Career Opportunities In Tourism Management

In this article, we’ll be looking at the career opportunities in tourism management. If you’re a student currently studying hospitality and tourism management, or you’re aspiring to get a certificate in this field and not sure where you can work after you graduate, worry no more because this article has all the answers you may need. 

Before we proceed, it’s important we define some key terms to understand what this field is actually about. 

What Is Tourism Management?

Tourism management can be defined as the oversight of all activities that are related to the tourism and hospitality industries. This is a multidisciplinary field that prepares people with the required experience, interest, and training for various management positions either in the food, tourism, or accommodations industries. Tourism management could also include associations, enterprises, and public authorities.

Tourism management can also be stated as the study and practice of managing as well as developing tourism businesses and resources. This could encompass various aspects such as marketing, planning, and operations, as well as the evaluation of tourism-related products and services, which may include but are not limited to accommodation and transportation, among others. 

Furthermore, tourism management also revolves around managing the impacts of tourism on communities in the local demographic. However, the aims and objectives of tourism management are to establish enjoyable, conducive, and sustainable tourism experiences for visitors and their host communities.

List of Careers in Tourism Management

In this section, we’ll be looking at the various career opportunities for Tourism Management graduates. It’s however important to note that some of these underlisted job opportunities for Tourism Management degree holders may require additional qualifications to be employed. 

1. Events Manager

One of the major career opportunities in tourism management for graduates in this field is to work as event managers. The duties of event managers include, but are not limited to, planning events from start to finish according to target audiences, requirements, and objectives. They coordinate all operations, lead promotional activities for the event, ensure that events are completed smoothly, and are able to solve any problems that may occur.

2. Hotel Manager

Another career prospect in tourism management is hotel management. Graduates with at least three years of experience in this field can be employed to serve as hotel managers. Some of the duties of a hotel manager, depending on the size of the hotel, may include planning, implementation, and managing overall hotel daily operations. They are responsible for conducting hotel budgeting and financial planning as well as building and maintaining strong relationships with visitors and clients. Other duties of hotel managers include hiring and onboarding new hotel staff and preparing and managing schedules and shifts, among others.

3. Tour Operator

According to TargetJobs.co.uk, “a tour operator is responsible for organizing and preparing holiday tours.” Tour operators are involved in liaising with coach operators, airlines, hoteliers, and resort representatives. They are responsible for collecting, evaluating, and responding to customer feedback. Other duties of tour operators include producing brochures and internet-based information and combining travel, accommodation, and sightseeing services, among others.

4. Travel Agent

The duties of a travel agent include booking air and ground transportation for customers and working to meet weekly and monthly sales goals as established by the industry. Travel agents are involved in promoting tours and vacation excursions via various local media and public relations channels. They’re also responsible for planning and promoting accommodations and travel services, and organizing and providing materials pertaining to potential locations and local tours to their customers.

5. Destination Marketer

A graduate with a bachelor’s degree or any related certification in tourism management can work as a destination marketer. You may want to know the job responsibilities for destination marketers, isn’t it? A “destination marketer” is an expert who promotes a specific location as a travel destination to potential visitors. Destination Marketers (DM) could work for a tourism board, in hotels, or for another organization that is interested in attracting visitors to the area. Other duties of destination marketers include developing and implementing marketing strategies in order to promote the destination to their potential visitors. They also conduct market research to identify target audiences and understand their behaviors and preferences.

6. Tourism Development Officer

The duties of a tourism officer involve working to develop and enhance the visitor facilities of a region as well as stimulate tourism growth in order to produce economic benefits for a particular region or area. These officers are responsible for working for local authorities and could also work for private companies and other public sector agencies. Other work duties of tourism development officers include promoting existing tourist attractions via advertising campaigns, writing press releases, and writing copy for tourism newsletters and guides. They also perform duties such as carrying out research on existing tourist attractions in order to gain clients’ feedback and make improvements.

7. Tourism Information Officer

The job duties of a tourist information officer are to provide travel, hospitality, and accommodation details to tourists. They are actively involved in promoting tourism and assessing tourist opportunities for rural communities.

8. Attractions Manager

The job description for an attractions manager includes overseeing daily operations for sites and venues and ensuring safe, smooth, and profitable operations through a combination of sound financial management, resource management, and people. This is another major career opportunity for graduates with a degree in Tourism Management. Other duties of an attraction manager include managing and analyzing local data. They have the operational and tactical knowledge to provide hands-on guidance to his or her teams, which could include the operations on site. 

9. Travel Writer

The duties of a travel writer are primarily to travel and write about it. As a travel writer, you’re supposed to go to places and write reviews about the places you visit. You’re charged with the responsibility of studying the area and evaluating its various aspects. You’re employed to describe precisely and without any bias the different places and areas you have visited, which could include zoos, museums, climates, and lifestyles in different countries. The average salary of a travel writer varies heavily depending on your experience, employers, and projects. It ranges from $45,000 to $90,000. Also, freelancers may earn more or less than regular writers, depending on their content. 

10. Tourism consultant

One unique thing about this field is that you could either be employed or self employed. The duties of a Tourism consultant are primarily to help clients identify their ideal travel package based on their suggestions and requirements. They provide end-to-end service while organizing a trip, from booking the tickets to reserving the hotels to creating the itinerary. They also give out all crucial and essential information to the tourists regarding their travel, among others.

However, these careers usually require a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as hospitality management or tourism studies, and relevant work experience. You should also have other important skills, such as communication and organizational skills, and the ability to work well under pressure, among others.

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