Career Opportunities in Medical Laboratory Science

We will be looking at the career opportunities in medical laboratory science as well as the responsiblities in Medical Laboratory Science related careers.

1. Chemical Technician

Chemical technicians conduct analytical or lab-based tests on a variety of materials, chemicals, or products. They’re responsible for conducting tests for the purposes of environmental impact, regulatory adherence, quality assurance, safety inspection, or sample testing.

A chemical technician specializes in a particular industry or category of technology so as to provide a high level of quality service. Their primary duties also involve processing chemicals and completing chemical orders. These technicians document the process used, other values recorded at different stages, as well as any other issues they encounter.

2. Biological Technicians

The duties of a biological technician involve setting up, maintaining, and cleaning laboratory instruments and other equipment. They prepare biological samples, which include bacteria cultures, blood, and food, for laboratory analysis. They’re involved in conducting biological tests and other experiments in the laboratory.

The biological technicians’ duties are numerous. They are also responsible for documenting their work, which includes procedures, observations, as well as results. They make use of specialized computer software to be able to analyze, collect, and model experimental data.

3. Blood Bank Technician

Another career opportunity for a medical science scientist is working as a blood bank technician. These blood bank technicians are clinical laboratory technicians who specialize in the collection and analysis of blood samples. They mainly work in medical laboratories as well as in hospitals, where they usually screen potential donors and also classify them by blood type.

Blood bank technologists perform tests to make sure that the donated blood is safe and healthy. Other duties of a blood bank technician include working in a medical laboratory with other medical laboratory personnel and interacting with patients and donors as they collect and deliver blood.

4. Chemical and Materials Scientist

A Medical Laboratory Science graduate can work as a Chemical and Materials Scientist. The duties of a chemical and materials scientist are to search for new knowledge about chemicals and use it to improve life. They develop processes such as improved oil refining and petrochemical processing that save energy and reduce pollution. These workers investigate the properties, composition, and structure of matter and the laws that govern the combination of elements and reactions of substances to each other. They use computers and a wide variety of sophisticated laboratory instrumentation for simulation, modeling, and experimental analysis.

5. Cytotechnologist

Cytotechnology is among the career opportunities in medical laboratory science. A cytotechnologist identifies precancerous or cancerous cells. They are lab professionals who evaluate patients’ cell samples and notice subtle changes to accurately detect precancerous, malignant, and infectious conditions. They often work closely with a pathologist by using a microscope to examine the cells of the body and detect changes in human cells that indicate cancer, disease, or other abnormalities and provide a timely diagnosis to allow physicians to provide appropriate treatment, among others.

6. Microbiology Technologist

Microbiology technologists are involved in daily operations in a laboratory. Their duties involve performing tests, analyzing samples, and reporting results to doctors or other medical practitioners. They inform patients about the importance of proper hygiene to prevent the spread of infections. They collect blood, urine, or other samples from patients for testing, and they also prepare cultures of bacteria or other microorganisms. A microbiologist performs tests on body fluids such as urine, semen, blood, and spinal fluid to diagnose disease.

7. Immunology Technologist

An Immunology Technologist performs a variety of routine and complex clinical testing procedures in order to get data for use in clinical trial research. They are involved in performing routine and complex analyses of patient specimens. Their duties also involve evaluating specimen acceptability upon receipt and during the review of analysis results. They maintain quality control of all laboratory testing to make sure it is accurate and timely reported.

The Immunology Technologist performs a pending workload review periodically during the day. They assist in the development and writing of new historical laboratory procedures and techniques. Their duties also cover participating in continuing education through self-study and attending meetings and lectures.

8. Medical Laboratory Scientist

Medical Laboratory Scientists’ duties involve performing diagnostic testing of blood and body fluids in laboratories. They ensure specimen quality by interpreting test results, testing control products, performing calibration, troubleshooting of instrumentation, as well as maintenance and validation to verify the accuracy and repeatability of testing. They often assist healthcare providers with test selection and specimen collection, and they play a vital role in the diagnosis of disease conditions.

9. Veterinary Technologist and Technician

These are other career opportunities for a medical laboratory science degree holder. These veterinary technologists and technicians handle lab work, provide surgical assistance, and other tasks related to animal health care. They often work in private clinics and animal hospitals, where they assist veterinarians with animal care.

10. Molecular Biology Technologists

According to the University of Colorado, a Molecular Biology Technologist utilizes appropriate equipment with precision for all molecular diagnostic protocols. They perform routine preventative maintenance, cleaning, and minor adjustments on all lab equipment. They are also involved in preparing and examining solutions for contamination, impurities, or instability.

A Molecular Biology Technologist follows procedures on all lab tests. They collect and store specimens properly for long periods of time. This technician performs other duties as assigned.

Medical Laboratory Science is a nice course to study. There are ample Career Opportunities in Medical Laboratory Science. If you want to study Medical Laboratory Science in Nigeria, and you’re not sure of the University to choose, here’s a list of Best Universities to Study Medical Laboratory Science. You can check this out if you want to know More about Doctor in Medical Laboratory Science in Nigeria.

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