Highest Paying PPA In Lagos

Lagos State, often referred to as the commercial hub of Nigeria, brims with opportunities and possibilities for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members seeking dynamic and rewarding primary places of assignment (PPAs). As fresh graduates embark on their year of national service, the quest for meaningful experiences that also offer financial stability becomes paramount. Fortunately, Lagos State boasts an array of organizations renowned for being among the highest-paying PPAs, making it an attractive destination for corps members who aspire to serve while advancing their careers.

From bustling corporate sectors to thriving tech ecosystems, Lagos encompasses a diverse range of industries that can cater to a wide spectrum of interests and skills. This article delves into a comprehensive list of the top highest-paying PPAs in Lagos, shedding light on the companies and institutions that offer not only competitive remuneration but also unparalleled exposure to the dynamic landscape of this vibrant metropolis. Whether one’s passion lies in finance, technology, media, or other sectors, Lagos presents a platform for NYSC members to thrive professionally and personally.

Join us as we explore the gems of opportunity that Lagos has to offer, providing an insightful overview of the esteemed organizations that are known to be among the highest paying on the list of preferred PPAs for corps members.

Highest Paying PPA In Lagos For Corpers

1. APM Terminals

Recognized as one of the primary places of assignment (PPA) that offers one of the highest remunerations to NYSC Corps members in Lagos State, APMT stands as a prominent container terminal located in Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria. This terminal is known to be one of the largest container terminals in West Africa, boasting an impressive annual capacity of 1.2 million TEUs. APMT is a vital hub for trade and commerce, attracting attention not only for its exceptional facilities but also for its commitment to providing rewarding opportunities to NYSC Corps members serving in its company.

2. Nigerian Shippers’ Council

The Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC) stands as one of the most sought-after Primary Places of Assignment (PPA) for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members due to its reputation for high pay and valuable work experience. As a federal government agency, the NSC holds a pivotal role in safeguarding the interests of exporters and importers within Nigeria, along with the protection of their commodities. It also has a branch situated in Lagos, Nigeria.

The NSC extends an array of crucial services to exporters and importers, encompassing cargo tracking, dispute resolution, market research, training, capacity building, and advocacy. This diverse range of offerings enables them to facilitate the seamless movement of goods in and out of the country, promoting trade growth and economic stability.

The NSC’s standing as a high-paying PPA for NYSC members underscores its recognition as an organization that values fresh talent and the potential for meaningful contributions. By offering this opportunity, the NSC not only supports the youth’s transition from academia to the workforce but also contributes to the nation’s development by fostering a skilled and motivated workforce in the critical field of trade facilitation and regulation.


SIFAX, a Nigerian multinational conglomerate founded in 1989 by Taiwo Afolabi, is known as one of the most sought-after primary places of assignment (PPA) for Corps members. With its organization situated in Apapa, Lagos, SIFAX boasts a diversified business portfolio encompassing various sectors, including shipping, logistics, hospitality, and oil and gas.

The allure of SIFAX as a PPA lies in its reputation for offering generous remuneration packages, making it one of the highest-paying places for Corps members to serve. This financial incentive, coupled with the company’s well-established presence and strong reputation in multiple industries, makes it an appealing choice for young professionals seeking to gain valuable experience during their service year.

4. Interswitch

Interswitch also stands out as one of the top and highest paying Primary Places of Assignment (PPA) for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members during their mandatory one-year service in Nigeria. Established over two decades ago and situated in Lagos, Nigeria, Interswitch has earned its reputation as a pioneering integrated payments and transaction processing company in Africa. Its prominent position in the financial technology sector, coupled with its commitment to innovation and excellence, has made it a preferred choice for NYSC members seeking valuable work experience and competitive compensation.

Interswitch’s influence extends beyond its financial services offerings. Catering to a diverse clientele ranging from banks and merchants to government agencies and individuals, the company’s comprehensive solutions encompass a wide spectrum of payment needs. The user-friendly and secure platforms developed by Interswitch facilitate seamless financial transactions, making them an integral part of the economic landscape in Africa.

For NYSC members aspiring to serve in a dynamic and forward-looking environment, Interswitch presents an enticing opportunity. With its reputation for offering attractive compensation packages, the company attracts a pool of young graduates keen on gaining practical insights into the financial technology industry. 

5. Shell Nigeria

Shell Nigeria is also one of the highest-paying Primary Places of Assignment (PPA) for Corps members. Renowned as a subsidiary of the global energy giant Royal Dutch Shell, Shell Nigeria has a long-standing presence in the country, making it a prominent player in the oil and gas sector. Operating across multiple decades, the company has established itself as the leading oil and gas producer in Nigeria, contributing significantly to the nation’s energy landscape.

The company’s is located on Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Shell Nigeria’s prominence extends beyond its operational capacity. It offers an array of products and services, encompassing oil and gas exploration and production, gas processing and liquefaction, downstream oil product marketing, and even venturing into the domain of renewable energy.

6. Nestle Nigeria Plc

Nestle Nigeria Plc stands out as one of the primary places of assignment (PPA) that offers good pay for Nigerian graduates undergoing their mandatory one-year national service, known as NYSC (National Youth Service Corps). A subsidiary of the renowned Swiss multinational Nestlé, Nestle Nigeria Plc has carved out a significant presence in the Nigerian food and beverage industry. With three major manufacturing facilities, eight branch offices, and a strategic location in Ilupeju, Lagos, the company is a key player in the sector.

Nestle Nigeria Plc’s reputation as a top-paying PPA for Corpers is bolstered by its commitment to quality and innovation. The company produces a diverse range of popular food and beverage items, such as Maggi, Milo, Nescafé, Golden Morn, Nestlé Pure Life, Nido, Cerelac, Carnation, Ideal Milk, and more. This assortment not only caters to the diverse tastes of Nigerians but also contributes to the company’s market leadership and growth.

The attractive compensation, combined with the company’s reputation, extensive product range, and commitment to social responsibility, makes Nestle Nigeria Plc a sought-after PPA choice among youth embarking on their national service journey.

7. Deloitte & Touche

Deloitte & Touche also stands out as one of the top-paying Primary Places of Assignment (PPA) for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members. As a member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a global network of member firms renowned for their audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, and tax services, Deloitte Nigeria maintains a strong presence in Victoria Island, Lagos. This strategic location places it at the heart of Nigeria’s economic activity and makes it an attractive choice for corp members seeking valuable professional experience.

Deloitte Nigeria’s wide array of services encompasses sectors ranging from public and private organizations to financial institutions and multinational corporations. The organization prides itself on its comprehensive offerings, which include audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax and legal services, and Deloitte Private. 

One of the standout features of Deloitte Nigeria as a PPA is its commitment to providing competitive compensation. Corpers engaged with the organization receive a monthly stipend of N60,000, demonstrating Deloitte’s recognition of the value that young professionals bring to the table. This financial support, combined with the high-quality training and mentorship offered by Deloitte’s experienced professionals, contributes to a rewarding and enriching NYSC experience.


KPMG is also one of the highest paying primary places of assignment (PPA) for Corpers. As a renowned global network of professional services firms, KPMG specializes in delivering audit, tax, and advisory services to a diverse range of clients. In Nigeria, the hub of KPMG’s operations is situated in the bustling city of Lagos. With a good reputation for providing high-quality professional services, KPMG has gained recognition for its competitive remuneration for Corps members.

In addition to its robust global presence, KPMG Nigeria offers an array of services that encompass various aspects of business management and consulting. These services include auditing to ensure financial integrity, providing expert tax guidance, offering advisory services to steer strategic decisions, managing risks, conducting forensic investigations, optimizing internal audit processes, and offering comprehensive management consulting.

One notable aspect that makes KPMG particularly appealing to Corps members is its attractive remuneration package. At the time of writing, Corps members assigned to KPMG are reported to receive a monthly stipend of N75,000. This competitive payment is a reflection of KPMG’s recognition of the value and dedication that these young professionals bring to the organization during their service year. Such favorable compensation, coupled with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience within a globally recognized professional services firm, contributes to KPMG’s reputation as a sought-after PPA for Corpers.

9. WYZE Concepts And Associates

WYZE Concepts And Associates is among the top choices for Corpers seeking primary places of assignment (PPA). This professional services firm, situated in Lagos, Nigeria, also boasts an impressive presence with offices in Abuja, Douala, Ghana, and London. Specializing in a diverse range of services such as accounting, auditing, taxation, advisory, and technology consulting, WYZE has become a preferred destination for Corpers due to its reputation for quality and excellence.

Founded by a team of seasoned professionals who are deeply committed to delivering top-notch services, WYZE has garnered recognition from prestigious organizations like the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). The company’s prowess in SAP implementation services positions it as a frontrunner in the West African region, supported by a team of seasoned SAP consultants who adeptly tailor solutions to meet businesses’ unique requirements. In addition, WYZE excels in technology consulting services encompassing business intelligence, data analytics, and cloud computing.

For Corpers embarking on their service year, WYZE’s offering of a competitive remuneration package of 80,000 Naira adds to its appeal. This blend of professional excellence, community engagement, and attractive monthly compensation makes WYZE an exceptional choice for Corpers seeking a meaningful and rewarding primary place of assignment.

10. PwC 

PwC stands out as one of the top paying Primary Places of Assignment (PPA) for Corps members undertaking their mandatory one-year national service. As a prominent member of the Big Four accounting firms, PwC has earned a reputation for its global presence and professional excellence. In Nigeria, PwC has established itself as a leading professional services network, offering a range of services to businesses, including auditing, tax advisory, consulting, risk advisory, and forensic services.

PwC Nigeria’s commitment to helping businesses thrive aligns with its reputation for providing high-quality services. Its team of experienced professionals is dedicated to assisting clients in Nigeria with their growth and success. The company’s Lagos location serves as a hub for these services, making it an attractive option for Corps members seeking a rewarding PPA.

For Corps members considering their options for a rewarding PPA experience, PwC Nigeria’s reputation as a top-paying and reputable organization makes it an appealing choice. The opportunity to gain valuable skills, network with professionals, and contribute to impactful projects can make PwC a standout destination.

11. UAC 

UAC of Nigeria PLC is one of the top paying Primary Places of Assignment (PPA) for young professionals undertaking their mandatory one-year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Nigeria. 

As a venerable institution with a long-standing track record, UAC upholds its reputation by prioritizing sustainable development and delivering exceptional products and services. Its commitment to youth, demonstrated through its status as a top-paying PPA, further solidifies its role as an organization that values talent, growth, and societal impact.

12. Nigerian Breweries Plc

Nigerian Breweries Plc (NB Plc) stands out as one of the prime choices for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members seeking primary places of assignment (PPAs) during their one-year service to the nation. The company’s reputation for being among the top-paying PPAs makes it a sought-after destination for corps members.

13. Ikeja Electric Plc

Ikeja Electric Plc holds a distinguished reputation as one of the most sought-after primary places of assignment (PPAs) for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members. As an electricity distribution company, Ikeja Electric has carved a niche for itself by providing excellent opportunities and a conducive environment for Corps members to gain valuable experience and contribute meaningfully to the nation’s power sector.

Established as part of the broader reforms in the Nigerian power sector, Ikeja Electric emerged in 2013 from the unbundling of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN). Since its inception, the company has consistently demonstrated a commitment to efficiency, innovation, and customer satisfaction. This dedication extends to its engagement with NYSC members, making it a standout choice for those seeking a rewarding PPA experience.

Ikeja Electric’s comprehensive range of services, including metering, billing, customer care, fault reporting, outage management, and new connections, provides Corps members with an immersive learning environment. By being involved in these diverse aspects of the company’s operations, NYSC members are exposed to the inner workings of the power distribution industry and gain hands-on experience that is highly valuable for their personal and professional growth.

14. Huawei

Huawei Technologies Company Nigeria Limited is among the Top 15 highest paying organizations/companies for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members in Nigeria. As a subsidiary of the globally recognized Huawei Technologies, this company has gained prominence for its generous remuneration packages and exceptional work environment, attracting many Corps members seeking rewarding assignments during their one-year service to the nation.

Situated in Lagos, Nigeria, Huawei Nigeria operates within the dynamic landscape of the country’s telecommunications industry. The company’s focus extends beyond its primary role as a provider of telecommunications equipment and systems. Huawei Nigeria offers a comprehensive range of products and services that cater to various needs, including telecommunications equipment, ICT solutions, smart devices, and consumer electronics. 

15. Bank of Industry

The Bank of Industry (BOI) is also one of the top choices for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members seeking primary places of assignment (PPA). As NYSC participants embark on a year of national service, many opt for placements that align with their career aspirations and offer valuable learning experiences. 

BOI’s role as a development finance institution has led to its involvement in various sectors of the Nigerian economy. Its focus on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and larger businesses has created a diverse array of opportunities for NYSC members seeking PPAs. Through services such as loans, guarantees, equity investments, technical assistance, and business advisory services, BOI facilitates growth and innovation within these businesses.

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