ABUAD Anthem Lyrics (All You Should Know)

In this article, we look at the ABUAD Anthem Lyrics, i.e., the Afe Babalola University Anthem and lyrics.

The Afe Babalola University Anthem is one of the best school anthems in Nigeria. The Afe Babalola University Anthem is inspiring and motivating. It reminds you of your responsibilities, your future and charges you to be determined.

If you have been searching for the Afe Babalola University Anthem and lyrics, look no further because this article contains all you need to know about the school anthem, the history of the anthem and the institution, and other information about Afe Babalola University.

No doubt, it can be embarrassing as a second or third-year student at a university not to know how to recite the anthem of their school. Some undergrads, even graduates, may even tell you that their alma mater doesn’t have an anthem, probably because it hasn’t been sung during their stay at the university.

A lot of schools, especially universities in Nigeria, rarely hold events where their school anthem will be sung. It is only in matriculation and convocation ceremonies that the school anthem is sometimes sung.

However, as a student of the Afe Babalola University or an aspirant looking for admission into the university, it’s important to know the anthem of school – not just know but be able to recite it offhand when the need arises.

There are ample benefits to having a school anthem. That’s why every university has an anthem. In one of our articles, where we looked at the anthem of the University of Abuja, we explored the importance of the school anthem. Among those mentioned in the article are:

  • It echoes the hopes and aspirations of the school.
  • School anthem enthuses students with pride about being a part of an institution that makes them hold their heads high and be determined.
  • School anthem celebrates the institution.
  • School anthem unites students and staff and reminds them of their commitment to the institution.
  • It serves as an identity and character for the school and shows the values and standards that the school has.

Afe Babalola University Anthem Lyrics

ABUAD we come, ABUAD we come (×2)
Founded by Afe Babalola
A believer in industry and determination.
A unique environment
With aesthetic structure
A beacon university

Delivery unequalled
Designed for high quality education
To mould character and infuse knowledge
Out to lead others
Proud of ABUAD
The launching pad to excellence
With determination
Faith in ABUAD philosophy of industry
Service and character
A future for greatness
And excellence is assured (×3)

History of ABUAD Anthem

The ABUAD Anthem Lyrics was founded and composed by Afe Babalola. Afe Babalola is the founder of the university. He’s an award-winning academic writer and a columnist. The scholar personally prepared and authored the school anthem, which is premised on his belief in industry and doggedness as the journey to success.

The university was founded mainly as an agent of transformation in the educational sector in Nigeria. The university ensures that every student recites the school anthem daily, including its staff, observing and practising the ideals contained in the anthem.

Founder of ABUAD Anthem

Unlike other schools, Afe Babalola, the founder of the institution, composed the school anthem. Born 30 October 1929, the scholar hails from Ado Ekiti, Nigeria. He’s a lawyer, an educationist, a farmer, and an educational administrator. He did his primary school at Emmanuel Primary School, Ekiti, before enrolling for the Senior Cambridge School Certificate examination by private study at Wolsey Hall, Oxford. He is a notable alumnus of the London School of Economics, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Economics. He later obtained a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of London, and in 1963, he was called to the English bar.

Afe Babalola In 1987, became a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, and in 2001, he was appointed Pro-chancellor of the University of Lagos by the then president of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

In 2009, he established Afe Babalola University with the goal of promoting education in Nigeria.

History of Afe Babalola University

The Afe Babalola University is a renowned private university located in South-West Nigeria. It came into existence in 2009. ABUAD offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. The institution consists of about six colleges, some of which include: Medicine and Health Sciences, Sciences, Engineering, Law, Social and Management Sciences, among others.

The Afe Babalola University has produced quite a number of notable alumni. Thanks for reading. You have just look at the ABUAD Anthem Lyrics. You can as well check out other universities anthems on our blog.

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