Anchor University School Fees for Medicine and Surgery are estimated to be in the range of N850,000 to N2,500,000. It’s crucial to note that these figures are speculative and contingent on the university’s admission of students into the medical program. This information serves as a guide to help individuals anticipate potential expenses related to pursuing Medicine and Surgery at Anchor University. The specific fees within this range will depend on various factors and should be verified with the university once the program is officially available.

Other Related Programmes and Fees

While Anchor University is in the process of introducing its Medicine and Surgery program, it currently offers a variety of fully accredited science-related programs. These programs have received accreditation from the National Universities Commission and relevant agencies. For students interested in alternative fields, the university provides options in Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Industrial Chemistry, Medical Laboratory Science, Microbiology, Nursing Science, and Public Health.

Each program comes with its own corresponding fee, ranging from ₦529,000.00 to ₦850,000.00. It’s noteworthy that these fees encompass various components such as Examination Fee, Digital Law Library Fee, Maintenance Fee, Utility Fee, ICT Development Fee, Moot Court Fee, Laboratory/Workshop Studio Fee, Library Development Fee, Sport Development Fee, Faculty Levy Fee, and Departmental Levy Fee. This comprehensive fee structure ensures that students have access to necessary resources and support for their academic and practical endeavors within their chosen science or medical-related programs at Anchor University.

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