Press Club Activities

In this article, we’ll explore various Press Club activities suitable for both primary and secondary schools. If you’re a teacher or educator seeking ideas for your Press Club, this article is tailored for you.

Many school Press Clubs typically focus on presenting trending news during assemblies or special events where students gather. However, the reality is that Press Clubs can offer much more. So, if you’re a teacher managing the Press Club and have limited ideas on additional activities to incorporate, this article is equally relevant for you. Read on to discover more.

Press Clubs can serve as vibrant hubs for young minds interested in writing, journalism, photography, and videography. These clubs create a platform for students to express themselves creatively, acquire valuable skills, and contribute meaningfully to their school community.

Press Club Activities for Students

Here are some exciting press club activities for students, categorized by focus:


  • School Newspaper or Magazine: Publish regular issues featuring articles on school events, student achievements, interviews with teachers or guest speakers, opinion pieces, and creative writing.
  • Literary Magazine: Showcase student poetry, short stories, artwork, and photography.
  • Yearbook: Document the year’s events, clubs, and student portraits in a captivating yearbook.
  • Blog or Online News Platform: Start a school blog or website to share news, updates, and student voices with a wider audience.

Multimedia Productions

  • School Radio Station: Produce and broadcast newscasts, music shows, student interviews, and educational programs.
  • School TV Station: Create video news reports, documentaries, sports highlights, and entertainment shows.
  • Podcasts: Launch a podcast series featuring student discussions, interviews, or creative storytelling.

Events and Competitions

  • Organize writing contests, photography competitions, or videography challenges.
  • Host guest speaker sessions with journalists, authors, or media professionals.
  • Conduct workshops on writing, editing, interviewing, photography, or videography skills.
  • Participate in regional or national journalism competitions.

Community Outreach

  • Interview local business owners or community leaders.
  • Report on local events or issues that matter to students.
  • Volunteer writing or photography services for local organizations.
  • Create awareness campaigns about social issues or environmental concerns.

Skill Development

  • Invite professional journalists, editors, or photographers to mentor students.
  • Organize workshops on topics like interviewing techniques, news writing, editorial cartooning, or responsible social media use.
  • Encourage students to attend journalism conferences or summer camps.

How to Start a Press Club

If you are interested in starting a press club at your school, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Get approval from your school administration.

To begin establishing a Press Club, the initial step involves seeking approval from your school administration. Obtain permission from the principal or another administrator to officially initiate the club within the school environment.

  • Recruit members

As a teacher, the second step is to recruit members for the Press Club. Engage with your students, discussing the press club’s purpose, and gauge their interest in joining. Utilize promotional materials like flyers and announcements posted around the school to attract potential members and generate awareness.

  • Elect officers

Following the recruitment phase, the next steps involve electing officers for the Press Club. This includes positions like president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, who will oversee and manage club affairs. Additionally, it’s crucial to hold regular meetings to discuss plans and activities, fostering effective communication and collaboration within the club.

  • Start publishing content

After establishing leadership roles and holding regular meetings, the next step is to initiate the publication of content for the Press Club. Whether it’s for a newspaper, website, or radio station, start creating and sharing informative content. Consider organizing regular talk shows and presenting them to fellow students during morning assemblies or other gatherings to showcase the club’s contributions and engage the school community.

Press clubs can be a lot of fun and can provide students with valuable skills and experience. If you are interested in journalism or writing, I encourage you to start a press club at your school.

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