How to Apply for Unskilled Jobs in Australia

Australia is a land of opportunity therefore attracting immigrants who are looking for better job prospects and lifestyle. Most people hope to apply for skilled jobs while some industries also do require unskilled workers.

If you’re considering migrating into Australia and after unskilled employment, this extensive guide will offer you valuable insights as well as practical steps to make your apply for unskilled jobs in Australia effortless. 

How to Apply for Unskilled Jobs in Australia
How to Apply for Unskilled Jobs in Australia

What Are Unskilled Jobs?

Unskilled jobs popularly known as entry-level jobs or labor intensive tasks usually don’t need any formal qualifications or much training.

Such roles exist in sectors such as hospitality, retail, manufacturing, construction, agriculture and logistics. 

Before we take you on the steps to apply for unskilled jobs in Australia, note that examples of the jobs include customer care representatives, janitors, casuals on construction sites, farm laborers, storemen in warehouses and cooks.

Steps To Applying For Unskilled Jobs In Australia

Step 1: Know If You Are Eligible

Before you can apply for unskilled jobs, it is important to know if you are eligible to work in Australia. As an overseas applicant you must get the right visa that allows working within the country. The most common visas for unqualified employees include:

A. Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417 and 462): This visa permits individuals of age between 18-30 (or later extended by some countries) to stay and work anywhere within Australia for 12 months or (for other nationalities) even more than two years.

B. Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa (Subclass 457): Although mainly aimed at professionals this visa may be applicable in some cases when there is an Australian employer giving consent on taking an unqualified employee on board.

Go through the Australian Department of Home Affairs website or consult with immigration experts from your country of origin for information on the specific visa requirements and how to apply.

Step 2: Prepare Your Resume and Cover Letter

After establishing that you are eligible to Apply for unskilled jobs in Australia; the next thing should be preparing good resumes and cover letters. 

Even for unskilled jobs having these documents can play a major role in creating the first impression of the employer and showcasing your relevant skills and knowledge.

Your resume must be brief, well-organized and tailored to the job you are applying for. For example, include any relevant work experience even if it is not in the same field because it indicates your work ethics and transferable skills.

Additionally, focus on any certificates, licenses, or training that may be useful for the position. Your cover letter outlines why you would like to be part of this team and how you think you are the best fit. 

Talk about being willing to learn more; flexibility as well as other personal attributes linked to this role.

Step 3: Search For Job Opportunities

There are several platforms where one can search online, and apply for unskilled jobs in Australia. Some of them include;

A. Job Search Websites: Seek, Indeed, Jora and Adzuna are some of the popular job search sites that enable sorting through various locations; types of employment or industries involved.

B. Company Websites: Several large organizations especially those in retailing as well as hospitality or manufacturing sectors advertise their untrained positions under special career sections available at their websites.

C. Recruitment Agencies: Companies specializing in temporary or casual labor have information about vacancies that may suit an Unskilled job seeker.

D. Local Classifieds: Many times there are ads related to desired areas featured in local publications plus community portals.

Step 4: Tailor Your Application

When You want to  apply for unskilled jobs, it’s important to customize your application for the specific position and company in Australia. Ensure you understand the job description and requirements, and determine how your skills and experiences meet these requirements.

What Are The 7 Top Paid Unskilled Jobs In Australia?

1. Construction Worker

Construction industry is experiencing a boom in Australia and there is high demand for workers. Laborers, who are construction workers, can earn quite well with average salaries varying between $50,000 and $70,000 per annum. Some experienced construction workers can even earn upwards of $90,000 annually.

2. Garbage Collector

Garbage collectors in Australia are amongst the highest paid unskilled workers although the job may not be glamorous. Income level for garbage collectors as an average would be about $60,000 per year while some positions pay more than $70,000.

 The high wages have been attributed to the physically demanding nature of the job and the essential service provided within communities.

3. Truck Driver

Truck driving is an important profession in Australia which involves transporting goods across this continent’s vast distances. 

Experienced truck drivers’ salaries range from $60k to $80k yearly but then again some earn over $100k depending on different industries or long-haul routes traversed.

4. Mining Worker

Mining industry takes a significant share of the Australian economy and mining workers enjoy good remuneration for their work.

Starting salaries for people working entry-level mining jobs such as equipment operators or truck drivers vary from $60k to 80$K per year but higher income could come once you gain experience.

5. Postal Worker

Australia Post has one of largest workforce hence postal workers can make a living without any formal qualifications required.

Postal workers earn around $55,000 on an average basis per year inclusive of overtime possibilities and any additional compensation.

6. Security Guard

Security personnel play a pivotal role towards ensuring that individuals and properties remain safe throughout Australia.

Experienced security guards do not need an education background to start earning anything above 50K up to about 70K depending upon employer and nature of work.

7. Farmhand

Without farmhands farming operations cannot be successful since agriculture is a key industry in Australia.

Skilled farmhands can earn between $50,000 and $70,000 per year but in certain areas or for specific roles such as machinery operators or livestock handlers, more money would be made.

However, those unskilled jobs come with lucrative incomes but are normally physically demanding, entail long hours of work or have difficult environments. 

For those who do not have much education background and training these kinds of jobs will give you an opportunity to apply for the right unskilled job, settle down and get a good salary in Australia.


Should I have perfect English language proficiency before seeking any unskilled job in Australia?

Although fluency in English is normally expected yet various roles and sectors may have different Linguistic requirements. Besides applicants with basic English skills can also be considered by the employers especially those who apply for manual labor or customer-facing jobs involving mainly non-verbal communication

Can I look out for unskilled work before coming over to Australia?

Absolutely,you can search for unskilled jobs even before you land in Australia. International candidates are highly regarded by many employers particularly when they have labor shortages in a certain area

Must my resume take an Australian format if I am going to apply for an unskilled job?

There is no specific template of how a resume should appear like in Australia but it’s usually advised to follow a clear-cut mode. This incorporates your personal information as well as any useful skills /achievement that could be beneficial to your application

Are we supposed to consider age limits while applying for unskilled jobs in Australia?

Unskilled jobs in Australia do not have any age restrictions. However, some visa options such as the Working Holiday Visa may have an age limit. Similarly, there are industries that might set age-related rules or qualifications for instance minimum age for serving alcohol at a job in hospitality.


Unskilled job opportunities in Australia may serve as a platform towards gaining important work experience, expanding personal networks beyond national horizons and eventually working higher up the professional ranks. These steps include careful planning, thoroughness, and persistence which can all raise your probability of landing on suitable non- skilled posts within Australia when you are an international candidate.

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