Where Is Chioma Davido From In Imo State?

In Nigeria’s music scene, Chioma Davido is a well-known name. She’s not just famous for being the partner of music star Davido but also for her own interesting life. She has faced ups and downs, and we’re here to talk about where Chioma is from in Imo State?, her school days, the sad loss of her child, how she met her singer husband, and some things about her life. Let’s find out more about the real Chioma, beyond what we see on stage and in the news.


Chioma Avril Rowland Adeleke is a Nigerian who is a popular media personality and a Chef. She is married to a famous Nigerian-American musician named David Adeleke, also known as Davido.

Chioma was born in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. She grew up with her two sisters, Jenifer and Ifunanya.


Chioma did her pre-primary and primary education in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. She later attended a secondary school in the same state, where she got her Senior Secondary School Certificate.

She got admitted in 2012 to Babcock University, where she was studying economics.

It is widely known that Davido and Chioma met during their time at Babcock University. Davido graduated and signed out from the institution, and Chioma couldn’t, according to reports. However, Chioma’s parents expressed dissatisfaction with her decision to leave school and follow the singer. A source close to her told Vanguard Newspaper that she even skipped an entire session to be with the superstar.

During her time with Davido, Chioma traveled with him, resulting in a deferral of her studies. Reports indicate that Chioma’s father had a serious conversation with her, emphasizing the importance of completing her education before considering any marriage plans. Her devout Seventh Day Adventist parents were reportedly distressed by their daughter prioritizing her high-profile relationship with the superstar singer over her education.

Chioma Davido Age

Chioma Rowland was born on May 1, 1995. She’s currently 28 Years old. On her 27th birthday, Davido celebrated his wife, Chioma. Davido posted a heartfelt tribute featuring a photo from her birthday photo shoot, evoking admiration and excitement from social media users.

“Happy birthday, Chiom Chiom… My prayer is that God continues to bless you, granting all your wishes and beyond! Enjoy your day to the fullest. You deserve the best,” he wrote on his Instagram stories.

Wedding / Marriage 

Chioma’s customary bride price was paid on Friday, November 4, 2022, in a quiet traditional marriage ceremony in Lagos.

The final marriage rites were concluded in Chioma’s hometown, Imo State, on Monday, January 2, 2023.

It was reliably gathered that Chioma’s kinsmen from Imo State had on Friday, November 4, 2022, hosted Davido’s family, the Adelekes, at Chioma’s family house in Lekki, Lagos, where the traditional marriage took place.

Source disclosed that Chioma’s family said the sudden death of Ifeanyi, the three-year-old son Davido had with Chioma out of wedlock, had sparked off anger among Chioma’s kinsmen, which snowballed into the emergency secret marriage.

In May 2023, pictures of Nigerian music sensation Davido and his partner, Chioma, getting married surfaced online.

The couple, dressed in white, were seen smiling from cheek to cheek as they exchanged vows at what seemed to be a marriage registry.

In the picture, the multiple award-winning singer was also seen wearing coral beads while adoring his partner.

Where In Imo State Is Chioma Davido From

Chioma Davido is from Ezeala Odu Village, Owerre, Nkwoji Community, Nkwerre Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria.


Chioma Davido is a talented chef, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has made a name for herself in Nigeria and beyond. She is also a visionary in the business world and uses her online media platform to promote various items. Chioma auditioned for Assurance by Davido and other music videos, showcasing her desire to be an entertainer. Her role in brand collaborations is anticipated to surpass initial forecasts.

Chef Chioma has collaborated with multiple companies, including Gino, Royal Hair Ltd., Crepaway, and Payporte, securing endorsement deals for cooking shows. She has embarked on visits to various international cities such as Las Vegas, Dubai, California, Accra, and Atlanta, documenting her experiences through captivating photos and videos.

Beyond her accomplished career in the culinary and entrepreneurial domains, Chioma is renowned for her philanthropic endeavors. In 2020, she launched the “We Rise Together” initiative, aimed at offering financial aid to women-owned businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Son’s Death

Chioma Avril Rowland and her husband, David Adeleke, tragically lost their son after he drowned in a pool at his father’s residence on Banana Island, Lagos State.

The toddler passed away shortly after celebrating his third birthday. Ifeanyi was born in Atlanta.

The tragic death of the young three-year old lad was reported on November 1, 2022. His death was indeed a sad accident. The child’s parents mentioned that numerous staff members were present at the Banana Island residence.

Ifeanyi was found submerged underwater, initially noticed by cleaning staff. A source from the Davido family revealed that the child had been in the water for an extended period. They pulled him out and rushed him to the hospital, but sadly, it was too late.

As of the time of writing this biography, the death of the youngster, Ifeanyi, remains under investigation. The Lagos State Police Command questioned about eight workers regarding the accident. It was reported that the responsible staff members would be arrested and detained. Preliminary investigations were conducted.

How Chioma and Davio Met

Davido, the renowned Nigerian singer, shared the story of how he crossed paths with his wife, Chioma, during their time as students at Babcock University. Back then, he was studying music while she pursued Economics.

Recollecting their first meeting, Davido recalled being captivated by Chioma as he saw her walking past his car. He immediately asked his friend Lati to approach her on his behalf. Though their initial interaction didn’t yield a response, destiny eventually brought Chioma to Lagos, where they finally met.

Davido expressed that upon their connection, he recognized Chioma as the one, and their love story began, leading to their present journey together.

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