UNIOSUN Hostel Pictures: What It Looks Like

This article provides a glimpse into the visuals of UNIOSUN Hostel. If you’re curious about the appearance of Osun State University Hostel, you’ve come to the right place.

While the primary focus is showcasing images of UNIOSUN Hostel, we’ll also touch on essential details about the institution. This includes its history, location, year of establishment, hostel fees, and other relevant information. Stay tuned for a comprehensive overview.

About Osun State University

Osun State University (UNIOSUN) was established by the Osun State Government in December 2006, following the passage of the University Establishment Law by the State House of Assembly and subsequent approval by His Excellency, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola. The National Universities Commission officially recognized UNIOSUN as the 80th university in Nigeria and the 30th State University after reviewing the necessary documentation.

UNIOSUN is designed as a conventional, multi-campus university with a mission to produce high-quality, well-rounded, globally competitive, and entrepreneurial graduates. These graduates are envisioned to be catalysts for rapid and sustainable socio-economic development in both Osun State and Nigeria at large. Despite being a conventional university, UNIOSUN places a strong emphasis on leveraging Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to enhance its teaching, learning, and research activities.


The mission of the university is to establish a distinctive institution dedicated to academic innovation, skill-based training, and a tradition of excellence in teaching, research, and community service. The focus is on fostering an environment that encourages creative thinking, practical skill development, and a commitment to making a positive impact on society.


The vision of the university is to become a center of excellence that delivers top-notch teaching and learning experiences. The ultimate goal is to produce graduates with entrepreneurial capabilities, empowering them to make positive contributions to their local environment and enabling them to compete globally. This vision emphasizes the dual importance of local impact and global competitiveness in shaping the educational experiences provided by the institution.

UNIOSUN Hostel Pictures

In June 2023, Governor Adeleke inaugurated a significant addition to UNIOSUN’s infrastructure—a 57-unit complex with a capacity to accommodate 350 students.

The inauguration event was confirmed through a statement by the university’s Public Relations Officer, Ademola Adesoji. It was highlighted that the governor’s involvement extended to inaugurating a 350-capacity student hostel specifically located at the University’s Main Campus in Osogbo.

Osun State University (UNIOSUN) offers various on-campus hostel options for its students. These hostels provide a convenient and affordable living environment within walking distance of academic buildings and other campus facilities.

Types of Hostels

There are three main types of hostels available at UNIOSUN:

  • Undergraduate Hostels: These are the most common type of hostel and are designed to accommodate undergraduate students.
  • Postgraduate Hostels: These hostels are intended for postgraduate students and offer a quieter and more studious environment.
  • International Hostels: These hostels are specifically for international students and offer a more culturally diverse living experience.
  • Private Hostels: These are hostels located outside the school. These hostels are owned by private individuals. The accommodation could be self-contained, a single room, or a bed-room flat, among others.

UNIOSUN Hostel Prices

UNIOSUN hostel prices vary based on things like the type of hostel. The hostels exhibit variability based on factors such as hostel type, room configuration, and available amenities. Generally, the hostel fees at the university fall within the range of N80,000 to N135,000. For a more detailed breakdown, specific room configurations are provided, where a room shared by four individuals has a fee of N120,000 and a room shared by two individuals carries a fee of N135,000.

UNIOSUN Hostel Pictures 1
UNIOSUN Hostel Pictures 1

Distinct hostels cater to either female or male students. The Adeogun, Anuoluwapo, Main, part of New, and V.C. Hostels are designated for female students. On the other hand, the Banana, Module, part of New, and V.C. Hostel are specifically allocated for male students.

UNIOSUN Hostel Pictures 2
UNIOSUN Hostel Pictures 2

Accommodation for Medical Students at Ajegunle is N135,000.

It’s important to note that hostel accommodation is mandatory for 100- and 200-level Direct Entry students at the university, as confirmed by a statement from the University Public Relations Officer, Ademola Adesoji. The allocation of hostel spaces operates on a first-come, first-served basis for these fresh students who have secured admission.

UNIOSUN Hostel Pictures 3
UNIOSUN Hostel Pictures 3

The university emphasizes that this compulsory residence policy is enacted with the students’ best interests in mind. The decision stems from the recognition that young adults, many of whom are of adolescent age, may be susceptible to negative influences without proper supervision. The statement acknowledges past instances where students faced challenges in their academics or encountered security risks when the university was non-residential. Consequently, the institution implemented this policy to ensure a supportive and supervised environment for the academic and personal development of its newly admitted students across its six campuses.

Is cooking allowed in UNIOSUN Hostel?

No, cooking is not permitted in the school hostels. Students can obtain food from the cafeteria within the hostel. However, as of November 2023, Students Mirror learned that ongoing discussions within the school management suggest a potential reversal of this policy to allow students to cook in hostels, especially considering the presence of kitchens in many of them. Until an official statement is released, we will keep you updated on any changes to this policy.

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