RE/MAX Scholarship: Eligibility & Application Process 

In this article, we’ll delve into the RE/MAX Scholarship: Eligibility & Application Process, exploring key details such as application deadlines and more. But before we dive into the application process, let’s uncover the essence of this scholarship program.

About RE/MAX Scholarship

The RE/MAX Scholarship, also known as the RE/MAX Quest for Excellence Scholarship program, is a notable cash scholarship program aimed at recognizing students who actively contribute to their communities and exhibit leadership qualities.

Originating in 2000 in Western Canada, the Quest for Excellence scholarship program has grown to become an annual initiative. In its initial stages, the program granted $1,000 scholarships to 16 students from regions such as British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon Territory, and Northwest Territory, totaling $16,000 in scholarships. Over the years, RE/MAX has extended its support, disbursing an impressive $384,000 through this scholarship program.

In 2023, RE/MAX Canada expanded the Quest for Excellence scholarship program, offering 40 scholarships of $1,000 each to students all across Canada, with the exception of Quebec. Christopher Alexander, President of RE/MAX Canada, expressed pride in their commitment to supporting local communities. He highlighted the program’s significant impact on individuals, as it eases the financial burden of higher education. Furthermore, it encourages young adults to give back to their communities, emphasizing the positive contributions happening around us. The program’s success is evident in the substantial number of entries received, showcasing the dedication of these remarkable students to enhancing their communities and the lives of others.

Application Date/Deadline

The application period for the 2024 RE/MAX Quest for Excellence scholarship program is currently open, running from September 12th, 2023, until March 13th, 2024. This annual program is designed to recognize and reward the achievements of graduating high school students in Canada. It offers a substantial $1,000 scholarship to 40 deserving students, with the scholarships being presented during their commencement ceremonies. This initiative provides an excellent opportunity for these students to further their education and make a positive impact on their academic journey.

Application Process 

The application process for the Quest for Excellence scholarship is straightforward and open to eligible students. Applicants are required to write and submit an online essay with a maximum length of 1,250 words. They must choose one of three thought-provoking questions to address:

  1. What does a “bright future” look like for you?
  2. How have you demonstrated leadership or charity within your community to make it a better place?
  3. How can we ensure fair and affordable housing for all Canadians?

These essay topics encourage students to reflect on their vision for the future, their community involvement, or critical issues like affordable housing. All essay submissions are to be completed online, making it convenient for students to participate in this scholarship opportunity.

The Quest for Excellence scholarship program by RE/MAX Canada allows one entry per participant. After receiving essay submissions from eligible students, RE/MAX Canada will meticulously review them. Subsequently, they will select and award 40 scholarships, each valued at $1,000, to deserving Grade 12 students who meet the program’s criteria.

It’s essential for applicants to note that all essay entries become the property of RE/MAX Canada. This means that RE/MAX Canada may have the right to use or share these essays in various formats, including print and digital, and may disclose the names and photos of scholarship winners. It’s important to remember that each RE/MAX office operates independently under different ownership.


To be eligible for the RE/MAX Quest for Excellence scholarship program, candidates must be current Grade 12 students actively enrolled in high school during the academic year in question. Additionally, applicants should not have previously taken part in graduation commencement ceremonies. These criteria ensure that the scholarship is available to students who are on the cusp of their high school graduation and have not yet participated in such ceremonies.

Contact Information

For any inquiries or questions regarding the RE/MAX Quest for Excellence scholarship program, you can reach out via email at questforexcellence@remax.ca. However, please do not send your scholarship essay via email. Instead, use the provided link to submit your essay through the designated online platform by clicking here.

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