How Much Does NDA Pay Corpers

How much does NDA pay Corpers? In this article, we’ll explore the compensation for Corps members serving at the NDA. If you’re a Corper considering service at the NDA and wondering about the pay, this article is for you. Stay tuned for essential information about serving at the NDA.

About NDA

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), established on February 5, 1964, emerged in response to the defense needs of independent Nigeria. Initially known as the Royal Military Forces Training College (RMFTC) and later as the Nigerian Military Training College post-independence in 1960, its primary purpose is to train officers for the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

The Academy plays a crucial role in shaping officer cadets by providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and values essential for military officers. This comprehensive development encompasses military, academic, and character aspects, transforming selected young individuals into well-educated, courageous, and capable subalterns.

The administrative hub of the NDA is led by the Commandant, currently Major General JO OCHAI, who reports to the NDA Council chaired by the Minister of Defence. The Deputy Commandant, AVM SK ANEKE, supports the Commandant in policy implementation and training. Other key figures at the headquarters include the Adjutant, Assistant Adjutant, and Academy RSM.


The NDA envisions producing officers with comprehensive training in military and academic subjects, aiming to establish a foundational base for the continuous and progressive development of officers within the Nigerian Armed Forces.


The NDA’s mission is to equip every officer cadet with the essential knowledge, skills, and values required to fulfill the demands of a military officer. This is achieved through a holistic approach that includes military, academic, and character development.

How Much Does NDA Pay Corpers?

Corpers serving at NDA receive a monthly allowance of N20,000, while medical corps members get N80,000. The NDA is undoubtedly one of the best PPAs in Kaduna State.

In addition to their allowance, Corpers at military establishments like NDA often enjoy benefits like free accommodation and daily meals. They actively participate in various activities, regularly attend officer mass functions, and experience a sense of respect and military camaraderie.

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